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  1. A bit of history trivia that may provide some perspective on the discussion. So far as I can tell, the first historical figure to talk about self-esteem ([I]Acquiescentia in se ipso[/I]) was the 17th century writer Benedict Spinoza (someone I happen to be interested in). In his Definitions of the Affects Spinoza writes: [quote]Self-esteem is a joy born of the fact that a man considers himself and his own power of acting.[/quote]In other words: it's a state of being happy with who we are and what we are capable of doing. What's interesting here, aside from the historical fact, is that
  2. [SIZE="1"][quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]Ehh, still no. And here I'd like you to indulge me in a serious explanation as to the Why [why the conversation should go on][/FONT][/QUOTE]Because what you say in response might be [I]true[/I]. What other reason could there be? [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]So it boils down to a lack of tact. You have already demonstrated?and again, you are not alone in this?that you have decided where you stand and are only interested if I can prove you wrong. I would rather start over from the complete beginning, take one assumption, and follow bot
  3. [SIZE="1"][quote name='Drix D'Zanth']However, examine the argument from first cause where Thomas seems to assume that there must be an end to an infinite regression; and so he assumes that God is an ?uncaused cause?, which essentially contradicts the preceding argument that every effect must have a cause (this is also re-interpreted as something called the Kalaam Cosmological Argument). I realize that I?m only quickly addressing Aquinas, but I think that given the basic understanding of the universe modern science has given us we are able to see that none of Aquina?s proof would hold up in suc
  4. [quote name='Rachmaninoff']So really is it that hard to say... [I]sorry, let me be more clear on that... I'm referring to the theory/concept not you directly.[/I] Honestly, that's not that hard to do at all.[/QUOTE]You're right, I should do that. Okay, then: I apologize for not being sufficiently clear. In the passage you quote I meant the creationist reading, not the readers themselves. I'm sorry if I caused offense with my vague formulation, as none was meant. Hopefully folks have a better idea of what was behind that statement (imprecise though it was) from my previous two posts. So, sh
  5. [quote name='Sabrina'][FONT="Tahoma"]So considering what you said in this next part here, and I'm going to paraphrase you on this since I think it's apt:Then, please forgive me if I remain [I]deeply skeptical[/I] of [I]anyone[/I] who claims upfront that someone's belief in one avenue or potential truth on the matter makes them a fool and a brute because, they themselves think it must be so. [/FONT][/QUOTE]I see little I could say here that I didn't already mention in my previous post. A clarification: I intended to insult nothing but a reading of the scripture which I thought, and still think,
  6. If an opinion is, in fact, foolish and brutish, I see no shame in pointing it out. I would also see no shame in asking someone who believes such horrible things of an opinion [I]why[/I] they do so (after all, there could be serious reasons behind it). But I will leave it up to others to decide whether there is shame, for example, in completely disengaging from the conversation, refusing to offer any points that would speak in one's own favor, and instead accusing one's foe of being "unobjective," "insulting," "careless," "dismissive," and so on. I only say this: I will never ask anyone to
  7. [quote name='Drix D'Zanth']Fasteriskhead, excellent post. I appreciate the depth of thought you?re contributing to the topic.[/quote]Thank you, I very much enjoyed working through your response. First, though, a procedural point. You write in response to Raiha: "Which of [Thomas Aquinas'] ?proofs? are still valid today?" I assume you're referring to the "five ways" in Summa Theologiae 1a question 2, which have since been called "cosmological arguments." My objection is that if you read Thomas carefully, he doesn't seems to understand these arguments as [I]positive proofs[/I] in the sense
  8. [SIZE="1"]Okay, here we go. Please forgive me for answering this in a very long and roundabout way; ideally, I'd like this post to be a [I]clarification[/I] of the questions involved rather than just a personal opinion. The problem starts with the word "belief": when someone says they believe in God, how should we understand this? Usually when we say "believe" we mean that a certain person holds something to be true. So for instance, if I say, "I believe the new season of Haruhi won't be as great as the first one," I mean that I have considered a certain [I]fact[/I] (the quality of the ne
  9. I check Anime Central and the Lounge. I see two or three topics I would enjoy offering long replies to, and then I don't because I realize I should be reading for class or working on papers. And then I spend the entire night watching Youtube videos anyways.
  10. I already posted most of my thoughts on my world [URL=http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/fasteriskhead/view/8499/anime_short_list%2C_spring_%2708/][U]here[/U][/URL]. To this list I would also add Golgo 13, because... well, do I even need to say why? It's [I]Golgo 13[/I] people, Lawful Neutral personified. He's practically an institution. Duke Togo is like a freelance James Bond with no moral qualms, an even more overclocked sex drive, no witticisms (or much other speech for that matter), and the ability to snipe God if someone paid him enough for it. Screw ninjas and vampires, give me cigar-ch
  11. A few years ago I bought a wallscroll on impulse with the idea of displaying it in my room somewhere. By the time I had returned home, it had occurred to me: "Dear God, I can't possibly put this thing up. I'm a male college student in my twenties with facial hair and a paunch. I don't want to see this thing when I wake up every day, because it will constantly be telling me that I am That Guy." Since then, I haven't grabbed a single article of anime merch. I don't know if this makes me a wimp or what, but there it is (in any case: it's not about "peer pressure" or whatever so much as self-
  12. I will probably be at home, reading Thomas Aquinas. If I am feeling particularly jaunty I will listen to Outkast's "Happy Valentine's Day" (which is, I admit it, my favorite song on the album).
  13. [quote name='Dagger']Plus, he's a pretty chill guy, which is more than you can say of most people who talk philosophy online.[/QUOTE]Well, thanks - it's nice to know that I'm not [I]completely[/I] lumped in with that gang of thugs and charlatans. I guess being drenched in that kind of stuff on a daily basis eye are ell encourages me to be more casual about it when I talk shop here (although I don't get much of a chance anymore). [B]What is it?[/B] [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57786"]What are You Watching/Reading Now?[/URL] [B]Why is it nifty?[/B] Sometimes you reall
  14. From what I've seen so far, Shigofumi's probably the show to beat this season. It's perhaps a bit too j-horror for my liking (I enjoyed Jigoku Shoujo et al as much as the next otaku, but it's nice to occasionally watch a show and have it not be a psychological assault), but god damn is it pretty to look at. And I don't just mean that the production values are excellent: that's been the case for shows that look nowhere near as good as this. There's an attention to detail and an overall, comprehensive [i]feel[/i] to Shigofumi that I can't recall having seen in a TV anime for a long time (Gunbust
  15. [CENTER][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=55649][IMG]http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/4182/picardheadeskch8.jpg[/IMG] (note: see especially Guideline #4)[/url][/CENTER]
  16. [b]What is it?[/b] [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=782473&postcount=55][u]This post here[/u][/url]. And the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57470&highlight=love&page=4][u]context[/u][/url], if necessary. [b]Why is it nifty?[/b] Well, have you read the OB rules? There's a little part in there that says, "In general we encourage all members to post coherently; it doesn?t really matter how big or small your posts are, as long as they are clear and relevant to the discussion." It's tough to b& just for incoherence - it's a bit like arresting someone for cruisin
  17. If memory serves me right,* Escaflowne is one among those quintessentially mid-late '90s animes that force you to either accept that it's not going to be perfect or absolutely hate it. Utena, Lain, and Berserk fall nicely into this category (as does a certain other well-known mecha show that appeared in the season immediately preceding Escaflowne). If you're to avoid going mad, you really just have to get used to the fact that everyone in the cast is going to act painfully out of character when the plot necessitates it, that you're going to hear Dance of Curse over and over and over again, and
  18. [quote name='Aaryanna'][COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]And if I misunderstood you completely... Well at least I tried right? :p [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]Well, that ain't the easiest and clearest post I've ever made. I think you're on the right track, but the real distinction I was trying to draw is a little different than you take it (which is really my fault). Your objection, if I read you fairly, is just that while the peasant and the soldier may stand before a more limited number of possibilities, that doesn't show they would live or think any differently than us. Thus, there is no r
  19. [SIZE="1"]Neat thread. I guess in the end I have to throw in with the (more or less dominant) "there's no distinction" crowd. What seems to have been missed, though, is what it [i]means[/i] that there's no distinction - in other words, to see what basically [i]underlies[/i] both "mainstreamism" and "individualism." This is the most important thing, and I don't think it's been touched on at all here. Stop and think about this for a minute. Mainstream and individual (i.e. non-mainstream) define different kinds of likes/dislikes. We talk, for example, about how we dislike country music but l
  20. I've already written about love [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=55685][u]way[/u][/url] [url=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=2026][u]too[/u][/url] [url=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=2027][u]much[/u][/url] [url=http://articles.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=2448][u]elsewhere[/u][/url], so I won't bore everyone to tears about it all over again. However, I would like to share a dilemma posed by a teacher of mine which, I think, puts the question into perspective nicely. Say you're offered a deal. If you take the de
  21. Okay, I guess I'll weigh in on the Utakata discussion from, uh... three or four pages back? (I'm not sure if this post has spoilers or not; everything is kept vague, but skip it anyways if you're that worried) I'm basically in agreement with Dagger on this. Utakata's not what you would call a [i]good[/i] show, but if nothing else I have to admire its audacity. You go in expecting another run-of-the-mill mahou shoujo show for preteen girls and pedophiles - in other words, you expect transforming sequences, cute and colorful outfits, the standard set of school friends' adventures (beach tri
  22. [quote name='Dagger']Hold on, now! Moe is 100% subjective.[/QUOTE]I'm not so sure. I guess there's support for this, given that the term is now sometimes used as a verb (in the sense: "I moe'd over Eriko-chan"), but there is a tendency towards "moe" indicating certain facts. A friend of mine, I think, put it quite nicely when he took moe to mean "a pet you can masturbate to." It's not just that moe girls don't have desires (aside from eating delicious sweet things or whatever), ideals, long term goals, or anything of that sort - it's that it doesn't [i]matter[/i] that they don't. Yurie c
  23. This thread is probably not the best idea. People easily get offended over copyright abuse and things of that kind. Plus it's against the rules here, for good reason: you could get the site into all kinds of legal trouble (despite some the mods being guilty as hell :)). These days I download a [i]lot[/i] of fansubs - more than I buy, really. Obviously I'm aware that this may hurt the industry, so I feel a bit guilty about it. Basically, I'm too impatient to wait. Here in the US there's just too much turnover time before we receive our shows; when the DVDs hit, I often for
  24. [quote name='Deus ex Machina'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]This weekend I'm going to watch ALL of Eureka Seven. (That is, assuming I don't go '**** that, this is more important!' and finally watch Yamamoto Yohko live I've been saying I would for almost 2 god damn months)[/COLOR][/QUOTE]Oh, trust me, you won't. E7 gets its hooks in like no other mecha series in recent memory (there's a bit of lag in the middle, but by that point the thing's got so much inertia already that it doesn't matter much). The only issue that might be a problem is the sheer length of the show - there's fifty episodes, which mean
  25. Ummm... yeah. [SIZE="1"][center][IMG]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41RFXTRYMNL._SS500_.jpg[/IMG] (Seventy bucks for this thing. What better bargain could a philosophy geek find?) [IMG]http://www.rentanime.com/images/rentanime/gunbuster.gif[/IMG] (I've heard the translation is kind of terrible, but who cares? It's Gunbuster) [IMG]http://tritons56.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/middle-liddell.jpg[/IMG] (I don't want the unabridged Liddell-Scott because I think I would have to move it with a forklift) [IMG]http://www.iclassics.com/content/assets/selection/4/3774E.jp
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