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[COLOR=DarkRed][I]"Broken angel falling down,
Tumble, tumble to the ground
Porcelain doll with the glassy eyes,
Watch her tumble from the skies.

One bloodstained feather, two, and three
Come one, come all, come dance with me.
In the snowfall, soft fall of red and white,
Let's gather 'round, watch the angel's light

Go out, grow dark, slowly fade
From one shade of white to a darker shade
'Til all that's left are eyes that stare,
Porcelain skin and perfect hair.

Broken angel falling down,
Tumble, tumble to the ground
Porcelain doll with your glassy eyes,
You were that angel before you lost your life."[/I][/COLOR]

[FONT=Impact][COLOR=Green]Taynora, home of angels, demons, gods and goddesses, devils, and mindless beasts. The world above yours. The world humanity had never discovered and never would. The true heaven and the true hell in one. It is the one place human spirits can not go.

When a human dies, they do not go to heaven or hell, as stated above those do not exist. They are merely creations of are imaginations. Spirits are sent to the spirit realm, a place controlled by the Taynora goverment, whatever that is. They are free to roam all the worlds, except Taynora it's self. The only people aloud on Taynora are those who were born there. But. . .

Two days ago, a light shone on your pathetic planet. 'A sign from heaven!' The people called! Such ignorence in you, as I have said many times, heaven does not exist. But then, your pathetic race didn't know that then. Your only learning that now. Anyway, this light was from Taynora. It was a test for you. We sent down three of angels to you to watch and observe you. To see if you were ready to learn of us, your greater.

Sadly, these angels did not survive the fall. And we blame you for this because of your weak interest in caring for you planet. To punish you their spirits were placed in three newborn children. These children were to grow, attack you, and then return to us. They refused.

To protect our world from their power we wiped their memories. Now, here is your part. These children have no memories of being angels, but they do have their powers and they are still a threat to both our worlds. Now, we still wish to punish you, but if can get rid of these children before they cause harm, we will spare Earth and Taynora will leave you alone once again.

Send your armies strongest. We do not know what powers they have but we do know where they are. They seem to all be drawn to Lake Farhia. Once together, they will attack our worlds. Stop them before then. Or suffer the consequences. . . END TRANSMISSION.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Here's where you guys come in. You can etheir chose to be one of the three fallen angels, or one of the assianins. I do plan on having the assianins ending up on the side with the angels but if you'd like to do something different with you character, PM me and I'll decided if it'll work. Here's the needs. Some both races need to fill out, some only one or the other need too.[/COLOR]
Name: both

Race: human or fallen angel.

Age: both

Gender: both

Looks: both, angels look like humans, no wings.

Personality: both

Weapon: both

Power: angels only

Rank: human only

Brief History: both, angels history is their life before being sent to earth.

RPG Sample: I will read these, it must be good if your to aloud in.[/QUOTE]

Here's mine

Name: Ashura (ash) Touya

Race: angel

Age: 18 thousand, 18 in human years.

Gender: male

Looks: long blonde hair that frames his face. Large gold eyes. He wears way to baggy orange pants and a tight two-inch sleeve white tank. He wears a too big orange button up on top of that and it's unbottoned. He's really short and skinny. He looks like a chestless girl.

Personality: hyper, sweet and fun. He's easily embrassed, and he hates his size. He'll do anything for his friends, but he's normally the one who needs help.

Weapon: He's so small he can't hold most weapons so he relies on speed rather then weapons. He's like a fox sorta, small, fast, and adorable.

Power: Like above, I said he was fast. His power is he can jump long distances and has a battery like trait. He can refresh the other angels powers by just touching them.

Breif History: He was the only boy in a five daughter family. To save money, his mom dressed him as a girl so she could send him to the same all girls school on Taynora. He attracted the attention of the son of one of the most powerful demons who thoguht he was a girl. When he discovered he was a boy, he sent forced him to clean in his mansion. But he was really clumsy and so when his father wanted three angels, he quickly offered his new servent up.

RPG Sample: 'Where am I?' I looked around and instantly regretted it. My head felt like a ton of bricks had been dropped on it. It hurt a lot. I regathered my thoughts and slowly tuned my head trying not to trigger the pain again.I almost screamed at the sight of a pink haired-human staring at me in amazment.

"Wow, that must have been nasty bump honey." She had a southern-belle accent. "What's ya name sweeteart?"

'What was my name indeed? Dane? No Dash, no maybe. . . Ash!' "Ash I think. Who are you and where am I?"

"My name's Mary Ann, and your in Alabama."

'Alabama? Wait. . . "You mean, Alabama on Earth?"

"What other Alabama?"

'Oh god, damn it!'

[COLOR=DarkOrange]I will PM the start when we have three angels and at least two assianins. If your not excepted, I'll tell you why and if you PM me the changes I might change my mind. People can still add profiles after this starts.[list]
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