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Gaming Ninja Gaiden: Black


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Ok, I dont know who has played it and who hasn't, and part of this'll have spoiler's in it. All in all, challenging game, little harder than the original, but alot of fun.

[spoiler] Aside from the fact that I hate the ghost fish with a passion, getting up to the top of the core palace is hard as hell. Any tips on getting out alive? I keep getting my *** handed to me by the dung beetles on floor 2, where you have to fight the Dino Feinds again as well. [/spoiler]
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Hard game...very hard. I am working on it on Double Hurricane Pack 2, at least I think its called that. Anyway, my tip on that is:

1) Keep moving...nothing quite like being pounced on and thrown around the room

2) use the Vagoorian (sp?) flails to take care or the "dung" beatles a.k.a. Pill bugs. using combos and charge-up techniques should help. Also, stay on the walls. Or just use Nimpo. Especially the fire wheels.

3) Tips for killing the "Dino Feinds" a.k.a. Gallas:

Hopefully, you'll have Unlabored Flawlessness most of the time that
you have to fight these creatures. Flying Dragon Falling Slash will make you
almost immune to them as it stuns them perfectly, and they'll stand up to be
hit by the aerial attacks of the combo. However, Ryu does not possess an
attack that will interrupt the Bite animation, so watch out. You can cheaply
do Divine Cicada off of a wall and then immediately Wind Path off of them onto
a wall and repeat. This will interrupt even their Bite. Unfortunately, they
can use their Flame Breath to knock you out of this. These Fiends can damage
you greatly from off screen. Use Flying Dragon Falling Slash, and immediately
roll away upon its completion. Unfortunately, not even Earth Splitter will
kill these Fiends outright.

Remember to keep moving and to not give up. I have broken 3 controllers over this game and I have the pieces to prove it. good luck.
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Thanks bro. I'm fighting the last combinations of guys at the end. [spoiler] the angel feind, then the skull devil feind. I know I have to fight the Vigorian Emporer after those 2(which happens to be the nunchaku ninja I fought in the begining). The skull demon is a little hard to beat. I'll take the flails to him later today and see how that works out. [/spoiler]

I've come close to breaking 2 controllers on this game, I have a brand new one that we'll see how it fairs.
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