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  1. Well, I saw the movie on Saturday, and I was rather dissapointed actually. I've seen a little bit about the games, but not that much. I only found a few good parts, and the ending could have used a little work. In general, then movie was a little to slow for me.
  2. Thanks bro. I'm fighting the last combinations of guys at the end. [spoiler] the angel feind, then the skull devil feind. I know I have to fight the Vigorian Emporer after those 2(which happens to be the nunchaku ninja I fought in the begining). The skull demon is a little hard to beat. I'll take the flails to him later today and see how that works out. [/spoiler] I've come close to breaking 2 controllers on this game, I have a brand new one that we'll see how it fairs.
  3. Ok, I dont know who has played it and who hasn't, and part of this'll have spoiler's in it. All in all, challenging game, little harder than the original, but alot of fun. [spoiler] Aside from the fact that I hate the ghost fish with a passion, getting up to the top of the core palace is hard as hell. Any tips on getting out alive? I keep getting my *** handed to me by the dung beetles on floor 2, where you have to fight the Dino Feinds again as well. [/spoiler]
  4. Vegitto4

    Gaming MySpace

    Myspace is fun. I enjoy it. I dont do all the stupid, friend whore crap, or the overly/interactive page. I like changin pictures a few times, but i use it as a way to keep up with the family when i'm on deployment and i can't get to yahoo for e-mail.
  5. [QUOTE=Charles]Leon begins to realize that this girl only regarded him as a friend and has no romantic feelings towards him whatsoever. Leon rocks back and forth in a corner sniveling. Leon realizes how pitiful he has been acting. Leon collects the small sliver of dignity he has left and moves on before he experiences his first restraining order. Leon works on his social skills and meets new girls.[/QUOTE] Hahahaha. That's amazing, and i dont think anyone could have said it better. I've read like, 3 posts here, because i dont have the time for the whole thread. Comming from expierence(i've asked a girl out once for 2 weeks straight, well, back when i was like 13. trust me, it's pathetic) it wont get you anywhere. Wait it out dude. It sucks, but after highschool, i had 3 girls that i would have killed for, jump at me, and the funny thing is, they jumped at me to late.
  6. [QUOTE=nomad19]pacifism can work, but not in our generation...today the morals of honor and virtue are rapidly vanishing, the sacred traditions which our forefathers withheld for centuries are fading out.... pacifism isn't a belief which is too idealistic, it is a belief that cannot survive out violent times... right now if you see buliies picking on kids, you are either the one being whooped or the one giving the beating...no one would ever shout out and stop either one from getting hurt, it's not like that anymore... we can never find another Liu Bei, Ghandi or Martin Luther King anymore....people who are born leaders and know how to fight for what they believe in just don't exist anymore....[/QUOTE] Thios post might be a little rated R because of the alocohol in my system at the current moment. Those ****ers never fought for anything. They spoke words. Words can only do so much. They never do enough. You have to take action, and peacefull action will work for awhile, but not long enough. I'm sorry for reality being violent, but pacifists need to get over it and wake the hell up. It's not to hard to grasp the fact that you might have to fight for something one day [b][color=DarkGreen][size=1]Edited for language. If you think you're going to turn the air blue, don't post while drunk. [/size][/color][/b] [right][color=DarkGreen][size=1]-Raiyuu[/size][/color] [/right]
  7. [QUOTE=Retribution][size=1]I plan on this thread being a relatively short and sweet one, but I?d like to pose a question. Does pacifism actually work in the real world, or is it too idealistic? Do you believe there is such thing as a ?just war?? I was having this debate with my Ethics teacher, and while my views are pretty sturdy on this issue, I?d still like to hear what OBers have to say about it. Before we dive into the talks, though, you should know what I mean by [I]pacifism[/I] and [I]just war[/I]. Pacifism is ?the belief that disputes between nations should and can be settled peacefully,? while just war is the belief that while peaceful situations should be sought out first and foremost, war is just in certain cases (WWII, Kosovo, etc). My personal belief is that war can be just, and that pacifism does not work. Pacifism is the refusal to accept human nature as a combatant one. I also believe that if you have the power to stop a wrongdoing, you should exercise that power for the greater good. For example, you see a child being beaten up by bullies ? I think most people would try to tell them to stop (the attempt at a peaceful solution), and when they fail to stop, I think attacking the bullies would be just. Watching the child being beaten to a pulp, and pleading with the bullies to stop would have no result. Furthermore, standing between the child and the bully would have no effect ? the bully would have no reason to stop their attack. So, give me your reasons! Don?t feel bound to the two terms I tossed out in the beginning, though. I look forward to responses.[/size][/QUOTE] Well, honestly, I completely agree with you here. Having been to the Sand Box(IRAQ) and just recently gotten out of it, Pacifism doesn't really work to well. Some of you know me, and most of you dont, but that's perfectly ok. As a Marine, we try, contrary to popular opinion, to find the peacefull, not painfull solution first. If it only takes 3 seconds that so be it. Have I ever killed anybody? No. Thankfully. When you've seen what I've seen, and done what I've done, then you realise what's real and what isn't. You realise that everything in life you have to fight for one way or another. Whether it be with words or bullets. We aren't going to get into whether or not we should be in Iraq or not, that topic is always discussed here. It's part of the reason I haven't posted in over a year. Human nature is to fight when we are cornered, or see somebody else in a position that they can not easily defend from. We help each other at some point whether we consiously choose to or not. What everyone needs to understand is that we are more mortal than you think we are. You might be a pacifist, and I've seen some pacifists in the Corps, but until you have to clean the brains of a fellow Marine or Soldier out of a Humvee Gun Turrett, you shouldn't even speak. In short, Pacifism is overrated. Fight, but make it a quick one.
  8. Stone Sour Slipknot(new one) Sugarcult Thrice Lostprophets 311(from chaos;grassroots;anotherone) Sublime(selftitled) Dirkes Bentley(modern day drifter)
  9. What she's doing with a soldier...I will never understand. Sorry, but soldiers are sling nasties. Marines are where it's at, but anyway. You dont love her, she's going to be engaged. if this "jeff" is a good guy, leave it alone, and just be there for her. **** happens. So you kissed. Get over it, and get in touch with reality again.
  10. Now, This game, and X-Men Legends Just came out. I have yet to Play legends, and there is a different thread for that one just down the page. I would Like opinions, and expectations of those that have played or wish to play this game. I play it on xbox, so, if it's on any other system, please let me know how gameplay is on other systems. It seems to be a little slow in Kombat mode(versus style fighting) I think it's because of the Xbox controller. Not easily compatible with this game. I do like the extras. Known as Chess Kombat. Puzzle Kombat. I do Like the Konquest feature. Makes it much better for us RPG gamers. I needed a good break from fable. The profile feature is also fun, as well as Kurrency, and the ability to unlock costumes and other videos based on the amount of koin you have. Thoughts?
  11. I would recommend taking a look around eBay, and vehix.com. Those kinds of places tend to have reliable cars. Volvo is almost perfect for any situation. If your looking for speed, they have it. If you buy a little older model, and want to upgrade, it wont be to expensive. They are also built to last, and the insurance will be lower than other cars. Guessing here, but it seems as if your a under 25 driver. Your insurance will be through the roof, because your a liability. If you trust your driving, I would say get Liability insurance only. Also, get something that has great gas mileage, that always helps.
  12. I remember one day at work, we were trading snaps. I dont remember an exact one, but here is one of the usual. I work at Pizza Hut, jsut to clarify Me: Did ken(Our GayDriver) forget something again? Drew(manager): Of course, doesn't he always. He was probably staring at your butt, and wondering when your gonna give it up to him Me: .....You're the Load your mother should have swallowed.
  13. [QUOTE=PiroMunkie][size=1][center][img]http://www.iconcave.com/img/icon/93.gif[/img][/center] Disclaimer: I do not agree with the above quote. This topic just made me think of it, and it is a funny show, lol. On a personal note, I really do not care what size they are. In fact, a majority of the girls I have ever been interested in did not have a large chest at all. I do not know if that happens by subconscious preference or whatever, but that just occured to me. I would say there is no such thing as too small, but there can be a point where they are too big. I could not tell you an approximate size, because I do not know them, lol.[/size][/QUOTE] GIGGADY GIGGADY GIG-A-DY WOAH!~quagmire Breast sizes. Well, generally, they are appealing to the eye. To large makes certain tasks a little harder than usual, and to small makes is not as much fun. As for the emotional aspect of it. ::smacks any guy upside the head for saying" I hate you, you need bigger boobs"::
  14. Having seen Farenheight(sp?) 9/11, I agree with death bug. The entire movie was Bush Bashing. There were a few facts. Not many. Well, Bush hasn't done a spectacular job, but he has done alot better than Gore would have done. Kerry could only do worse. He's done well for himself by making money of the War. Yes, it seems wrong. Look at it this way. He isn't the mastermind behind all of it. Paul Wolfowitz, just like he did with HW Bush, has sucessfully pulled the wool over W.'s eye's. Another thing is this, if people gripe about the time it took for the Retaliation against the Bombers of the WTC to begin, don't. They tried every way possible before taking military action. They tried to negotiate with the government's that were in power and harboring the terrorists that hit out country. The War in Iraq- Sadaam made a deal with the UN, stating that he would let the weapons inspectors inside to look for WMD. Did he do that? No. In return for doing that, war would not ensue. He whent back on his end. He got what was comming to him. Don't complain about the gas prices in the US. it's much higher in other countries. In Canada, it's 88.4 cents/litre. (i'm up here, that's how I know) In france, it's about $6.00/litre(change that into euros). The US is not paying the price of this war considiring our economy. It's not the best, but it is improving. We have come out of our recession. Be happy, and keep buying things to get our money into circulation. Take out loans so that the Federal Reserve will pump more money into the economic system. I dont necessarily know each plank that the candidates are running on. I don't claim to either. The only thing I can guess, is that the reason that Halliburton is in the discussions is because Cheaney used to be the CEO, and they made alot of money. Whoopdee doo I agree that we should give all our troops all the support they can get. They need it. They are becomming demoralized. When that happens, more of them die. I know, because I'm going to be one of them. Ask me who i'm voting for in Nov.? Bush, because I dont see anybody else who can do a better job than he. If I saw another person who could, I'd vote for them. ::ends his part in debate which will only turn into a flamefest:: ::refer's to last line in Sig::
  15. Hey, will, all these people hve small classes. 50.....83....455.......so small and petite. Having a class that was more than twice the largest mentioned has it's advantages....it's easy to not know everybody. Oh, I'll have alot of fun in the sand. More fun than staring at wires.......... To CHW-In the Corps, you call everybody above you Sir or Ma'am after the initial greeting of their rank. If you call a Drill Instructor anything but Sor or Ma'am, you Die. That's the nice way to go.
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