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This is a recruiting RP. Once I get a few people,I will make the RPG thread.

The characters

Weight-99 3/4lb
Looks-Long black hair,extremely pale skin with brilliant green eyes
Outfit-A purple peasant style short sleeved shirt and a short black peasant style short skirt that falls to her knees & black flipflops
Personality-Very quiet. She doesn't like to talk very much. She is friendly with people she trusts. She also doesn't trust too many people.
Bio-Her father was sorcer who believed his daughter had great power so he always pushed her to work harder. After a few years,she revolted against him & was banished from her home. Her mother is in a vegitive state and has been since Luna was little. She's the youngest of the group. She reads alot &
Power-Wind sorcess
Weapons-A fan that gives her the ablity to have better control over the wind[/COLOR]

Age-19 in human years but 20 in Elf years
Looks-Meduim length dark brown hair,pale tan skin with light brown eyes
Outfit-A dark blue shirt that says "Random and I love it!",light blue jeans & gray converses
Personality-Loud & outgoing. She talks alot but knows when to get serious. She is super friendly with everyone she meets & is a very likeable person.
Bio-She has a twin brother. Although she is the oldest of her friends,she listens to Luna the most.
Weapons-A small dagger

Looks-Long ash blonde hair,light blue eyes and fair skin
Outfit-A pink shirt that says "You break it you buy it" and dark blue jeans with white and pink sneakers
Personality-Very friendly. She gets along with everyone. Her father died when she was born but she doesn't let it bother her. She's the second oldest. She loves to have fun.
Bio-She studies languages with Luna & speal several different languages. She has two older brothers
Power-her faerie magic
Weapons-Her scepter [/COLOR]

If a character is in color then it means she's taken.

Does anyone have any idea of this RP could start off??
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[COLOR=Sienna]Hello, Starfire0567, and welcome to the Arena.

I will be closing this thread for a couple of reasons.

[B]One:[/B] All RPGs must go through recruitment in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=48][COLOR=Sienna][U]Adventure Inn[/U][/COLOR][/url]. This area is for creating a thread where other players can post if they have questions about your RPG. So it?s not the correct place to be recruiting for an RPG. Once you have the basic plot and story posted in the Adventure Inn, as well as what you want other players to include in their signups, other people can sign up.

[B]Two:[/B] You may have not noticed, but blooming has been banned so it?s unlikely they will be able to participate in your RPG.
Three:[/B] It?s usually a good idea to give a brief summary of what your RPG is supposed to be about. That way members can decide if it's something that actually interests them.

Please read the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44317][COLOR=Sienna][U]Sticky[/U][/COLOR][/url] for instructions on creating an RPG and make sure your RPG meets all the requirements before you start it again. Thank you.


[b]Thread Closed[/b]
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