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Writing The maiden and the statue


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I posted this on 4kids & decided to post it here!

Princess Sakura Matsuri looked at a statue. Her father had promised her a birthday gift & for reasons beyond her understanding decided to get her a statue. Now Sakura wasn't hard to shop for when it came to birthday presents. But surely her father wasn't that unsure of what to get her. She knew that she had alot of books but there was still a few that she was dying to read.

"So SakuraMatsuri-hime what do you think of this one?" Her father asked. The statue was old but rather interesting. She studied it closer then looked towards her father.

"I like it." Sakura looked at the statue. Her father grinned then paid the owner of the musem. The statue was teleported directly to her room.

"Well my dearest cherry blossom,we shall go home,"her father said smiling. She smiled back & her father teleported them home. Sakura went straight to her room. The statue stood at the foot of her bed. She picked up a piece of paper that laid at the statue's feet. The paper looked acient. Her hands shook as she read the paper.

Free me! My name is Sasuke Uchina. Please free me.
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[size=1][color=#CD661D]Hello there, [B]Starfire0567[/B]. I'm glad that you chose to post your story here at the [B]OB Anthology[/B]. Though, there seems to be some pros and cons with your thread. I think you'd prefer the bad news first, so here I go.

First, I wonder, have you had a chance to read the [B][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44313]OB Anthology Basics[/B][/URL]? If you haven't you can either click on the link provided or go to the sticky shown at the top of the page. Second, if you have read the OB Anthology Basics, you would have read that most threads require a [B]Rating[/B] and various other standards. Lastly, though I regret to say, is that your thread has been closed because there is no rating on your thread, one of the, if not most, important requirements.

Now onto the good news ^_^. If you would like to recreate your thread, you can! But remember that it needs a rating and to know what sort of rating your thread falls under, check out the OB Anthology Basics.

THREAD CLOSED.[/size][/color]
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