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Okay, I've beaten KH II last Saturday with all worlds beaten along with Jiminy's Journal completed. The surprise ending left me wondering if there will be a third KH game, so, I'm taking the idea in my own hands. Beat the game to see the ending you cheaters you. I ain't telling. I began thinking of this last night and here is the basics so far. I'll have to reveal a LITTLE of the special ending so spoilers ahead!

Kairi runs over to Sora and Riku, a glass bottle in her hand. She hands it to Sora as he pulls out a rolled piece of parchment with King Mickeys seal on it. He opens it and reads it aloud, and is surprised by the contents. It goes as follows:

Dear Sora,

It's Mickey. I have some news that you may want to know. As being an avid traveller of the worlds, you know I would find some things that would be very surprisin'. But this takes the cake. I was travelling with Donald and Goofy this time and we went sorta beyond the normal limit we would do. Well, we wound up in a town called Gildan City. There, I found two more Keyblade bearers besides you, me, and Riku!

After explaining to them what their ability is, I realized something. Our battle against the darkness isn't over yet. Get yourself, Riku, and Kairi ready. I'm coming to pick you up in four days. Prepare yourselfs kids. I'll be there soon...

King Mickey

PS: There is a little present at the bottom of the bottle. Teach Kairi to use it after she releases it, okay?

Sora looked into the bottle and poured out a small blue orb. "Is this what he was talking about?"

Kairi grabbed the small orb and held it in her hand as it started to glow brightly. The three shielded their eyes from the light. After it died down, Kairi and Sora were surprised to see a weapom similar to the Oathkeeper Keyblade. It had the same color sceme, handle, pommel, and hilt, but the blade was an actual blade made of pure silver and mythril.

"Oh my god!" Kairi yelled.

"Looks like Mickey wants Kairi to go with us. I suggest we get started on her training then." Riku said.

"But we just got home! How am I supposed to tell my mom about all of this?!" Sora exclaimed.

"Show her the Keyblade Sora." Riku replied as he summoned his own blade.

"Alright...Kairi, you better tell your parents since you'll be going with us. We'll teach you to fight with a blade until King Mickey gets here." Sora replied.

"Okay. See you soon guys..." Kairi said.

Well, there you have it people. The beginning of the final Kingdom Hearts adventure. Give me suggestions, comments, ideas, ect. and you may see this come off the ground. That is something I'd like to do!
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Guest sesshisgrl01
so how was the kingdom hearts II game anyway? :catgirl:

well what about hte other keyblade weilders? and how does kairi do with training?
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