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Anime I think they should make an Anime adaptation of The Silmarilion.


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For those of you who don?t know what The Silmarilion is, it is the book J.R.R. Tolkien wrote and was finished after he died by his son, which explains the history of the 1st and early 2nd ages of Middle Earth.

With The Silmarilion I don?t think a live action version could ever work but an Anime just might.

It?d still haven?t to be a very big project thou. I?m thinking have about 27 parts to it.

The first 2 will be the Ainulndale and Valaquenta.

Then one for each of the XXIV chapters of the Quenta Silmarillion.

Then have the last one be about the Akallabeth.

I think if they did something like that that it?d be totally awesome.

And if that works out then maybe they could make a few additional ones based on stories from The Book of Unfinished Tales.

So does anyone else think that could work?
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Good god, man, it'd be like trying to make an anime out of the Old Testament. I think one of the reasons the live action LOTR adaptions worked so well was because Tolkien had managed to put so many small, human elements into the original - the pipe-smoking bits and so on, which of course got very much played up and accentuated in the movies (the Gimli/Legolas rivalry, the Arwen/Aragorn romance, &c.). There's practically none of that in the Silmarillion, which is incredibly hardcore epic stuff and simply doesn't allow that kind of character-centered downtime which plays so well on the screen. I know you say specifically that you don't think a live-action adaption would work, but an anime probably wouldn't do much better for pretty much the same reason. I just don't think the sheer [I]heaviness[/I] of the thing would translate well.
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I have a copy of it sitting here in my room, a copy that I got back when I was in middle school, and it's here collecting dust. I never finished the book because it's akin to reading a History textbook. It's just so...[I]dry[/I]. It wouldn't translate well into a movie, and it certainly wouldn't work as an anime.

You want a classic tale that might work as an anime? Try [I]Dune[/I]. It has a great plot, excellent characters, and a lot of interesting stuff about it. I read that entire book in less than a week, and that was when I was in school. No, [i]The Silmarillion[/i] wouldn't work. I'll probably bash you with a wet noodle if you mention it again.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#B8007A][SIZE=1]Oooh! Like Gundam? An anime franchise that'll be praised, dumped, praised again and (re)done to death for twenty-seven years and beyond? Ah, yes, [i]∀ Silmarillion[/i] would look nice as an OB thread.

Seriously though, the Silmarillion is a tough piece to base an animation from. It's really long (ergo boring) and you can't just animate a certain part 'cause in a lot of cases, you have know everything that happened before it. Elaboration is out of the question.

But I wouldn't put it past them really creative anime creators; they [i]are[/i] able to squeeze 52 episodes worth of plot into a few OAVs, you know?

(Also, I get a feeling that they will exhaust all possible facial feature combinations for bishounen just drawing the Elves alone. We fangirls would be spent.)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I'd most like to See Fall of GOndolin and the finale battle with Morgoth.

[INDENT][COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=1]JaredTheJa, Otakuboards emphasizes post quality and content. A post like this contributes very little to the conversation and is considered spam. You could explain why the Fall of Gondolin or the Final Battle with Morgoth would be appealing to watch. Also, although we aren't your English teachers we do expect a certain coherency and grammatical structure in your sentaeces. In the future, put a little more effort into your posts or they will be deleted without warning. -r2[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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