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Writing My Fan Fic


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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]
As two beyblades collide, an evil was awaken. It was an evil that had been sealed away forever, or so it was thought. Now it has awaken and the fate of the world is in the hands of a Beyblade team and one girl. They will decide the fate of mankind and will serve a purpose to save everything.

They girl-Star- was taken away by a man who told her fate. It said,"You will bring destruction to all around you. The ones you love and hold dear to you will disappear. Leave before all is lost!" She finds out that it was all a trap just to get her power.

A friend of hers who once belonged to the Blitztreg Boys, was being controlled and used to do sone of the dirty work. He was told to take her necklace that had the power to control her. When he took it, she transformed into her true self.

The final key to control the world, was to find the mark of purity and evil together on her body. When it was found, she began to charge power. Before that, she had sent a letter out, telling that she was in trouble and to come right away. She used some of her power to bring Black Dranzer( Dragonite) to life and deliver the message.

When the message was delivered, the BladeBreakers got ready to battle. As soon as the they took off, beybladers, under control, came to battle to stop the BladeBreakers. They win all the battles and eventually make it to the end.

As soon as they arrive, they see Sakka(evil), Tala(Blitzerg Boys), and Star. Star is soon charged up and ready to fight. Tala tells them that Star has been chosen to help defeat the BladeBreakers. Kai(one that Star likes) says that all this shouldn't happen and that she should stop working on the evil side. She disagrees and shots explosive bombs at them- they don't really hit them.

They decide to beybattle in order to get Tala and Star back. First is Tala vs. Rai. It was an emensive battle and painful ending in Rai winning and getting Tala back from evil. After their battle, it's time for Star to vs. Kai.

At first, it looks like Star is taking advantadge of Kai, but he soon comes back to his senses and starts to battle to save Star. A lot is not lost and the results end into having Kai as the winner. Star falls and all rush in to see if she is alright. They check her pulse and find that it's not beating. She feels cold and her body temperature seems to be getting lower and lower. The only way to save her is to get the necklace back and to defeat the one who has it.

So now it's Sakka vs. Tyson and man is it a hard one. Starting as though Sakka is going to win but Tyson makes a come back and defeats Sakka. He gets the necklace and puts it around her neck. She still doesn't wake and Kai thinks that one last kiss will do it. He gives her a kiss and her soul and spirit come back to her body.

She awakes and doesn't know what happens. They tell her and she realizes that she was unconcious the whole time and that her power was used for evil. And they all leave to live better than ever in a life of free - spirit and beyblading, until the next evil arrives.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#33A1C9]Welcome, welcome to the [B]OB Anthology[/B],[/color] [B]Master of Death[/B][color=#33A1C9], I'm glad that you are here. I must say, though, it'd be wise to read the [B]OB Anthology Basics[/B] stickie for the reason that it tells you much about the [B]RATING SYSTEM[/B] and what other requirements are needed for a thread found in the OB Anthology.

I'm sorry to say that the most important thing needed is not found and that is a rating. If you wish to reopen this thread, then please do so but remember to read the OB Anthology Basics, as well as the Constructive Criticism for it tells you what is needed when critiquing someone's thread. Oh, and I will remind you, for this is the most very important part, DON'T FORGET A RATING ^_^.

THREAD CLOSED.[/size][/color]
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