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The Grievous Flood [M-SVL]


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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Luvilune ap Danena shook back a mane of thick auburn hair and smiled. She had seen the man marked for both blood and death...the man Isen Herself had charged her to find. He was taller than she, handsome, a warrior bred, and he smelled of sweat and horses. The Goddess's preistess had whispered in her ears, as she often did when she had something grave to say.[/i]

"You'll see him tomorrow night. ....bring him to Her altar. There, more fires will burn."

[i]The destruction over the river made her smile, but she swiftly withdrew herself back into the forest where her dark clothes would hide her. A slightly wet nose nuzzled her cheek, and she turned to regard her riding horse. He was an odd choice for a huntress and a follower of the Moon Goddess Isen. For not only was he a huge draft horse, with featherings up and down his legs, but a stallion as well. Ungelded and untamed, and utterly unfit for any being, human or elf, to ride to war, except her. Svenn whickered at her and she rolled her eyes back. With practiced ease, she swung herself into the saddle, and nudged him with her right knee. It was the sacred charge of Isen, that all her followers ride beasts that were unmarked. Thus, the true mark of a pious preistress or even just a guardian maiden was the stallion[/i]

"We'll see more of him. Won't we Svenn? Now we go back to tell Her we've seen him."

[i]Obedient, he trotted through the forest, weaving between trees and rocks alike, before breaking into an open gallop as soon as they hit the meadow. As the two, beast and elf, raced across the open plain, Luvilune raised one hand, scribing the symbols of the Pale Road. Her words were sounded off in her head, but to Svenn, his mistress was speaking in a breathy voice,

"By the name of the Light, allow me to ride the Road."

Automatically the gate to the Road opened and the portal swallowed the two of them up.

To the observer, nothing out of the ordinary had happened, besides a gigantic stallion and a slender woman disappearing in thin air. There had been no shimmering lights, no noises. Just the hoofbeats, and then...nothing.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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