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Sign Up Dawn of Destinies [PG-VL]


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Legends told that whoever could kill the God of Destruction is considered to be the most powerful entity in the entire world. However no one could kill Him and people began accepting their fates to be destroyed when the time comes. Hope in this world has been lost and no one has ever stood up to bring hope again. As time passes by people forgot about that legend and without any idea the profecy is about to come.

It was once told that there are 6 crystals , once used unitedly it can stop the profecy from happening. However those crystals were lost and never been found. Those crystal were called E-Souls which are separated into Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness. Due to the long time that has passed the profecy was forgotten and people lived normal lives, but still others believe in the profecy and tries to find the greatest hero that will come. And because of that
The Capital City established 3 guilds namely:
Swordswall- a militaristic guld who trains its members to become swordsmen and archers.

Mystelayne- a mystical guild who trains members to become sorcerers, alchemists, and summoners.

Celestia- a guild governed by faith which trains members to become priests, and excorsists.

These guilds were formed in order to preserve the world and defend it when the time comes. However conflicts comes across these guilds and instead of doing their true mission they tend to fight each other to show who is the better guild and who has the right to be the world's protector.
Char. sign up format:

Char. name:
Weapon: (name and description)(description can be enough)
Race: (elven, human, dwarf)
Appearance: (includes hair style and color, what does your char. luk like or simply attach a picture of your char.)
Special Characteristics:
Job: (note: the job you'll be choosing must be under the guild's jurisdiction)

Note: if you've decided to become a sorcerer please include what element will you be using

I'll start to give a sample
Char. name:Akihara Torou

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Weapon: Avatar of Steel ( a weapon which looks like a thick katana which can shapeshift into any weapon according to the wielder's choice)

Race: Human

Appearance: Torou except he doesn't hold a gun and with the bullets and has a sword sheath on his back

Special Characteristics: none

Personality: Silent and mysterious. He prefers to be alone and seeks to sought power no matter the cost

Guild: Swordswall

Job: Swordsman

Bio: (i'll do the bio next time)

OCC: If there are suggestions you guys want to make please tell me

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