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    A electronic musician with heavy rock and roll influences, fighting out of Honolulu, Hawai'i. Full time pysch student, part time armour wearing superhero, who finds writting scifi to be calming outside of the clubbing scene and octogon.
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    video games.
    music. Making it, preferably.
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  1. - EDCLV2014 in 18 days. So Electro. Such Party. Much Dance. Many People. Very Electric Sky. Uau.

  2. - GTA tonight @ Light Nightclub. Very excited.

  3. Back in business... Remixes of Clarity & Treasure will be out soon._A

  4. After watching all four seasons of Battlestar Gallactica I've decided to give Helix a try and it's just as good! I've also been watching Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. which helps with waiting for The Winter Soilder. There's also the new volume of the American version of Being Human to help me with dealing with the fact that Alphas is gone. But it still feels like I'm missing a few shows to watch; any suggestions?
  5. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt7RBUgF-34[/youtube]   Skirt Kyile Minogue Vs. GTA   Hurray, new music.
  6. - Knife Party was amazing. Next up Phoenix & The xx. But first, I need sometime in the lab to celebrate the end of cold weather with some new mixes. :]

  7.   Lara, helping you from The Endurance wreck and getting off the island of Yamatai was a hell of a lot of fun. It was so good that I'm going to do it again.
  8. - Phoenix @ The Cosmopolitan in 38 Days with The xx @ The Joint Nine Days after. My inner indie kid is one happy hawk.

  9. Knife Party at Surrender in three weeks. Then The xx at The Joint in (roughly) seven weeks.

    1. Boo


      The xx, great live band to tap beers to.

  10. - Picked up Dead Space 3 last night. It still manages to give me sleepless nights of paranoia. Hurray...

  11. Anakoni Stark

    RPG Monsters

    After spending what seemed to be an endlessness bout of eavesdropping on a subterranean party; the pairâ??s door finally opened as the full moon shone brightly through the roomâ??s window. They were greeted by a dark haired woman with very sharp features, alluring body and black tight clothing to match. The new woman looked at the doctor and his companion with a sly smile on her face while checking them both out as she walked in a circle around the two. Aliâ??s right slowly reached toward the handle of his blade as Isabelle tried her best to remain calm; they both knew something was different about this woman. â??Whoâ?¦ Who are you!?â? Isabelle asked the firmness in her voice did a great job of hiding her fear as the French woman flicked her wrists to expose her blades. â??I was sent by the oneâ??s from the Sanctuaryâ?¦ Toâ?¦ Ahâ?¦â? The new womanâ??s voice was as smooth as glass when she spoke to Theroux; the French woman felt slightly turned on by the sound, which caused the agent to smile slyly again. â??â?¦ To help the two of you get there.â? The agent laughed marginally when she turned to Santiago and brushed her hand on his cheek. Ali made a husky grunting noise as the new womanâ??s lithe fingers slid down his jaw and he too found himself attracted to their recovery specialist. Isabelle was shocked to find that Aliâ??s hand had fallen away from the handle of blade and the doctor relaxed a bit more while their new acquaintance opened the curtains of the room. Santiago found himself in a terrible predicament as he fell to the floor while clutching his stomach and began to groan in pain. Isabelle wondered what was happening to her guardian when she realised that the full moon was in effect and he was beginning to turn, which always frightened Theroux, but to add to the stress; there was also a new person in their presence that was now closing in on the Spanish vampire. The new woman laughed again and spoke to both of them as Isabelle went to aid Ali. â??Waitâ?¦ This isnâ??t a joke is it, doc?â? Isabelle asked as she noticed that Aliâ??s skin began to pale out and she could hear the sound of something clicking in his mouth as Santiago replied. â??Of course it isnâ??t!â? Ali reassured her as his words became harder to understand and he began to try restraining himself from Isabelle. â??Noâ?¦ When was the last time you ate?â? Theroux questioned the doctor as she got up and slowly backed away from her boyfriend. â??I found this nice Italian restaurant on my way overâ?¦ Almost got kicked out for eating the entire menu in one sitt--- ARGH!â? Ali got back up to his feet and began staggering towards Isabelle. It seemed that the doctorâ??s attention was solely focused on her and not on the other woman in the room, who was now smiling at the situation that had transpired in the small derelict apartment room. â??See this is easyâ?¦ You, doctorâ?¦ Youâ??re going to be in a lot of pain since youâ??re going through theâ?¦ yâ??know.â? Santiagoâ??s grunting of protest finished the rest of her thought when she turned her attention to Isabelle. â??And you? Who needs you anyway? Youâ??re not even worthy of enslavement, human.â? The unknown womanâ??s words were scalding but Isabelle didnâ??t want to show weakness in front of the only person she trusted. The other womanâ?¦ Something isnâ??t right. Kill her, Isabelle! Ali thought as the agent turned to Ali and began making out with him. While the bass of the underground party vibrated through the floor; Isabelle saw that the vampire and his new suitor did not make physical contact. The French woman noticed an ethereal substance passing between the two; a red smoke escaped from the doctorâ??s lips as Aliâ??s body began to weaken in its rage containment and went into the new womanâ??s mouth and her stature became stronger. Thatâ??s when it made sense to Isabelleâ?¦ Weâ??re dealing with a succubus. Arenâ??t we? The new woman, who was now fuelled by Aliâ??s blood lust, turned her attention to Isabelle. â??Your boyfriend was really tasty, like caramel filled cannoliesâ?¦â? The succubus commented as she closed the gap between her and Theroux in the blink of an eye. On instinct, the brunette drove her daggers into the assailantâ??s stomach which produced a shriek from the succubus. â??Wellâ?¦ That was easyâ?¦â? Isabelle thought out loud as she smiled while twisting her blades in the womanâ??s stomach but their joy was short lived as the succubus inhaled and began draining Theroux of her life force, as the blue mist was being exhumed from her lips. â??What do I do, Ali?!â? Theroux hollered to the vampire, who growled with ragged breathing when his name was called. â??Heâ??s too weak, Frenchie. Doctor Santiago canâ??t help you now!â? The succubus laughed which caused Isabelle to drag her blades up from the succubusâ?? stomach up to the base of her ribcage. â??Pourquoi ne pas mourir?!â? As the sound of flesh being ripped punctuated the sound of the throbbing bass, Isabelle kicked the succubus away from her and toward the window while running back to Aliâ??s side.  There was now a trail of blood that was splattered across the floor along with the frightened human woman and the paralysed vampire. The succubus roared at the young woman as the wound closed up and she charged at Isabelle again. â??You are rather tasty, Frenchieâ?¦ Strawberry tiramisu, and guess what?â? The succubus questioned as Theroux slashed the attackerâ??s throat open and the blood sprayed onto the walls as she wrapped her hands around Isabelleâ??s throat and began to apply slight pressure. â??I. WANT. MORE!â? The succubus shrieked in excitement as she began draining Isabelle of the rest of her soul. The French woman kept trying to stab her attacker, creating a seemingly endless fountain of blood that began to cover the room but she could feel her body giving up as one of her final stabs came and went. Iâ??m so sorry, Ali. I triedâ?¦ Isabelle thought as the faint sound of a hammer being cocked rang through her ears.   With a deafening bang, the succubusâ??s head exploded into a mass of red and black viscera as if it was the icing on the blood room cake. The body fell to the floor as Isabelle regained consciousness almost immediately and began inhaling as deep as she could. Theroux noticed that Ali was standing with a smirk on his face as he put his magnum away as Isabelle ran to him for a hug. Theroux found that Santiago was on his last legs as he almost collapsed into the hug. Ali pulled out a handkerchief from a jacket pocket and tried to give it to his girlfriend who took it and in one big swipe; the blood from her face wound up on the handkerchief. â??When was the last time you fed, Ali?â? Isabelle questioned as she hugged him tighter and the pair slowly made their way to sitting on the floor. â??Itâ??sâ?¦ Been about a yearâ?¦ Creo, Isabelle?â? He answered with a harsh cough and he began to break out into a cold sweat. Isabelle panicked and rolled up her sleeve while offering herself to him. â??No puedo Izzyâ?¦ Usted es bastante débil como esâ?¦â? Ali turned away from his girlfriend as she tried desperately to get him to eat as the door opened once again.
  12. Affer four days of irritating rewrites, I've finally posted. The throbbing bass track that is playing downstairs from their meeting room is Sleepwalking by Photek   Also here are the links to Alejandro and Isabelle's backstory if you guys are interested in reading it....   Part One Part Deux Part Tres   - A
  13. - Rewrites. They take way too much time. I hope I can post by this evening.

    1. Shwa


      Talk to K.G about rewrites, she had to do it 3 times on a PS3 in another RP. That had to be annoying >.<. I've been fortunate enough to rewrite once @_@

    2. Deadpool


      I hate rewrites with a passion

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