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Sign Up Kingdom Hearts: The Second Cluster [Rated PG-14 - VL and Mild Romantic Themes]


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[COLOR=Red]WARNING: This Rp has Spoilerss for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II[/COLOR]

[CENTER]Kingdom Hearts: The Second Cluster

[B]Sora, Riku, and Kairi landed their gummi ship in the landing pad of Radiant Garden Where King Mickey and all the others were waiting.
?Hey Leon, Your Majesty how are you? Sora asked after they all shared a hug or handshake. It had been one year after they had defeated Xemnas and Organization XIII Riku was 17, Sora and Kairi were 16
?So, Sora why did you ask for me to come? Mickey said Sora sighed as they went to the castle and sat in the Great Hall.
?Well, me and Riku have been seeing these ghost keyblades? Sora said as there was as there was a quick flash of light. There was a keyblade in Sora?s hand it was see threw it had a black handel made of Obsidan and a white blade made of Crystal, the keychain had a picture of the yin and yang sybol on it it dissapeared.
?See what I mean? Sora said Mickey nodded
?Yeah I think I have the answer as well? Mickey said as they went to Ansem?s study and accesed the computer.
?greeting Friends? the familiar voice of Tron said.
?Tron can you get those files I was looking at? Mickey said files appeared
?Before Ansem started researching the heart he researched other worlds and had and interesting theroy. He thoght besides the worlds close to ours that there was worlds so far no gummi ship could reach it. So I asked Cid to build a probe to see if Ansem was right, this is what the probe brought up? Mickey said a video appeared A blue haired boy and a Blonde haired man were fighting heartless and a brown haired boy and a blonde haired girl were fighting nobodies
?Heartless and Nobodies where?s the Keyblade bearer!? Sora and Riku said together Mickey typed something and there was a blue haired girl the same keyblade on her lap but solid
?it seems the heartless have infected that group of worlds or ?Cluster?? Mickey said
?We gotta help? Kairi said Sora and Rikku nodded
?I expected you three to say that? Mickey said as he led them up to the launch tower for gummi ships, a long ship with large boosters
?it was speacily desgined by Cid, Chip, and Dale to travel all the way to the other cluster of worlds but it?ll take you awhile to get there so prepare well.? Mickey said they nodded and left.
In the other Cluster??

?Whats making them all swarm so badly? the blue haired boy Fayt said
?it?s the Keyblade the weilder is here? the blonde haired man Cliff said
?Hopefully Ganz finds her soon? the brown haired boy said heartless a pudgy man saw the keyblade girl
?Its her! Its her! Leneth!? he said a girl with long blue hair flawless skin and a tall slender figure came sliding in? I?ll bring her to Cliff? she said solemly leaving
5 hours later?.

?ugunh, what happened? the keyblade weilder girl said
?your awake whats your name? Cliff said
?Densi? she said groggy
?Densi huh well welcome to Otaku town? he said she got up and looked around there was everybody there plus a girl with long brown hair named Sophia
?so you?re the keyblade weilder huh? the blue haired girl Lenneth said she sighed unimpressed.
?yes where?s my home in Dusk village? she asked
?that must be her home? Fayt whispered to Cliff he nodded. As he smiled and looked at her keyblade ?Oh that?s the thing I used to fend off those creatures at town I hope Atticus and Angie are ok? Desni said. Grabbing the keyblade as Cliff started to explain everything to Densi. Unkown to all of them Sora,Riku and Kairi were on there way to the second cluster[/B][/CENTER]
Ok now that I?m fininished with that this is a Kingdom hearts with anime worlds I know, I know its cliché but its different for multiple reasons trust me. Here are some of the rules
1. there can be only 4 signed up Keyblade users
2. Sora, Riku and Kairi are NPC?s
3. If you are Light you must start in Dusk village- Real or Otaku Town
4. If you are dark you must start in the World where Worlds Collide or Dusk village- Virtual
5. Sora uses a boomerang, Riku uses martial arts, Kairi uses magic
Heres the Bio:
Power (Stregth, Magic, or Defense)
Weakness: (same as Power but your weakness)
Side1: Light or Dark
Side2: (if Dark)Heartless or Nobody
Cluster: Disney Or Anime ( 1 for Disney 2 for Anime)
Home world
Starting World
Fayt Leingod- SO3
Sophia Esteed- SO3
Cliff Fittir- SO3
Albel Nox- SO3
Jack Russel- Radiata Stoires
Ridley Sliverlake- Radiata Stories
Ganz Rothschild- Raidata stories
Lenneth Valkyrie- Valkyrie Profile
Members Of the VI Order:
I. ???
II. Lezax, The Love Struck Necromacy Element: The Dead
III: Voxx, The Warmonger Element: Fire
VI: Luxor, The Celestial Spear Element: Space
V: Borxon, The Great Oak Element: Nature
VI: Densaix, The Faith Change Element: Water
Dusk Village (Virtual and Real)
Otaku Town
Feadual Japan (Good:Inuyasha,Baddie: Naraku)
Village Hidden in the Leaves (Good: Naruto Baddie: Orochimaru)
Grand Line (Good: Loffy Baddie: Buggy)
Lyric Contienet (Good:Haru baddie: King)
Centreal (Good: Ed Baddie: Dante)
Duel Acadamey (Good: Jaden Baddie: Kagemaru)
Tokyo (Good: Zoey Baddie: deep blue)
Lyoko Via Wearhouse in Otaku town (Good: Odd Badie: Xana)
Forest of Spirits (Good: San Baddie: Oribushi)
World Where worlds Collide
Sword Buster (with Fayt)
Crazy Swinger (with Inuyasha)
Smoke & Mirrors ( with Naruto)
Rapid Fire (with Loofy)
Rave Rampage (with Haru)
Alchemy (with Ed)
Duel Dash (with Jaden)
Mew Mew Power ( with Zoey)
Acess (with Odd)
Lunar Wolf ( With San)
When you leave Otaku town the 1st time you can only go to Feaudal Japan, Village hidden in the leaves, or the Grand line check the map at the bottom of the page if your confused.

If you do not like one of the worlds I have selected for the Rp please PM me with a replacement world, a replacement good and bad character, and a replace Limit. Otaku Town, Dusk Town Real and Virtual, and The world where worlds Collide cannot be changed

any questions PM me

I hope you have Fun!
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Guest sesshisgrl01
srry yes

Name: Rain
Age: 19
Power (Stregth, Magic, or Defense) Strength
Weakness: (same as Power but your weakness) Defence
Side1: Light or Dark: Light
Side2: (if Dark)Heartless or Nobody]
Weapon: ? I guess a keyblade
Cluster: Disney Or Anime ( 1 for Disney 2 for Anime)anime
Home world i have forgotten were i can from
Starting World :Otaku Town
Bio? the only part of my memory that i can remember is being given the keybalde
by the ocean. ( keyblade has a dark blue handle and a sky blue blade)

i hope thats ok
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I wud like to show wat my char. luks like is that ok?

Name: Ruoxant
Age: 16
Power: Power
Weakness: Magic
Side1: Dark
Side2: Nobody
Appearance: with cape without cape
Weapon: Oblivion
Cluster: 2
Home world : Dusk Town
Starting World : Otaku Town
Bio: He was once a keyblade wielding wanderer of different worlds until he was taken over by the heartless. Although his heart fell his body didn't and thus making him a keyblade wielding nobody. Now he is searching for his heart in various worlds.
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[quote name='digiX']yes that is fine[/quote]

thank you i'm quiet sure she would have liked to finish this but sometings came up and here we are ok. well i'll be glad to take her part,and i would like to know if you were going to start soon or are you waiting for more people? :catgirl:
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[quote name='digiX']I want a few more cause ur characters bio isnt done very well so i want some better chars[/quote]

then tell me what i need to change so i can make this a better character. :catgirl:
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Name: Hanusa
Power: magic
Weakness: some types of magic like fire, ice, and lightning
Side: light
Weapon: Keyblade
Cluster: Anime
Home World: Dusk Village
Starting World: Duel Academy
Bio: she was an ordinary girl until she went to a different land that she didn't know and now she has to battle in order to save herself and the friends that she meets on the way.
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Name: Rain Mizu Usagi
Age: 19
Power: Strength
Weakness: Defence
Side1: Light or Dark: Light
Weapon: Keyblade
Cluster: Anime
Home world: I have no memory of where i ca,e from
Starting World :Otaku Town
Bio? I have lost most of memories mostly of where i am from and how i got to Otaku Town. I woke up in the alley way. i could not remember past the part of me running by a body of water before a bright blue light came. and thats all i remember. I seek for my past and the reason the dark creatures are after me. what i have they want i have no clue. but when i woke up i found in my had a keybalde that looked like the blade was made of water from how it shimmered and seemed to move. the blade blue and clear, the hadle a dark blue like the depths of the ocean. the thing i do know is to find out why these dark creatrures are after me and why i cant remember very much.

Is that better? or is there a certant keyblade that i have to use?
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[quote name='digiX']there is no spesific keyblade but I need something more spesfic like 'Oathkeeper' or "Monochorome' or whatever keyblade u want[/quote]

you mean a name for it? the keybalde i mean?
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]Alright. This thread has actually gone on long enough. According to the [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?]Otakuboards Rules[/URL],

[quote name='The Almighty Rules']Incoherent/Sloppy Posts: At OtakuBoards, we greatly emphasize the concept of having clear, easy to read posts. This includes correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation. If a member is posting with very poor quality, they will be asked to clean up their future posts. If the member persists in posting poorly, they will be banned from the site.[/quote]

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Debates regarding whether a post/bio/signup is long enough should be handled via [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/private.php?]PM[/url]; the only thing besides signups that should be in a signup thread are answers to questions about the RP themselves, and we would prefer those be asked in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=88]Underground[/url], anyway.

If you have any questions or complaints, PM myself or any other moderator/administrator and we will address them.

[b]Thread Locked[/b][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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