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Request Time for a new banner/avi set, KH2 style!


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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Alright guys, pritty simple, as always.

I'm using a lap-top, which isn't friendly with graphic programs, so I need some help with banners and avis, etc. for a while.

On to the request!

What I want is a dark, dark, dark...I guess you could call it black...set.

The banner first, I guess. The pic I'd like is simply one of the Keyblades from KH2, whichever one you'd like to pick. It could be set against an abstract background, or an interesting something-or-other conjoured up by your imagination. Doesn't really matter...whatever tickles your pickle, bat-man!

As for the avi, I'd like the KH2 logo, black and white but with a red heart, not having the entire logo actually within the avi.

Text isn't necessary for the avi. As for the banner, I'd like this text:

...where fears and lies melt away...

And then ~Ex to signify my username. Color for the text is up to you, but something to go with the theme.

Well, that's about it. I guess it's not that simple after all...hehe, sorry guys.

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]Heh. I had a dark base, then saw this request, so...yeah!


As for the avi, I wasn't sure what you meant, "Not full logo" so I just kinda expirimented...

Hope that's to your liking.[/COLOR]
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