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Writing Dragon Ball X-treme Episode I- Beginnings (M-LV)


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Narrator-2 years after the Cell attacks the Z warriors were enjoying peace and quiet for the first time in years. But, unbenonced to them a evil was about to emerge one that has not been seen before... This is that story.

Scene 1 (A gym in West City Acroos from Capsule Corp)-

(enter Saven-Master of the Gym)

Saven- Come on you can do better then that!

(a student comes running at Saven-Enter Rei)

Rei- Haaaaa!(Flying Kick)

(Saven catches Rei's leg)

Saven- Weak and ... (throws him to the side) Pathetic!

Rei- [SIZE=1]Damn it![/SIZE]

Saven-*sigh* You will never be ready for the tournement in 2 years. I'm wasting my time.

Rei-(gets up) Sorry master.

Saven- Go home we are thourgh for the day.

Rei- Alright. (walks out of the gym)

Senior Student- He has much potiental.

Saven- He just doesn't know it.

Scene 2 (A side walk)

Rei- What is wrong with me? I try my best but it is never good enough!(looks back)

Lady- Stop Thief!

Robber- HAHAHA!

Rei-(trips him/pins him down) People like you don't deserve to walk the streets. (Eyes redden/Voice deepens) In fact, people like you don't deserve to live! (Raises Fists)

Robber- Please No...*wimpers*

Rei-(shakes head) What am i... ah!(jumps up and runs off)

Scene 3 (Rei's House)

Rei- I'm home!

(Enter Rei's sister- Eva)\

Eva-(washing dishes) Hi how was training?

Rei- It was tiring. I'm going to bed.

Eva- You wan't something to eat before you go?

Rei- Sure.

Scene 4(Rei's room)

Rei- What's happening to me? I could had killed that robber today...
I feel like I'm losing more of my control each day.And the nightmare...
Eva... I don't want anything to happen she's all i have left. I guess i have to try to

(sub-scene) A Nightmare

Rei- Why doesn't Saven like me? I try my best and it still isn't good enough.

???- Because YOU are weak...

Rei- Who is that!?

???- You know who i am...

Rei- Where are you!? Show your self.

???- If you in sinse.

(a long shadow covers Rei's back/rei turns around)

Rei- Let me see your face!

(the figure walks forward his face resembles Rei's-Except his eyes are red and so is his hair)

???- Do you recognize me now?(Rei's face has a horrific look on his face) Yeah you do..

Rei- You look like me. Who are you?!
(Enter Jac)

Jac- My name is Jac. And to compare me to a weak pathetic thing like you is to say that a ant can take a elephant.

Rei- ... Your me?

Jac- Yes, I am your fears your hate, your anger and your desires. Too long have i been trapped in your mind. Too long have I looking for a way out. But, tonight HA HA HA! Tonight I break out!

Rei- No you will not!(Rei runs toward Jac)*flash*

(Rei's Room)

(Rei gets up holding his head)

Rei- AHHHH! My head! It hurts!!!! AHHH!(Rei rolls off of his bed to the floor) AHHH! No!(Rei's body starts to split in two blood is pouring from Rei's back/ finally they split)
Huh??? Why doesn't it hurt... oh no.(looks up and sees Jac standing in a pool off blood) No it can't be...

Jac- I'm free... Finally. Since I am free. I have no use for you. (Jac lifts up his hand)
HAND OF PYRO! (a purple flame goes around Jac's hand. Then is shot towards Rei)
(Rei barely dodges?the ball of fire hits his bed it catches on fire) So long fool I have people to kill.

Rei- (Look to where Jace was standing/ He is gone) NO! (Rei's room is totally set a blaze) I have to get Eva out of here. (Rei runs in to the hallway to Eva's door) Eva! The house is on fire wake up!(no response) Eva! (opens the door/no one is in the room/a window is open) She's already out.(runs outside) Where is she?

Eva- (who is across the street) Rei! What happened?

Rei- The house caught on fire.

Eva- How?

Rei-... I don't know. I'll go get some help. *Where did Jac go? Wait... SAVEN!*(runs off)

Eva- He is lying... I'll have to see what he is up to.

Scene 5(Saven's Gym)

(Saven is doing all this cool Kung Fu stuff)

Saven- Ahhh!(punch)(kick) Who's there? Show yourself and save yourself a world of hurt. (Jac walks from the shadows) Rei! What are you doing here!?(Jac runs at Saven at full force) What are you...? (Jac punches Saven in the Stomach) Ahhh! How didn't I see that coming it was too fast... Your not Rei...

Jac- No Crap.

Saven- Who are you?

Jac- I am the man that is going to kill you!

Saven- TRY IT!!!!

Jac-(Evil Smile) If you insist...(Teleports behind Saven)*spining kick*

Saven-(ducks) Haaa!(uppercut)

Jac-(hits) AHH!(falls to the ground)

Saven- Hmph. That was easy. Huh?

Jac-(Manical Laugh) HA HA HA HA HA HA! More!! Hurt ME MORE!

Saven-(jumps back) What is he?

Jac-(runs strait towards Saven) I'm coming...

Saven- Feathers of the Hurricane!(A strong wind shoots strait towards Jac)

Jac- You think that is going to stop ME!(Cuts appear on his face and body) Ahhh!

Saven-(runs over to the sword rack[COLOR=DarkRed]yes Saven has a sword[/COLOR]) You die!(Runs toward Jac and try a downward cut)

Jac-(catches the blade with one hand) He...

Saven- No...

Jac-(grabs Saven by the neck/takes the sword) Now you die.(evil smile/he stabs Saven strait thourgh the stomach/blood dripping on the other side)

(Jac throws Savens lifeless body to the side)

Jac- Time to get out of here... (leaves)
(right after he leaves Rei arrives)

Rei- Master Saven! Mas....(sees Saven on the floor bleeding) No...(falls on knees) This is my fault! (Rei punches the ground) Jac I'll kill you I swear it!

(Eva who is outside listening)

Eva- He wouldn't have...

Jac-(appears from the shadows) He he he. No, but i did...

Eva-(looks back with terror) Who... (sees Jac's face) Rei?

Jac- You'll be coming with me.(Still holding Katana/grabs Eva and runs off)

Eva- No let me go! REI!!!

Rei-(inside) Eva. NO!(Runs outside) SIS!


Rei- (runs after them/but Jac turns a corner and dissappers) NO!!! I lost them! Damn it! No why did this happen!?! First he killed Master now he has Eva.*sniff* I am weak i'm not strong enough to protect them...

???- What is all this noise!?! It is @#!$ing 12 o'clock!

(Rei looks back)

(Enter Entirely random DBZ hero- Vegita)

Rei- Go away.

Vegita- Not until you explian what all the yell and complaining is all about.

Rei- Where did he go?!

Vegita- Listen to me when I talk to you!(grabs Rei's Shoulder)

Rei- @#$% OFF! (tries to punch Vegita/you know what happens)

Vegita- (knocks Rei over) Settle Down kid.

Rei- (get's up) DID YOU SEE HIM!!!!

Vegita- Who?

Rei- A guy with Red spikey hair!

Vegita- No even if I did what is it to you!

Rei-(quickly grabbing Vegita's shirt/somehow lifts him) If you saw him tell me or so help me I'll kill you right now!

Vegita- Oh really! Ha! Like to see you try.(flames appear around Rei's hands)

Rei- That bastard killed my Master and took my sister tell me!

Vegita- I haven't seen him.

Rei- WHAT! You've been wasting my time! (throws hime away Vegita land on feet.)

(Meanwhile somewhere randomly in the near by plains)

Jac- Where is he damn it. He should be able to find me . Of course i can't expect much... consitering. I'll just help him find his was. (black aura goes around Jac/he crosses his arms in the shape of an X/Flames start to go around him) Wall of PYRO!!!! (a huge column of fire erupts upwards) This should get his attention!

(West City)

Vegita- What is that! Such power!

Rei- JAC!!!!! I found you!

Vegita- Wait up! I want to see this.

Rei- This is my fight! You better not enterfere!

Vegita- No need to see what thing possesses that much power! Not since... nevermind.

Rei- Fine but stay out of my way.

Scene 6-( The random DBZ battle spot... Plains)

Rei- JAC!!! I'm here show yourself.

Eva- Rei!

Rei- Eva!(starts to run towards her)

Eva- Help!

(Rei gets a yard away/then Jac comes running out of the shadow with Katana in hand/then he stabs Eva in the back)

Jac- (Strokes head) HA HA HA HA HA!

(Eva falls to the ground/Rei runs over too her body holding her head.

Rei- no....*sob*sob* :animecry: DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!

Jac- Aw... too bad i was hoping she lived to see you DIE!(Hand catches on fire) Hand of Pyro!

Vegita-(kicks Jac in the head/Jac goes flying) Haaa! You aren't going to get by that easy!(Jac gets up with a blood comin' from his mouth) How it hardly hurt him!

Jac- Who the Hell are you?

Vegita- None of your concern!

Jac- So you want a piece of me too! BRING IT ON!!!!

(Vegita burst rushes at Jac/Rei stops him)
(if this had as theme it would be_ Let's get this party started by Korn)
Rei- Stop! He is mine. (White Aura goes around Rei)

Jac- Rei! So, your prepared to die... I will thourghly enjoy hearing you scream!
(Black aura around Jac)

Rei- Here i GO!(Rei runs towards Jac)*Punch*Punch*Kick*

Jac- Ha! You think you can hurt me! Such a fool.(Punches Rei in the stomach)

Rei-Ahh!(Jumps back) How is he so powerful!

Jac- Because I am everything your not! I am not a weak pathetic fool...

Rei-(runs at Jac again)*Flying kick*(Jac grabs his leg and twists it) AHH!

Jac- (Still holding Rei's leg) HAND OF PYRO!(pointed right at Rei's face) Ha!!

Rei-(contact/holding face) Ahhh! It burns!!!!(Jac lets go/Rei gets up)

Jac- You are makeing this too easy.

Rei- If he can do it I CAN DO IT! Let try HAND OF PYRO! HA! HA! HA!(3 flame ball fire at Jac)

Jac-(Dodge all but one)*ssss* Damn it!(goes back directly to the evil smile) Now things are heating up.

Rei- You will pay for all you done!!!(tryes another rush)*Multiable Punchs and Kicks)

Jac-(blocks most) Come on! (grabs Reis one of Reis fists/then grabs his neck) I got you.(Lifts/Rei trying to get free)*squize**Cough*

Vegita- Hang on!(bursts towards Jac)

Jac-(Turns) @#$% OFF! WALL OF PYRO! (dome of fire encases Rei and Jac)

Vegita-(runs in to the wall)*ssssss* Damn I can't get thourgh


Jac- HAHAHAHA! This is great when you are gone. I will be free to create havioc thourgh out the world. I think I'll start with West City. I can't wait. To hear the sweet blood curdleing screams.*Squize*

Rei-(coughs up some blood) You bastard...

Jac- So... you still think you can take me...(Throws Rei up in the Air) TUNDERBALL!( Dark lightning discharges from Jacs hand Creating his best attack/Throws)

Rei- (contact)AHHHHH!(Rei's body falls he body almost completely burnt and smoldering/Tries to get up)

Jac-(puts foot on Rei's chest/steadly increasing pressure) I can't believe I came from your weak body. Even more I can't believe you thought you could defeat me. You are more pathetic then your master and sister.

Rei-(eyes widen)Saven! Eva! (a burst of energy forces Jac off of Rei/ He gets up/ his white aura is going nuts) You... can not live! For the sake of EVA AND SAVEN'S MEMEROIES!!!!! YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE.(He has the Gohan super mad thing going on)

Jac- No how can it be!(rushes Rei/Bounces off a sheild of light) How did... he didn't know that techenqe!

Rei- No it is time for you to scream.(Bursts at Jac and headbutts him in the stomach right up against the fire wall/jumps back)

Jac-(spits up blood) How is this possible! I was winning!

Rei- NOW IT IS TIME TO FINISH THIS!(sheid goes around both of them)

Jac- What are you...!

Rei- HAND OF PYRO!(continueous Stream of fire/while the fire is pinning Jac against the shield the sheild itself is hurting Jac)


Rei- INTENSIFY!(fire goes a more blue color)HAAAAA!(finally Rei lets the sheild down/the firewall disapates/and Rei is standing over Jacs body)

Vegita- You won... Amazing.

Jac-(all blooded up) ha...ha...ha... you fool... you will... never be rid of me i will always be there watching you waiting for the chance to strike it is just a matter of time... (Rei's hand raise for the final blow) can you really do it... kill someone... can you... (Rei's hand paused) why do you hesitate...(Rei's hand starts to glow Rei then...)

Rei-(walking towards Vegita/falls down) So tired.

Vegita-(puts out hand) come on you can't die right after you beat him!

Rei- Why should I go on living... everyone I ever cared for is dead... everyone is dead because of me. I deserve to die.

Vegita- What a stupid kid... you can't stop living. You would betray all that you fought for.

Rei- Maybe... your right...(gets up) Thanks... Mr...? What the hell is your name anyway?

Vegita- Vegita.

Rei- That's a weird name... Vegita.(smirks)

Vegita- What are you smirking about...

Rei- Nothing.(walks off)

Final Scene(Capsule Corp)

Rei- Hey. Lady. Is Vegita here he said he had something to tell me?

Lady- Sure he is in the training room.

Rei- Where is that?

Lady- I'll take you.


(training room)

Rei- Yo, Vegita whats up?

Vegita- I was starting to feel bad about holding you up that time.

Rei- Let it go there was nothing you could do Jac would have probably killed her anyways. But thats isn't why you called me here is it.

Vegita- There is a way you can get them back...

Rei-(Puzzled) What? Get them back what do you mean?

Vegita- There are these things called Dragonballs. You can make any 2 wishes you want.

Rei- Ok that isn't funny there is not way that is possible bring someone from the dead... thats crazy

Vegita- You punk! I'm trying to help you!

Rei- Alright! How do I find these "DRAGONBALLS"?(he did that quotatation hand sign thing)

Vegita- I will get my wife to give you a radar designed for tracking them.

Rei- Thanks.

Vegita- Before that there is something you must promise.

Rei- What?

Vegita- You must show up at the tournement in 3 years.

Rei- Ok. I was going anyway. It is a deal.(shakes hand) See you there... friend.

Narrator- And so Rei set out for the quest for the dragonballs. After a year of searching he found all 7 and wish his sister and master back to life. The next 2 years were spent training for the World Martial Arts Tournement. Life went seemingly back to normal for now.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]The End-Episode I[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Ok if you are confused on what was going on during the story here is some info for ya and some Character Bios that way you can get a feel for the story and characters

First of all the main character of this episode-

Rei- He is about 17 or 18 years old. He has blonde hair and and normal body build. His eye color is blue. His attire is a grey hoodie over a blue shirt and he has on slacks and sneakers. Relitivly a nice fellow.

Jac(Main Evil Sadistic Dude- He is the same age as Rei. He has red spiky hair(flat top)
and Red eyes. His attire is a red and black Trenchcoat with black pants and boots. Oviously not a good man he is sadistic cold everything Rei is not.

Saven- He is 35 years old. He has long brown hair and brown eyes. He wears an brest plate over his Martial Arts attire. He is always serious he works his student to massive frustration. They ether quit or for a few past.

Eva- Rei's sister- About 2 years younger than Rei. She has Light brown hair. She has the normal woman attire. She is kind and gentle enough but get her mad and you get a frying pan tossed at you.

The Story as it says takes place 2 years after the cell games. The reason i wrote this story actually was to make fun of DBZ and its many flaw but as it turns out it turned in to an actual story. The reason i didn't and won't make Rei fly is the fact that everyone in DBZ can fly somehow.Rei just can jump high. So that is one of the things that make the story unquie. Also, i put much more weapons fighting in my tales. This I never seen much of. But would have loved to see. So i hope you enjoy the story and look for Episode II coming soon! :D
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Narrator- It has been 3 years since the terrible event with Jac. But now all is back to normal. Rei had used the dragonballs to bring back all those Jac had killed. All is well.
The tournement just 3 days away Rei is training harder than he ever has before. He will need it for thing are about to go terrably wrong.

Scene 1(Saven's Gym)

Senior Student- Haaa!(flying kick)

(enter Rei)

Rei- I would thought you'd know better by now. (dodges/and sidekicks him)

S.Student- (slams to the ground/gets up)I give up. You have become strong.

Rei- Yeah i am pretty badass.

(enter Saven)

Saven- Don't get too carried away there will be fighters much more skilled then you or me at the tournement.

Rei- Well... that's fine.

Saven- Kenji!

(Enter Kenji)

Kenji- Yes master Saven.

Saven- Make the younger students run around the block 3 laps.

Kenji- Yes Master.(turns to the students) You heard him! Get going!!!

Students- awww...

Kenji- GO!(students start running./He runs after them)

Saven- Rei...

Rei- What is it Saven?

Saven- You are more then ready to go to the tournement but before you go... there is something I must teach you.

Rei- What?

Saven- The E Sword techneque. This move lets you weild a sword of pure energy.

Rei- But weapons are forbbiton from the Tournement.

Saven- This is a "techneque" as long as the energy comes from your body you can use it that is one of the loop holes I have found.

Rei- I want to know how...

Saven- Alright...focus your energy to the palm of your hand....(Rei Consentrating) good... when you feel the energy...close your hand as if it was around a hilt.

Rei-(closes his hand/a beam shoots out) I did it!

Saven- But there you must not put full power into it in the tournement you don't want to cut someone just a little burn.

Rei-(E sword goes down) Thanks Saven.

Saven- No problem. You can win this I know it. Now you can go. Rest before the tournement.

Rei- See ya!!!

Scene 2 (The Tournement)

(enter Rei and Saven)

Rei- There is a lot of people here.

Saven- Not all will get in. 8 out of all of these.

Rei- EIGHT!!! Awwww... Crap!

???- So you are already complaining about losing...

Rei- Oh. It's just you.

(Enter Vegita)

Vegita- Just?

Rei- I mean i have never seen you fight... except once and i have to say you weren't much help.

Vegita- Why you...

Rei- EASY!!! I was joking. Try not to pop a vein.

Vegita- You really know how to piss me off.

(Enter Goku)

Goku- Vegita! Hi!

Vegita- About you got here Kakorot!

Rei-(Walks up to Goku) So this is the Famous Goku...(Looks him over)

Goku- Vegita who is this guy?

Vegita- His name is Rei he is going to be in the tournemt. He is pretty strong. For how young he is.

Rei- Nice to meet you Goku. (Puts hand out)

Goku- Same.(shakes his hand/then he yanks it back with it red) WHAT WAS THAT!!!

Rei- My Hand of Pyro. Just wait until you see it in battle. It will burn you up.

Goku- That wasn't cool.

(Enter Gt. Sayaman/Gohan)

Rei- Oh great this nut job.(smacks face) Don't tell me he is going to be in the tournement.

Gohan- Who is this?

Rei- My name is Rei.

Gohan- Are you going to be in the Tournement.

Rei- Well thats why I am here.

Goku- Hi Gohan.

Rei- Gohan? Vegita THIS is Gohan?(Looks surprised) I was told this guy was strong but...well.

Vegita- He has slacked off.

Rei- Ahh! That is why. Anyways nice to meet you.(Puts out hand)

Gohan- Didn't you just call me a nut job?

Rei- I called the great sayaman a nut job I have respect for Gohan.(Gohan shakes Rei's hand)

Gohan-*ssss* ow! Why did you do that!

Rei- I do that to everyone.

Goku- yeah he did it to me to.

Saven-(Walks behind Rei) Time to get ready Rei.

Rei- Right! Master Saven. See ya!

Goku- What is his deal? He acts like you in ways Vegita.

Vegita- Well considering what he has been thourgh I wound blame him for the way he is?

Goku- What happened?(Vegita Explains) He went through all that in one night. He has to be strong to endure that.

Vegita- I never seen the end of the fight but i know Rei won there was nothing left of Jac.

(Enter Goten)

Goten- Dad?

Scene 3- (Prelimanarys)

Rei- So all we have to do is hit the target as hard as I can?

Saven-Yes. But with them here the bar will be set insanly high.

Rei- I'll get in no problem even if i barly get in. I know I will win.

Saven- This is where I take my leave I will be watching in the stands. Good luck.

Rei- Thanks.

(all the Z warriors go and get extremely high scores)

Rei- HOLY HELL! Vegita dont punch it that hard!
(The bring out the back up)

(Jewal goes and gets a 5000 the Big fat dude goes and gets a 5001)

Rei- My turn and I am the last...(concentrates hard) HAAAA! (punches the circle hand goes throught but the Score was a 5290) YES!!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!(the machine cracks a bit) Sorry about that. He he he.

Scene 4(Back Stage)

Rei- Hey who is fighting who?

Goku- We are about to find out.

Ref- It will be Gt. Syaman Versus Kabito,Shin vs Piccalo,Krillan Versus big guy?,Videl versus Skulvokavish, Rei vs Skulvokavish's buddy and Goko vs Vegita.18 vs. Hercule!

Vegita- That is fine by me.

Goku- Me too.

Rei- Well lets get this thing on the road. (Looks over to the skiny dude next to Skulvokavish) He doesn't look that tough.(Walks over to the skinny dude) Good Luck. (Sticks out hand/a mild eletric shock shoot through Rei's body) Ahhh! What the hell!

S.D.- ....

Rei-(Looks Angry) Well I be seeing YOU later...

Goku- Good Luck out there...

Rei- You too...(looks over to the skinny dude) He shouldn't be much of a problem.

Vegita- DON'T GET COCKY! He could beat you.

Rei- Don't worry... I have no doubt that I'll win. Besides if i lose to him won't be able to fight you. (Shoots Vegita a confident smirk) You better not lose. Even if you do Goku will not be enough to bring me down...

Vegita- You got ballsy all the sudden.

Rei- No... I just have that feeling.

Vegita- We'll see.

(after the Match-Krillin vs. Fat dude)

Rei- It is amazing that someone so short can defeat someone that big.

Goku- Yeah you'd be surprised.

Rei-Yeah. I bet.

(During the match with Videl and the Russian dude(I am getting tired of trying to spell his name)

Rei- She broke his neck!!

Ring Announcer- Videl has won but unfortunatly she is disqulified(Big dude gets up) He is not dead folks the match continues!

Russian- He he he.(Turns head back to normal) That got the creak out of my neck. (procedes to bashing the hell out of Videl.)

Gohan- Stop the match!(runs out to the side of the ring)

Russian- I was getting bored anyways. (kick videl out of the ring)

R.A- We will get the MT out here but next up is Gt. Sayaman Vs. Kabito!

Gohan- Now!

Rei- (Runs up behind him) Hey you go on to your match. I take care of her.

Gohan- You... make sure you take care of her.

Rei- Just like my sister. Good luck, Gohan.

Gohan- Thanks Rei...

(Rei picks Videl up and take here to the infirmary)

(Sub-scene)- The infirmary.

Rei- There you go...

(Videl is silent/Hurcle rushes in the door)

Hurcle- Videl! Is she ok?

Rei- She's fine...

Hurcule- Who are you?!

Rei- I'm Rei. I am in the Tournement. I was the one that brought her to the infirmary.

Hurcule- You brought her here? Well you can leave now.

Rei- Well, Your welcome... See you later, Champ.

(back in the Tournement Back Stage)

Goku- Rei... How is Videl?

Rei- I don't know, Hercule ran me out before I could say anything... but from the look of her at the least a couple of broke ribs,arm,leg, maybe a collapsed lung.

Krillin- You can tell that!

Rei- Yeah. I have had a lot of broken bones over the past 3 years. Saven works his students hard.

Vegita- Sound like quite a guy.

Rei- I was lucky he accepted me as a student. He taught me all i know. Maybe one of you will get to see what i know.

Vegita- Yeah maybe...

Rei- Ohh how is the match going?

Goku- They are talking right now.

Rei- Talking? About what?

Krillin- No clue.

(just then Gohan powered up to SS2)


(then the Majin people stab the little energy sucker thing into Gohan)


(M folks fly off the Z fighters fly off too)


Announcer- Folks we will have to call a time out in order to figure out how this is going to play out.

Rei- Hey Ms. 18 do you know what is going on.

18- No clue.

Hurcule- Where did everyone go?

Jewal- They ran away.

Hurcule- Ha! Oviously afraid of my skills.

Rei- Hardly Champ.

(Annoucer walks in)

Announcer- Hey if you guys if we can't think of anything quick we will have to cancel the Tournement.

Hurcule- I dont know.

18- hmm...

Rei- Hey why not make it a Four way battle. To make up for the lose of action. Then we can see how powerful our Champ really is.

Announcer- That sounds good. How bout it champ.

Hurcule- Sure just to wipe that smirk off of Your face Kid.

Rei- Ok go lets do this.

Hurcule- Let me warm up first.

Rei- Take as long as you want.

Announcer- When the champ gets done warming up then we will get started.

Rei- Alright. Hey 18. Could you hold this punching bag for me.

18- Why not. (Walks over to the punching bag and holds it.)

Rei- ok. I will go at it continuously for about 45 seconds.

18- Shouldn't you warm up first.

Rei- No i will be fine. (Suddenly Rei started punching the bag very forcefully denting it each time. This continues for 42 seconds) Let go now and duck! (18 lets go and ducks/Rei does a flying spin kick/the punching bag flies off of its hanging) HAAA! (Rei lands facing the opposite direction) Whoa. That was great.

Jewel- (stunned at what he just saw) How did you do that.

Rei- When I train... I rely on all of my skill... both in and out. The reason that bag flew like it did. Is because of my inner power.

Jewel- This match should be fun.

(20 minutes Later)


(Hurcule walks in)

Hurcle- Im Ready.

Rei- You better be.

Annoucer- Get going!(he runs out to the Ring) Now for the first time ever we will have a Battle Royal for the Championship! Now introducing our first Participant #18! (Crowd Cheers) Jewel!(Crowd Cheers) Hurcule The Champ! (Big Cheers) And Rei! (Confused Cheers)

Rei- Ok... so i am not a crowd favorite.

Annoucer- Fighters are your ready?(They Nod) GO!

(Jewel goes directly for Rei with a rushing punch. Rei easly steps out of the way.)

Rei- I figured you would be faster then that. (Hurcule comes from behind with a Side kick. Rei ducks. Then sweeps Hurcules Legs out from under him.) Not now Champ. I have to get rid of those two first. (Jewel tries to hit Rei with a punch. Rei dodges it. )
Come on, hit me!

Jewel- Stupid kid! (starts to rapidly punch at Rei/Rei easly dodges the punchs)

(Enter Saven in the Stands)

Saven- I had no idea how much Rei has improved! He could easely win this... But the woman... she is the X-factor.

(Back in the Ring)

Jewel- STAND STILL! (Now Kicking and Punching at Rei/out of breathe)

Rei- Time to end this. (Dodge one punch and Uppercuts Jewel which takes him a couple of inches off the ground and Jump Spin Kicks him out for the Ring.)

Hurcule- He knocked him out in two moves! *gulp*

Rei- Next. (Looking towards 18)

18- You want to fight a woman? Not very manly of you.

Rei- Ma'am I have trained with women before they are some of the toughest people I know. And I can tell you are way more powerful then Hurcule. So.... let's get it on. Let's fight.

18- Fine. (She rushes Rei and does a punch and it contacts)

Rei- (stumbles back a little) Now this is a fight. haaa! (Rushes 18 and starts doing rapid punches some hit most are blocked) Looks like I need to step it up a bit! (White Aura starts to go around Rei) Hand of Pyro!!! (Lifts hand and a Fire ball shoots out) Dodge this!

18- (Barely dodge clothes shinged a little) You can use energy...

Rei- Hand of Pyro!(Fires and she dodges) Quick ain't you.

Saven-(in the stands) He is getting too full of himself.

18- Time to fire back!

Rei- Huh? (18 fires ball of energy and it hits Rei's chest) AhhH! (Shoots Rei to the edge of the ring he tiders and falls back.) No I can't. haa! (energy sword shoots behind Rei and holds him up he pulls himself up) That was close.

Hurcule- He has a weapon! Isn't that illegal!

Rei- It is not... it came from my energy. It is entirely legal. But... i will not use it. (sword disipates) This is what i have been waiting for. A fight to test myself to the best of my abilities. That means taking you on hand to hand and Energy to energy. (Flames well up in Rei's hands) Hand of Pyro! Intensify! (A huge ball of flames ingulfs Rei's hand/the crowd gasps) Haaaa! (Rei fire the fire ball at 18/she dodged and teleported behind Rei and kicked him to the edge.) Damn! Too close! (then 18 punched him in the face he flew out of the ring and into the wall/ He slowly got up mouth bleeding slightly) I lost... fair and square. (some Medical personal came to see if Rei was ok he nodded.) Next time... I won't lose.

Saven-(Right above Rei) Rei.

Rei- I know I didn't win. I guess I wasn't ready to become champ yet.

Saven- I am proud of you. You did the best you could. This match was a tough one. You held your own for a while. But you let your skill and pride lead you. That is why you lost. Remember that.

Rei- Yes Master Saven.

(Just then 18 went flying out of the ring)

Rei- Impossible! She was going to win! How did she lose! (Ran over as 18 was getting up.) How did he win!? You were way more powerful then he was!

18- I let him win.

Rei- Why.

18- None of your concern.

Rei- I guess.

(Later in the cerimony)

Hurcule- OH YEAH!

Announcer- Lets hear it for our contestants! Our runner ups #18 and the unexpected power house Rei.

Rei-(waves at the crowd/crowd cheers a little bit more) Well i guess thats better)

(A big metal panel appears in the middle of the ring. Majin Vegita appears on it and the other Z-Fighters appear in front of him.)

Rei- Where did you go!? (walks up to Vegita) Hey! (puts hand on shoulder/Vegita turns and punchs Rei in the stomach.) Ahhh! (Spits up a bunch of blood) What the hell! (Vegita puts his hand in front of Rei's head.) Don't do it you cant...(The he raises his hand towards the crowd/Rei looks at what he is aiming at) NO I WILL NOT LET YOU!(Rei stands up/and jumps back) Light Shield! (A shineing wall appeared in front of him)

Saven-(In the crowd) REI STOP!!! (Jumps down out of the crowd) STOP!!

Rei- Stay back Saven! (Vegita Fires his beam at the crowd) *crack* It has to hold...

Saven- REIII!

Rei- Can't hold(sheild shatters) AHHHHHH! (The stands were blown away/Rei fell with his body charred) Damn...you...Vegita... (Rei then died)

Goku- Rei..... Vegita you basterd.

Saven- (now kneeling) Rei! (Tear rolls down his face) Damn it. I should have...

Goku- Babidi. Take us to a place where no one else will get hurt! (They were transported to the mountainous area/Babidi unknowingly transported Rei's dead body/ Goku and Vegita start going at it for awhile then something strange was happening to Rei's body)

*twich*twich*heart beat*heartbeat*(Little flames start on Rei's body/ The flames engulf his body/the body rises)

Goku-(stops fighting) What is that...

Vegita- Stop stalling!(also stops)


(Then a 8 mile wide piller of fire erupts in front of Goku and Vegita)

Vegita- What is that. Who has such... no...

Goku- What?

(Fire piller srinks down to 1 miles and starts to move toward Goku and Vegita/Then it disapates/floating there was a guy in a black and red trenchcoat.)

(Enter Jac)

Jac- That is right Vegita. I have returned.

Vegita- Jac... How have you... Rei killed you.

Jac- That fool. He couldn't do it... i was like killing part of himself.(turns to Goku) So... this is Goku... what a joke.

Goku- Who are you? What do you want?

Jac- My name is (dark flame fires up in his hand) Jac! The darkness that resides in Rei's heart. The name of his Hatred... and what I want is.... Total Annilation of all life on this planet...

Goku- What! I won't let you! (tries to punch Jac)

Jac-(blocks) Hmp!(pluse hits Goku/ sents Goku back to where he was before) On my road to Annilation there will be many causlties... I think... I will start with you two. (bursts toward them both and clotheslines them at the same time)

Goku-(Thrown back a bit) That was quick. I could hardly see him!

Vegita- This is no human Kakorot. He is a demon that spawned from hatred. Alsmost as must hatred as I have for you..

Jac- Well... this will be easier then i thought. (Both Goku and Vegita rush Jac/ Goku tries to punch him in the face and Vegita tries to Kick him in the stomach. Jac Grabs Vegitas leg and blocks Goku's attack.) Go away! (Jac throws Vegita away and grabs Goku's wrist/ then he pulls Goku and punches him a few times in the stomach and the face/ Goku goes flying back) HAND OF PYRO!!! (Jac fires 3 fireballs at Goku/all hit)

Goku- (stops right before he hits the ground/he is hold his chest where the attacks landed) Damn. That burns.... How does he have so much power.

Vegita-(rushes at Jac/from the ground) YOU DIE NOW!!!

Jac- I don't think so. (Teleports behind Vegita)


Vegita-(looks back/Jac sledge hammer him in the back/fall to the ground but on his feet) Galik Gun! (fires at Jac)

Jac- Hmp! (Electricity builds up in Jac's Hand) Thunder Ball!!!! (a ball of lightning appears and it 3 feet wide/he throws it at the Galik Gun/they cancel out) Interesting.

Vegita- Galik gun!

Jac- Again? (a smirk appears on Jac's face) THUNDER BALL! ABSORPTION! (Jac's attack absorps the attack) He he he .... now how did you do that? (Thunder Ball retractes in to Jac) Galik....

Vegita- NO!

Jac- YES!!! GUN!!! (Fires the attack back at Vegita it hits) Did I get him?

Vegita-(still standing/but bleeding a lot) How did he...

Goku-(after seeing what had just transpired) I can not allow you to live. You will die here! HAAAAAAAAAA! (Powers up) KAMEHAMEHA!!!!

Jac- Kame... what? (the attack hits Jac dead on/he goes flying to the ground and skids on his feet.) AHHHH! (stops on/bleeding a little) I guess your not a disappoinment after all. COME ON IS THAT ALL YOU GOT LET ME SEE IT ALL YOU HAVE NOW!

Goku- Fine. (Puts hands up in the air)

Jac- Are you praying? what the hell?

Goku- Earth give me strength! (Power appears in Goku's Hand/a ball of light pops out) Here you go! (Throws it at Jac)

Jac- (a small thunder ball forms in Jac's hand) All I need is a little. (puts hand up/absorbs some but the attack does damage/Jac falls down) Ha.... i got it fool... (passes out)

Goku- Guess he wasn't as powerful as he thought.(Vegita sucker punched Goku) What the hell!

Vegita- Back to what we started.

Goku- Wait... I can't feel it Buu has awakened.

Vegita- Stop stalling!

Goku- You can feel it too! We have to stop him.

Vegita-(bitterly) Fine you lead the way.(Goku flys in front of him and Vegita Axehandles him in the back of the head) I will be the one that defeats Buu not you.

(Vegita flies toward where Buu was located. A few minutes later in the distance a large Explosion went off killing Vegita.)

Scene 3-(Outworld/Heaven/World of the Dead)

(Enter Rei)

Rei-(Standing in a line) Why.... why did he.... i won't forgive him. Hell, what do i care i am dead.

King Yama- Next!!! Name?

Rei- I am Rei.

King Yama- Ah, Rei.... and you have your body not a lot of people have there body after they die.

Rei- Woopdedo! I got a body instead of being one of those white thingies. (White thingis flies by)

King Yama- But have no idea where to put you Heaven or HIFL. You have not done anything wrong but your dark side has.... i have to look up something about this. (Grabs big book) Stand over there until i am done.(Points)

Rei- What a day.... wait.... why isn't.... oh... shit... Jac didn't... come with me I can feel it. (Dread filled Rei's face) How could I be so stupid... I should have known better! Now that thing is loose and he has full control...

King Yama- Ahh! Goku you are back.

Goku- Has my son Gohan been through here?

King Yama- (checking books) No he hasn't

Rei- (running over to Goku) What are you doing here?!

Goku- (looks at Rei with a pissed look) How could you let him live... he almost took me out.

Rei- Jac... I am sorry I should have killed him. But, i was like staring at a piece of me. I thought I could contain him. But, If you took him out why isn't he here?

Goku- He isn't here... he survived my Spirt Bomb.

Rei- Why are you here? Has Gohan died.

Goku- He hasn't checked in yet but... wait i can't feel him. I have to go.

Rei- Goku... I will come with you. I am now part of this. I don't know what happened with you and Vegita. But, Jac is my problem and now aparently he is now yours too.

Goku- (With a smirk on his face) You kind of remind me of myself. Let's go grab on to me.

Rei- Don't say that. We are lightyears apart. (grabs Goku's shoulder)

Scene 4- Surpreme Kai's planet

Shin- Consentrat you have to use this to defeat Buu.

(Gohan swinging Z-Sword around/Rei and Goku appear centimeters away from the sword)

Rei- Watch it!

Goku- Ahhh!

(both dodge)

Gohan- Dad? Rei? What are you doing here?

Goku- I was afraid you were dead. I guess i was wrong. But I fear we have something other then Buu to deal with Rei you explain.

Shin- Other then Buu? What could be worse then him right now.

Rei-.... I am worse then this Buu... more accuratly my other half. You see a couple of years ago before the tournement I was a horrible fighter. I could hardly punch throught even the simplest defenses. In that time I had so much hate..... so much anger... I split in to Two seperate people one being myself and one calling himself Jac. Jac was horrible he killed my Master and my... sister. This is the time were i met Vegita. He and I tracked down Jac. I fought him for the longest time for awhile I was losing. In the end I won. But he was part of me so when I was about to do the final strike i absorbed him into myself. For a while i had him contained. But since I died... He has returned.

Goku- I fought him... he survived the Spirit Bomb. He has to be just as dangerous as Buu.

Shin- This is bad.

Gohan- So he .... survived Dad's Spirit Bomb...

Rei- I have to stop this..... for everyone.... who has ever trusted me.

Shin- This Jac sounds like a threat but Buu is who we need to focus on right now. He will destroy the planet if we don't stop him.

Rei- So what is the sword for?

Shin- This is the only thing that can defeat him.

Rei- Well, this Buu isn't made of air so what is the use of swiping at nothing.

Shin- What do you have in mind?

Rei- Well as long as i am here i guess i should help in his sword skills so I will spare with him.

Shin- You don't have a weopon.

Rei- (Laughs/ walks in front of Gohan) Who needs a weapon of steel... (closes eyes and holds up his hand ways/ then he squizes and a blade of energy shoots out) when you can just have energy. (goes into a stance) Come at me with all you have. That means your yellow hair stuff too. I can handle it.

Gohan- Ok if your sure. HAAAAAA! (powers up to ss2) Here I come! (Rushes Rei and tries a downward swipe/ Rei dodges and hits Gohans side with the blade/it burns him a little) How can you be so fast with hardly any energy at all.

Rei- I have the skills. (Takes off coat/and throws it to the side/it make a huge crashing sound) And the weights.

Goku- A weighted jacket... how much?

Rei- 300 lbs.

Goku- That is an awful lot for a regular person.

Rei- Really? Nevermind about that Gohan you have to control your blade. If you have no control you have no accuatcy. Now come at me again. Don't cry when I break it. (He intensifies the swords power making it have more cutting power.)

Gohan- You won't break this this is the strongest sword in the galaxy.(Rushes at Rei with supersonic force)

Rei-(his feet dig in to the ground to stop Gohan's quick attack/the two lock swords) He. Not bad... *push* not bad at all...*crack**crack* Here we go! HAAAA! (the sword shatters in to pieces) Ultimate... i don't think so. (Rei energy blade disipates)

Shin- That was the only hope we had of defeating Buu! You have just doomed us all.

Rei- If i could break that thing then it wasn't going to be strong enough to defeat anything.

???- Where the hell am I?

Shin- Is that a Kai?

(goes on with the thing about the earrings and how he became stuck in the sword and Gohan's sleeping power/while Rei is a few feet away thinking)

Rei- Eva..... Saven.....

Goku- What wrong with you? You seem to be depressed.

Rei- Hell yeah I am depressed. I am here and Jac is in the living world creating all kinds of Havioc. I should have been stupid enough to jump in front of Vegita's attack.

Goku- You did what you thought was right. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Rei- No.... it was wrong now i have put the entire world in danger.... and i am here.... helpless to stop him. Then there is Vegita! Why did he fire on the crowd... I hope that haunts him for the rest of his life... and even after.

Goku- Settle down... don't get angery.

Rei- Angry? (With a pissed look on his face) I am not angry. I am FRIGGIN FURIOUS!!!!! (wind picked up)

Shin- What is going on?

Goku- Rei? (puts hand on sholder)

Rei- Get your hand off me!!! (Punch Goku in the chest)

Goku- What was that about!?!

Rei- Are you angry yet? Listen to me I need to vent. And right now you are the perfect thing to vent on. (fireball appears in Rei's hand) Fight me. (Fireball appears in the other hand) or stand there. Ether way i have to get all of this out.

Goku- I have no reason to fight you...

Rei- Fine. Hand of Pyro! HA! HA! HA! HA! (They all hit/Goku gets pushed back a bit)

Goku-(recovered) I won't fight you. I have no reason.

Rei- Fine... I will give you a reason... this will be the first time i used this.... Zypher Ball! (Rei holds his hands in a circle then starts making his hands hover around it in a continuous motion. Wind picks up around all off them. Then gets more and more violent)

Gohan- Is that a storm?

Shin- It never storms here.

Goku- It isn't a storm look! (points at Rei)

Rei- Typhoon.... TORNADO! (Sticks his hands out- the wind starts to form around him. Swirling around and formis a small funnel.) You have to fight me now Goku. If you don't i will suck you all in! (The funnel grows a little)

Gohan-(sucked in a little) Wow! I did know he could control the wind!! This is intense.

Goku- Stop I am not going to fight you.

(The wind died down and the funnel disipated/Rei came through the dust that was kicked up/then he fell to his knees and a tear fell from his face.)

Rei- Why did this have to happen to me? *sniff* All I wanted was to become the Martial Arts Champion, not having to save the world from evil. I... don't want this.

Old Kai- Quit your griping!

Rei-(looked up) Huh?

Old Kai- It was fate that lead you here... you were ment for what has happened.

Rei- So, I was ment to die... I was meant to split in to a psycopath.... I was ment to bring destrution on everything I love.

Old Kai- You will do great things I can feel the destiny that lays before you but you must find this for yourself.

Rei-(wiped the tears from his face) Well... if this is true. How can I do anything?

Old Kai- You just wait a little while when i am finished with him you can go back with him. (Points towards Gohan) You can go for 1 day that is it.

Rei- Thanks.

(Meanwhile Back on Earth-At Rei's Home)

(enter Saven)

Saven- Eva...

(Enter Eva)

Eva- Oh, Hi Saven what's up. Where is Rei?


Eva-(in a worried voice) Where is he?

Saven- Someone... blew up the stands at the Tournement. Rei tried to stop him but... he was...

Eva- Was what?

Saven- He was killed.... Eva...

Eva- What....(dropped the plate she was washing) No it can't.... (tears rolled down her face in a torrent)

Saven- I am sorry. There was nothing anyone could do.

Eva- You let him didn't you... you let him die. (Runs over and slaps Saven in the face then starts to cry)

Saven-... I'll take care of you... I promise you...

(Scene 5 East City)

(Enter Jac)

Jac- That hurt. But it was worth it. I know how he does't it... this planet... is more useful then i thought.

(Some punker dudes come up behind Jac)

Punk 1- Look at this guy!

Punk 2- Looks like he is going to a funeral!

Jac-(Stops and turns around at stares at the Punks) Yes... In fact I am going to a funeral... Yours...

Punk 1- You think your tough. (Holding a metal pipe) Let's see how tough you are! (Goes to hit Jac/the pipe hits Jac's shoulder/ the pipe bents) What the...

Jac-(grabs the guy by the top of the head and squeezes) Now if you were smart you would have ran.... but i would still have killed you. (Jac twists his hand and breaks the punk's neck.)

Punk 2- (Starts to run) Ah no get away.

Jac-(holds up his hand) Hand of Pyro. (the attack hits the punk he catches on fire and screams as he is burning.) This place bores me... (Uber jumps on top of a tall roof) This place is nothing more the a bug infested colony. I am the exterminator. Let's see... how will I do it... why not use the left over energy from that attack.
(Jac sticks out his hand and a black energy forms in his hand/ the energy forms in to a dark ball) AH HA HA HA HA HA!!! DIE YOU FOOLS!!!!! (Throws the ball at the center of the city/People see the attack and run screaming/ the attack hits a huge explosion rings out, the screaming stops, and half the city is devitated.) This attack is quite good. I may have to use it later. (Jac looks up and see thousands of pink beams fly every where/Buu's Human Extinction Attack) Who did that... (Looks towards the beams origins) I must head there... maybe I can find those fools Vegita and Goku there. (Jac speed towards the look out)

Scene 6 (The Lookout)

(Jac on the ground looking up at the Lookout0

Jac- The beams came from up there... (Rises a bit) Going up. (He bursts toward the top with sonic speeds.)

(At Korin's Place)

Korin- What a nice...(Jac zooms past) That ain't good.

(On the look out)

(Jac lands on the backside of the Lookout/he quickly scales that roof and look off in to the distance and sees Buu and Piccilo standing there.)

Jac- I wonder who did it the green dude or the pick dude...


Buu- I am tired of waiting! Take me to strong person now!

Piccilo- Hold on a few minutes more. (his ears twich) Who is there. There is no use in hideing I can hear you.

Jac-(Stands on the Roof) Well... I guess I can't sneak. (jumps down/walks over to where Piccielo and Buu are standing/he gets face to face with Pic.) So was it you who fired those beams. (looks over to Buu) or was it you.

Buu- I did. So what of it.

Jac- I was most impressed by it. Such destruction on a global scale... beutiful...

Piccelo- Aren't you Rei. Vegita's Friend...

Jac- That fool is Dead....

Piccelo- Who are you?

Jac- I am Jac. The Incarnation of Darkness... the darkness that resides in every soul...


Shin- (staring at the crystal ball) Who is this? This guys power is off the scale!

Rei-(walks over and looks through) oh no it is Jac....

Shin- That is Jac... His power matches Buu's... maybe even surpasses him.


Jac- So your the one that used the attack...

Buu- What do you want...

Jac- To join you... if need proof of what I can do look at East City... It is nothing more then a crater...

Piccilo- Your lying... there is no way you could.

Jac- Go look.

(Pic. flies of/a few minutes later he returns with a bewildered look)

Piccilo- How could you...

Jac- I was bored...

Piccilo- All of those people...

Krillin-(Jumps forward) I take care of him! HAAAAAA! (Bursts towards Jac and punches him in the Stomach.

Jac-(unphased) Was that supposed to hurt?(in a mocking voice) Let me show you a real punch. (Jac punched Krillin in the stomach/He goes flying back)

Krillin-(Spits up some blood) It will take more then that to kill me! Destructo Disk! (spelling?)(He launches the disk towards Jac)

Jac- Impressive...(grabs the disk) But not enough.

Krillin-(quaking in fear) He caught the disk... And it isn't cutting him....

Jac- My turn...(bursts towards Krillin/flames surround Jacs hands as he starts to punch him rapidly burning him each time.

Piccilo-(Bursts towards Jac) I will stop you!

Jac-Hmp!(Pluse surrounds Jac and knocks Piccilo back/then he grabs Krillins limp hand/he is still alive) I was getting tired of this anyway. (Throws Krillin really high in the air) THUNDER BALL!!!!! (The ball of lightning jolts out of Jac's hand/then he throws it right at Krillin)

Krillin-(Hits) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (he was instantly discendegrated)

Jac- (with ash falling from the sky) Well, next....

(In outworld)


Rei- Goku...I am so sorry.

(Back at the Lookout)

Piccleo- I can't let you live!!! Light Grenade! (A huge ball of energy flies at Jac/It hits him directly)

Jac-(Flies back and skids a little bit) Whoa!. You are way stronger... He he he. This should be fun.

(Piccilo rushes Jac and lets lose a flurry of punches and kicks most hit/Jac staggers a little)

Piccilo- Light Grenade! (the attack hit Jac head on/when the smoke cleared nothing was there except for a burn mark where the attack hit) I guess he isn't as strong as I thought.

Jac-(Standing right behind Piccilo) Fool... did you really think that would kill me?

Piccilo- Damn! (Jumps back a few yards) Why wont you go down?!

Jac- (with an insane smile) You can't win... give up and i may spare your life... nevermind I think i will kill you anyway. HAND OF PYRO!!( A dark fire ball rocket towards Piccilo and hits him head on burning his chest black) HAAAAA!!! (Jac rushes while he was stunned and starts punching and kicking him for a good 15 seconds then finally spin kicks him away. Piccilo slowly gets up bleeding badly from the head.)
I guess you are tougher then I thought.

Piccilo-(holds two fingers to his head) You have no idea! Special Beam Cannon! ( A beam goes flying at Jac)

Jac- THUNDER BALL!!!! ABSORPTOIN!!!! (Envelops the beam/the energy retracts back in to Jac./ He holds two fingers to his head.) Special BEAM....!

Piccilo- NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jac- (with a creepy smile) CANNON!!!!! (The attack strikes Piccilos arm blowing it off with blood gushing out)

Piccilo- Ahhh.. ahh... ugh... (Falls to one knee)

Jac-(walks over and grabs him by the neck and drags him to the edge of the lookout/then he tosses Piccilo off/He falls) And for good measure!!! THUNDER BALL! (It hits Piccilo seemingly decintgrating him) That was too easy... (Walks over to Buu) Well now that that is out of the way Can I get your name?

Buu- Majin Buu.

Jac- Buu eh? He... How would you like to take care of the rest of these idiots?

Buu- It would be my pleasure. (Fires his anntana beam at the rest of the folks on the Lookout turning them in to assorted candy/Buu licks his lips) Candy...

Jac- You... turn folks into candy and eat them. (Jac starts to laugh hard) That is the best thing i ever saw. HA HA HA HA!

Buu- You aren't like any human i have seen you seem to like Violence.

Jac- Well... I am not exactly human... I came from a dark soul within a human so you can call me a Apperiction. A ghost of a persons dark side.

Buu- An inner demon.

Jac- Exactly.

Buu- Will you help me find the strong person?

Jac- So you were waiting for someone strong. Sure i will help you find him.

Buu- I think he is here somewhere.

Jac- Ok i will look over here.

(After a few minutes of looking they both come to the hyperbolic time chamber.)

Jac-(Opens the door and See's two kids standing in front of him.)

(Enter Trunks and Goten)

Goten- How are you? I don't think I know you.

Jac- Kids? They are supposed to be strong... Ha! Buu you have to see this!

Buu-(Walks in thourgh the door) YOU TWO!

Trunks- Hey Isn't Piccilo supposed to bring Buu in?!?

Jac- Oh the green guy... Let's just say he had a great fall...

Goten- You killed him?!

Jac- Yeah... So... Buu are these supposed to be the strong people... ha!

Goten&Trunks- YOU'LL SEE! (They start the Fusion Dance) FU....SION... HAAAA!
(they fuse into Gotenks)

Jac- Fusion? Two people into one person... Buu you think you can handle this...

Buu- No Problem.

Jac- Ok. (Jac sits down on the chamber steps watching the battle)


Jac- zZzZzZzZz... (A ghost comes for him/wakes up and smacks it away/ it explodes on contact/smoke clears he is just sitting there.) Buu are you sure you don't need help.

Buu-(all mangled) No... (Regens to his previous state)

(they fight for a bit)

Jac- zZzZzZzZzZzZz.... (A beam goes past his head) What the hell! (the beam destroys tho door) Umm... how are we going to get out...

Piccilo- You aren't...

Jac- So... you survived... not bad... (Gets up)

Piccilo- Buu that means no more candy.

Buu-(Devitated) No... Candy... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Blow a hole open in between dimensions. (Jumps through)

Jac- Whoa! Wait up! (Jac goes after Buu)

(They both landed swiftly on the look out.)

Buu- What to do...(as he said that another portal opened and Gotenks and Piccilo jumped out)

Gotenks- You aren't getting away that easy.

Buu- I will... (Jac steps in front of Buu)

Jac- No allow me.

Gotenks- HA! You are no match for us!

Jac- Since I heald my own against your fathers... I think I can handle two little brats like you.

Gotenks- Who are you calling brats!

Piccilo- Settle down.

Jac- Come on. Give me your best shot!

Gotenks- Super Ghost Kamikaze! (He spit out one ghost and it flew at Jac)

Jac- Cute trick... Wall of Pyro! (Flames shot up and engulfed the ghost then disipated.) But it will take more then that to stop me.

Gotenks- You want it like that eh?! OK! HAAA!! (Rushed Jac with a punch and it hit in the face) How did you like that?

Jac-(after the punch Jac began to laugh) Ha ha ha! Not that bad. (A bit of blood drips from his mouth) My turn... (Started to punch and kick Gotenks rapidly)

Gotenks- (After the barrage jumped back out of breath) How are you so strong...

Jac- I am not like you people I feed off of fear... when I blew up North city... the screams of the people as the dark ball of energy impacted the ground... then the sweet silent sound of death. I sucked it all in and it made me stronger... the deaths at the Tournement... made me stronger... the deaths that Buu has caused... made me stronger. But... when I kill you my power will grow emencely.

Gotenks- You have to be stopped! HAAA! (Starts wildly punching at Jac)

(In Outworld)

Rei- We have to go now!!!

Gohan- Alright. Let's do it

Shin- Good Luck. (Rei nodded)


Jac- (A pulse made Gotenks fly back) I am getting tired of this. Thunder Ball!! (Large bolts of lightning shoot out of Jac's hand merging in to a large ball) TIME TO DIE!

Rei-(Appearing a few yards away from Jac) NO YOU DON'T JAC!!!! (Rushed Jac and punched him in the side of the head)

Jac- (Flew a couple of feet and skided on his feet) Who the hell!? No... not you! Why couldn't you stay dead!

Rei- I am dead... I just wanted to take you with me! (Rush Jac again they both locked hands in a power test.)

Buu- Haaa! (Rushed towards Rei but Gohan intercepted)
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[color=#CD6619]Instead of doing all of the babble that I do, I'm just going to be straightforward: I am warning anyone and everyone who posts in this thread that if I see anymore inconstructive criticism, meaning it's just "WOW COOL DUDE!" or the sort, I will be forced to... delete your posts.

Understood? Have a great time posting, guys![/color]
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