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Writing Goths In Denim


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Hello people,

Gosh it's been too long since I visited...

Anyway I thought I'd post a couple of links to my current project:

Goths in Denim.

It's a series of short stories looking at young people, mainly teenagers, and the sucultures they fall into. I set it in my home town because I could use locations I knew.

Also these are my first attempts at first person.

There's no real read order but I'll post the links in order:

[URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/31725545/]I only dress like a goth[/URL]

[URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32130706/]Mother, you embarrass me![/URL]

Please comment as much as you want
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]It's great that you've decided to post your stories here, [B]neoakira70[/B]. But here's the thing: you don't have a rating; therefore this thread is void. I'm sorry to say I have to pull the plug on this one.

If you want to, as most of you know, you can recreate this thread with a [B]thread rating[/B]. For more information on thread ratings, please visit your local [B]OB Anthology Basics[/B] sticky. Have a nice day.

THREAD CLOSED.[/size][/color]
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