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Request Ghost In the Shell 2-Avi and ban


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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Greetings all!... Can one of you lovely people please make me a banner and avi set out of this picture? [URL=http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/589/innocience2ty.png][Batou1][/URL] I have been trying and trying for ages to make something work with it but alas, as I have noted many times, lack the programs to do anything substantial with it. If that picture doesnt work very well then ill find another one somewhere.

Id like in the upper left hand corner of the banner to have the word INNOCENCE, all in capitals. In the bottom right hand corner id like the words SHIFT_ perception, with Batou and his cute little basset Hound in the center of the banner somewhere. Id like the colors to be along the lines of grays, blues, whites and blacks.

For the avi I would like to have Just Batou?s face with the letters G.I.T.S 2 in small font somewhere. Id you can try and make it look computery but i dont mind terribly,ther than those little details the rest is left up to you.[/COLOR]
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x.x <-braindead

So, um, yeah, Batou and his doggie. I find it amusing but loyal to go through a hail of bullets and spies and [i]still get the dog's food in the end[/i]. XD That's dedication.

I actually like this. :3 Though, the font nags me in some areas - I DID spell correctly, it's just the way the font works. -.-;;

Avatar...of DOOOOOOM...

So ja, if du habe einen problem - Errrr, must get out of German mode...

So yeah, if you have any problems (relating to the set XD), just say so, and I'll fix them right up. ^^;;[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I?m now officially a Katana fan girl !, Oh my god thanks so much!
I love the set, the font nags me too?.somewhat, agh I don?t wanna be a pain but can you change it? to something with less little balls in it? ^^; if its to much trouble ill take what you have given me. I love the square thingy's. :D I'll use whats there at the moment cause i cant stand it sitting there.

lmao Avatar of dooooom.[/COLOR]
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[color=royalblue][size=1]I'm so happy! I managed to find the font I actually wanted to use in the first place! XD

See? No more bally font. X3 And even though it's not techy, I do think it fits the classy/edgy theme that GITS has.

Repeat. XD

I have a fangirl! Woooh! I (think) you're my first one to say that aloud. xD I already have fanboys...Although...*cough* No, kidding! XD[/size][/color]
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