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Sign Up Hope of Revenge [M-LV]


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It was 2034, a quiet year for some, but for the world, a new leader was rising. He was slowly convincing the world that in order to have world peace, everyone must look and act the same. And so it began. Three years later, everyone is the same. The world of once full of unique individuals had fallen. It was now time of the holocaust. Anyone who didn?t fit in: mentally ill, handicapped, and the most unique of all, half animal people, were sent to death.
It is now 2038. All the mentally ill and handicapped have been killed off. All that stands in this leader?s way is the half animal people. They have been run out of their homes and beaten. They have just recently found a clearing in the middle of a dense forest that no one knows about and have been setting up a small settlement there. The only thing that is keeping them alive is hope, hope for vengeance and hope that the world will return to its former glory. A leader had risen from the handful of these people left and her name is Neko. She has assembled a small army and is leading attacks against the Global Unity Keepers, or GUK. It seems that everyday they get more and more supporters and more people joining their army. You have become one of them.
Our journey begins here. We are half animal half human people. We are considered abominations of the human race.

Sign up sheet:
Appearance: (Please include what type of animal you half are; pic or desription)
Weapon: (please no high tech gear or guns, for they?ve run out of ammo)

Please keep in mind that the half cats and half dogs will have minor disagreements, nothing on a large scale.

my own signup:
Name: Neko
Age: 19
Personality: Very outgoing and a bit sarcastic. She has very good leadership skill which explains why she has taken charge of the small community of half animal people.
Bio: No one knows anything about her past. It will be revealed as time goes on.
Weapon: Samurai sword
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Name: [/B]Kaze
[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet and shy alot. He can be funny at times.
[B]Appearance: [/B][URL=http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/1nOnlyCloud/caged_32.jpg]Kaze[/URL]
[URL=http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f210/beetle91d/Tigers/white-tiger_art.gif]Half animal with white tiger[/URL]
[B]Bio:[/B] His perants had been killed along time ago by the leader's men. Kaze managed to escape from them. He wandered around a lot until he found a hideout in the forest. Now he also seek revenge on the new words leader.
[B]Weapon:[/B]His sword and Tiger claws [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Scarlet Skyterror
Age: 19
Personality: she is stubborn and a natural born leader.
Appearance: she is half wolf. she has black hair and red highlights, black-belly corsett shirt, mini skirt, black boots, red eyes, and likes to wear a lot of goth clothes.
Bio: she fled with the other half animals to their settlement when the humans decided to kill them. she was very young and lost her parents and family to the humans as they distracted the humans as everyone ran off. she is kind of cruel and can't stand the humans. she will fight in the war against the humans.
Weapon: enchanted sword that can strike down any foe with the right ryu. it also has the ability to use its curse, dragon twister, which can kill anything in its path.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]
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Guest tanukioh
Name:Ai No Tanuki (Ai for short)
Personality:Loves to play pranks, the funny guy, a lil crazy, very reliable, out going, but sometimes it is clear he is hiding pain.
Appearance: A 5'8" tall boy, fatish, with pointy ears, a raccoon tail, and a dark patch of skin that looks like a mask, which he hides by wearing a low hat. he has dark brown hair, with light brown highlights, and yellow-green eyes.
Bio: Raised in the forests by a hermit, Ai learned the arts of his people: Transformation, Illusion, and magic. his faster father was murdered by the government, and now Ai is out to avenge him. >.> he sometimes tries to speak with the spirit of his faster-father, which everyone else sees as "talking to himself"
Weapon: A staff, magic, or whatever he can find..
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Name: Yasir
Age: 19
Personality: Cocky, Cool, Usually Friendly. Amongst GUK soldiers he has a strong reputation as a guerilla warfare specialist though he dislikes leading troops. Outside of combat, he is easy going and relatively friendly and easy to get along with (though some say he is too cocky). He is familiar with fighting in most climates, especially the desert. He also has a strong dislike of cold environments and refuses to as much as pass through such areas.
Appearance: Half-Fox, usually dressed in loose fitting clothes that don't constrict his movements. When in public remains it dark hooded robe that masks his appearance. Has light brown hair and brown eyes as well as his fox ears perched atop his head.
Bio: His first records show him in the desert with no parents. He remained hidden from most of the world, only showing himself where necessary. He was a minor rebel at the age of 15 and has only recently joined Neko's rebels.
Weapon: He is a master with both his small throwing knives (which he primarily relies on) and his natural claws.
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Guest blooming
Name:sky lark rinest(sky for short)
Personality:calm sweet caring but is also a ruthless killer when fighting humans she doesnt talk much but when she does talk she sounds scared like she knows the future and she looks scared but she isnt shes mad at the humans for killing her family
Appearance:she mostly wears black since she mostly hates all other bright colours.she wears a black halter top with a black mini skirt and has long black hair down to her feet and knee high black boots and she is half wolf so she has wolf fangs and a silver wolf tail and silver wolf ears.
Bio:she doesnt remember how she got the three swords but she does remember seeing a human kill her mother and father when she was 5.she hates humans and is now out to avenge her mother and father.sometimes her mother and father contact her from the spirit world to give her advice and tell her that she can fight and get up.but most of all she is out to avenge her elder and younger sisters deaths.her little sister was killed when she was 6 and her elder sister was killed when she was 7.she was very close with her two sisters and shes been able to tell the future by having visions since she was 6.
Weapon:three swords
tetsaiga-can stike down a hundred enemies(attacks are wind scar and backlash wave)
tensaiga-can heal a hundred men(in this case half animals and its attack is dragon strike)
sounga-can release a hundred half animals(attack is dragon twister)
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Name: Sanoske
Age: 17
Personality: Dark and depressed...usually alone
Appearance: Half Vampire Half Witch (Triste)
Bio: At the age of seventeen I was changed into a vampire but I later descovered that I was a Triste half witch half vamp...I'm a mercenary or assassin currently under the hire of Misstress NekoSama101.
Weapon: A scythe and two silver swords (katanas)
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Personality:Serious and shy, but she can be friendly, when she"wants" to.
Appearance: Has long, silver hair, and wolf ears(grey). Her eyes are dark,(brown) but are almost black. Wears a normal t-shirt(grey), a necklace with a cross, long, black jeans, and tall, knee high boots.
Bio: Never really knew her parents. Her fake mother told her that she was just abandoned on a park bench shortly after birth. But she was slain by the humans. She's been searching all this time for her parents and killers, despising all humans since the death of her fake mother.
Weapon: a long sword, with the power of fire inside it.
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