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RPG Exotica Vitalis [M-VSL]


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[size=1][i]A two player RPG.
[b]neuvoxraiha[/b] and myself. However, you're more than welcome to read along.[/i]
Vitali stood slowly. He'd been sitting on a bus-stop bench for the last hour, reading the daily paper and smoking his last, or so he continuously told himself, pack of cigarettes. The moon hung over the towering buildings like a silver eye, round and shining. He checked his watch, pulling up the sleeve of his black suit. Quarter to ten. Right on schedule. He took one more drag off his cigarette and flicked it into the street, watching it cartwheel in the air until finally striking the blacktop in a spray of sparks. He ran a hand through his black hair while exhaling the smoke, and started walking across the street toward Captain Cream's.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Jesus Christ..." What exactly was the adult entertainment business coming to when a strip club could be named something so utterly without taste? It was almost as bad a Vegas, with it's 'LIVE NUDES' blazing in red neon on every corner.

He walked past the door and into the alley running adjacent to the club. Further in the alley was the backdoor to the strip club. There was usually a bouncer guarding the door. As Vitali turned the corner he smiled. The bouncer, as it had been every night for the past three, was a big beefy guy by the name of Marco. Ah reconnaissance. He put on a goofy grin, closed his eyes halfway, and started weaving.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Oi! Big feller!" Accents were an art. Fake accents doubly so. Marco turned toward the sound of his voice. "Where's the entrance to this 'ere fine establishment?" The man looked him over once. A drunk englishman, in a wrinkled black suit with a button-up white undershirt undone at the neck, and expensive looking shoes. He sighed and pointed back the way he had come.

[b]Marco-[/b] "That way, guy. Just go back the way you came." Vitali stopped, swayed drunkenly on the spot, and appeared deep in thought.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "You mean," he pointed back up the alley, "that way?"

[b]Marco-[/b] "Yup." Vitali started to turn.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Thankyou sir." The bouncer turned back around and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

[b]Marco-[/b] "Don't menti-" He fell in a heap on the floor. Vitali replaced his silenced 9mm in it's holster, under his arm, and walked over to the door. He quickly pulled the bouncer behind a dumpster, and checked his watch. Five to. Perfect.

His target was one of the strippers at Captain Cream's. The bounty was twenty thousand. He didn't ask questions. A good mercenary didn't. All he'd been given was a name, Sabine, a detailed description, and a time limit. That was three days ago. The limit was four. Vitali opened the door and stepped inside.[/size]
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[font=times][color=darkorchid][i]Sabine stood at her table, lacing up the intricate ribboning down the front of her bra and up the back of her panties. She did everything by memory, hardly needing to glance in the mirror for help, much less twist her head backwards to check her backside or look down to check the front. Her real name was Grace, but nobody here called her that, with perhaps one exception. A man had called her earlier and called her Grace, while she was taking a break with two other girls. It was a bit of a shock to her, to hear her real name while she was at work. Most exotic dancers like her didn't spill their real names, but to be fair, no dancer in the same building was anything remotely like her.

She didn't turn tricks in her spare time like half the girls, and she didn't go out of her way to build relationships with anyone. As a matter of fact, 90% of the girls had never seen her apartment and 95% hadn't stayed for longer than they absolutely had to.

Perhaps it was Sabine's attitude. She was foxy when she danced, and perfectly gracious and charming, but also distant. The way she acted on the stage, was quite a bit removed from how she was off. Sabine was cold and calm, more often than not, and this was probably what kept her in such high demand. It could've been that, but it could've been her outfit. The way she carried herself. She wore black laced panties and a matching bra, with spike heels that were strappy, but not overdone. Sometimes she wore fishnets and black leather, but she kept the ribbon ensemble out more often. She didn't overheat as quickly in it, but sometimes she simply felt like being a bit more sadistic.

Black hoop earrings inserted into each of the four holes up each of her earlobes, she finished strapping up her heels and sauntered down the hall. As she walked, she passed several other girls, giving them each a nod when they made eye contact with her. Most of them minded their own business and left her well enough alone. But tonight, as she walked towards the stage, Diamond, the only girl that could've been called her close friend, reached out a hand to place on her shoulder. She leaned over, her full lips brushing against Sabine's ear.[/i]

"One of the bouncers told me that a man had come here specifically to see you."

[i]Sabine turned her hazel eyes towards Diamond's turqouise ones, establishing an almost embarrassing intimacy between them.[/i]

"Why are you telling me this like I'm going to be killed?"

[i]Diamond's eyes creased in worry, and her eyebrows lowered themselves by several degrees. She might've been covered in sweat, and nearly staggering from exhaustion, but she still looked frightened for Sabine's sake. This made her almost regret the sarcasm.[/i]

"I think you're in trouble."

[i]Sabine's eyes flickered once, but then she walked past Diamond, not taking her warning seriously, if it could've been called that.

The lights of the stage, the smell of heat and sexual excitement, made her more than moderately excited, getting her into just the right mood. With a delicate flicker of her eyelids, she mounted the glass steps leading to the stage, and took her pose.[/i][/font][/color]
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[size=1]Vitali sat stage-side, sipping gingerly at a whiskey sour. The alcohol coursed slowly down his throat and made his stomach into a loose ball of smoldering coals. He lit another cigarette and watched the smoke rise to the ceiling, not interested in the dancers on stage in the slightest. None of them matched the description he was given. He tilted his head back and shut his eyes, waiting for the cue of changing music.

He smoked. He sipped. He watched. He listened.

And finally, the music changed. The lights dimmed to a bright and vibrant red glow, and the music picked up. Vitali looked up, his cigarette still dangling in one corner of his mouth, and realized two very important and contrasting things.

One, he's never had a target that looked as cunning as this one did.
And two, whoever wanted her dead was going to dish out an extra five grand. The girl had a following. Whoops and whistles filled the air. Bills were flashed from every direction. This wasn't going to be easy.

Sabine glided onto the stage. He saw her glance around the audiance once, a quick flick of her eyes that was barely noticable unless you were looking for it. She stopped at the end of the catwalk, and waited, poised, for the music to change. It had been slow at first, musical and tasteful, which she had accentuated with he gliding body movements.

It changed quickly, increasing in tempo and intensity. She grabbed strongly onto the two poles placed on either side of her, and flipped backward, landing perfectly with her left foot planted firmly on the floor and her right leg extended out to her right. The crowd yelled louder and she began pulling herself around the rim of the stage, collecting the bills men and women alike were holding out to her, slowing every once in a while to give a big spender an extra few seconds look.

Vitali reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out five hundred dollar bills and a pen. He scribbled a quick note on the top-most one and stood. She was making her way to his side of the stage, and he planned to be seen. He flicked his arm out, the bills completely lit up by one of the stage lights. Her eyes homed in on the large bills like a hawk, and she slunk over. She ran her hands over his chin and neck, sliding them down his arm and eventually to his hand, taking the bills from him with immaculate grace. He flashed her a smile and tapped the top bill twice before it was out of his reach. Her sexuality dissapeared for a moment, eyes filled with utter scrutiny. He smiled again and turned his back on the stage, walking back toward the bar.

Her eyes followed him for a moment, before falling back into her routine. Once he was at the bar, he ordered a gin and tonic. He sipped it slowly, watching the end of Sabines routine. She glanced out across the audiance again before dissapearing into the back. Vitali lit another cigarette and waited.
[i]"I have a job offer for you. If you're interested, meet me at the bar, and we'll talk."[/i]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Sabine put her money away, Diamond coming over to count it beforehand. The two chatted quietly until Sabine pulled out the note scribbled out and the five hundred. Diamond frowned instantly, her eyes narrowing just like Sabine's had when she was on stage. She held up the marked $20 and raised an eyebrow.[/i]

"And you said there was nothing wrong?"

[i]If she had not been utterly tired, she would've stamped her foot like a petulant child. Sabine rolled her eyes in frustration.[/i]

"So you were right. And from what I see, he's nobody that's been here before, and....could very well be trouble."

"Like a hired assassin?"

"Or he's just really horny."

[i]The exotic dancer in question flickered her eyes, then set down the marked bill. She had every intention of talking, but not necessarily of taking the job. For all she knew it would be to lay down and die without putting up much of a fight. Diamond sat down next to her mirror and leaned back, lighting a cigarette for herself. While Sabine changed into something only slightly less skimpy, she mentally reviewed what she'd noticed. Firstly, the man was very handsome but secondly, he could've been a hired hand. Even so, what would she really loose by talking to him in a bar? She slipped her knife into the leather garter belt concealled by her skirt, and put a cigarette of her own behind one ear.

With measured steps, she slipped out the door and into the bar, bypassing several gestures. She only danced on stage, and nobody present could afford her alone for five minutes. The man who had given her an excessive amount of money was sitting in one corner of the bar, in view of the entire establishment. She marked him, and signaled the tender. He set down her usual double shot of vodka and she carried it over to where he was sitting. With a slide of long legs, she sat on one of the high stools and took a sip of her drink, flicking down her cigarette from her ear with the other hand. Like magic, a zippo appeared in his hand and he lit it for her. She inhaled slowly.[/i]

"So ......you wanted to talk."

[i]Her words were a breathy sigh, accented by the smoke she was exhaling just short of his face.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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[size=1]Vitali made sure to sit in a highly visible portion of the bar. Suspicion was something he didn't need, but probably had already. She walked out of the back room from a door with yet another bouncer. At least they hadn't discovered the others body yet. The bartender poured her a drink immediately, as she sat next to him. She stuck a cigarette inbetween her lips and he automatically flicked his zippo to life. She took a long drag, and leveled her eyes at him.

[b]Sabine-[/b] "So... You wanted to talk." He nodded and crushed his own cigarette out in the ashtray. He took a sip of water and inhaled deeply.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Sabine, I'm a talent scout of sorts. Now don't get the wrong idea, I'm not one of the people trying to pick up a girl like you for a night in bed." He took a sip of water again and looked evenly into her eyes. "But my customers do." He'd went over this several times over the last hour. "We're not an escort service. We're not glorified pimps. [i]And[/i] we maintain a strict no intercourse policy. But you'd be surprised what some people will pay for." He looked around the club. The crowds were beginning to disperse. "This place has no room for advancement. Sure you do pretty good, but what I'm offering you can, and will, pay thousands of dollars a week. The worst you'll ever have to do is maybe jerk a guy off." He sipped his water again. "We mostly deal in bondage and domination. The best of the best." The bartender coughed.

[b]Barkeep-[/b] "Call for you sir." Vitali looked at the man.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "For me?"

[b]Barkeep-[/b] "Yessir." He sat there for a moment, shocked, then quickly gathered his head.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Tell them one minute." The bartender nodded and walked back to the phone. "We've been watching you for a while, pardon the way it sounds. But you are an extremely beautiful young woman that obviously has a flair for certain activitites judging from the way you enjoy dressing on stage." He took another sip. "Now, I know I haven't let you get a word in. I've done it on purpose. The phone call wasn't part of my pitch, but it will give you a bit more time to think about it." He looked into her eyes again, eyes that gave away no emotion at all. "I'll be back in a minute or two. Just keep in mind that this is a one time offer." He stood and walked over to the far end of the bar. The barkeep handed him the phone and walked into the back room to allow for privacy.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Who is this?" The line was quiet for a moment.

[b]Marcoh-[/b] "V, it's Marcoh. We just got a new offer."

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Marcoh, I'm on a job right now. I told you, no more until Friday." Marcoh went silent again.

[b]Marcoh-[/b] "It concerns your current mark. I just got a Protection Contract from an unknown party over the wire. They're promising immediate transfer of forty grand into our offshore Swiss, if you drop the Terminate Order and take this." Vitali licked his lips and looked over the bar to Sabine. Protection, aye?

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Confirm it. Tell them the job starts when the funds are secure."

[b]Marcoh-[/b] "Ok, give me a second." He heard the tapping of a keyboard. "Linked directly to the Swiss National Bank system... Just sent the acceptance code. Now all we have to do is wai- Jesus!" Vitali gripped the phone. "It's already in there. I just watched the transfer. Jesus Chri-"

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Details. Now." His whole cover story had just been shot to pieces.

[b]Marcoh-[/b] "Ok... Protection Contract. Um... One week, maybe one week four days. Authorized use of deadly force. Death or capture will terminate the contract and result in complete withdrawl of funds. Travel and other expenses covered in full. Sounds like your kind of job."

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Yeah..." His mind was reeling. What was so important about this stripper that one side wanted here dead, and the other alive? "I'll contact you later tonight by pay phone." He hung up and ran a hand through his hair. This would be interesting.[/size]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Smoke trailed, seemingly, off of Sabine's eyelashes as she watched him come back to sit next to her. Her eyes batted at him playfully, giving him a good view of the honey gold flecks around her irises. Over the speakers, she could hear Diamond starting up her gig. Diamond always shook it to something by Rob Zombie, just like her. With a graceful gesture, she extinguished the cigarette in the same ashtray he'd used, and downed the rest of her drink. She set it down on the coaster, crossed her legs, and slewed around to face him.[/i]

"You know..."

[i]Here she paused to straighten the edge of her obscenely short skirt. Vitali waited patiently.[/i]

"...if your employers wanted me dead all that badly, my address is listed in the phone book."

[i]Vitali's face went through several changes, from red to white, to red, and then back to his normal tone. He opened his mouth to speak, then thought better of it. Sabine laughed gently at him, and stroked a finger down the side of his cheek. He felt her black painted nail slip across his stubble, then down to his chin.[/i]

"But that wasn't really a bad cover story. Unfortunately I've already been aproached by all of the private BSDM clubs that have openings...in this country anyway. And when you lied, your eyes flicked to the left."

"Did my eyes really flick to the left?"

"No actually. You lie quite well...for a hired hand anyway. I'll wager you let your gun talk more than your mouth most of the time."

[i]He leaned to one side, looking straight at her.[/i]

"So how did you know I was brought here to kill you? Did you look me up in the phone book?"

[i]She leaned to one side and brought her lips up to his ear while placing one hand on his knee.[/i]

"My best friend got a good look at you. Didn't you meet Diamond? The girl wearing all white on stage right now? She knows all there is to know about these sort of things. Has mob ties, all that pleasant shit."

[i]Sabine chuckled at Vitali's expression, giving him a good flash of her teeth. He leaned back in his chair at last, not making any further eye contact. She raised her skirt ever so slightly so he could see the flash of her knife.[/i]

"But if you think you can kill me, be my guest. ...and wouldn't you want to give me one quick thrust beforehand?"[/COLOR][/font]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][font=times][i]Meanwhile, Diamond reclined very cooly in a Mafia boss's lap. One leg was wrapped around his hip, the other around his shoulders. He laughed at her and stroked one hand up her smooth side. She giggled at him, but very softly. She might've had his ear and been one of the most untouchable girls in the county, much less the city. He smiled at her and pulled her closer to his chest.

With an obliging twist of her body, she leaned down into him, so to speak, and put her silky smooth lips to his ear. He smelled her distinct perfume, the extremely faint smell of cigarettes, and the scent of apple spice on her makeup. Her smile was foxy at best, duplicitous at worst. He rested both hands on her ample ass cheeks and waited. Diamond leaned down and whispered to him. He didn't nod, or give a sign of appreciation otherwise. Her head tilted up ever so slightly, and one of his hands raised over to run under her thick blonde hair. She spoke a few words, and he paused.[/i]

"Who was hired to kill her?"

"Vitali. I think you employ him sometimes."

[i]He nodded and leaned back slightly. It was well known that Captain Cream's was a hot spot for all sorts of illegal activity, and provided things didn't get out of hand, he let mob bosses meet there, Triad and Yakuza businessmen, and all manner of decidedly unpleasant people. On the other hand, Diamond was the only girl in his direct employ, the only one who informed for him, and the only one who had his ear, his favor, and his balls in her hand. Not that she minded. Diamond was one of those girls who knew how to use her power without pushing too much.[/i]

"And why would his employers want Sabine dead?"

[i]She rubbed his neck, contemplating this. Then she tilted her head to one side and thought about their apartment, their dog, and 12 years ago. She decided against the out and out truth. Instead she widened her eyes ever so slightly and shrugged.[/i]

"Not the Triad. You and I both know that."

"Yeah. ...not them."

[i]Diamond sighed and leaned against his shoulder.[/i][/font][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Vitali glanced her over quickly, and not without interest.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "There might be time for that later, dear, but for now, we need to get out of here." He leaned back and scanned the room subtly. "That phone call I got just now threw a bit of a wrench into the works. I've just become your bodyguard." Two bouncers were eyeing him, and three men at a table were staring at him. "First things first... If there a separate back exit, from the one by the dumpsters?"

[b]Sabine-[/b] "Yes, but it's through the dressing rooms." Vitali, slowly got up while plastering a large and expectant smile on his face.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Then lead the way, madame. And make it look like you're taking me back there for a personal meeting, because the bouncers don't worry me. The three gu-"

[b]Sabine-[/b] "The three guys across the room in grey suits? You should be. I've seen them in here a few times. Hitmen, though not as suave as you." He gave her a wink and she let her hand trace the zipper on his pants before taking his hand and walking toward the back. He hazarded another glance toward the hitmen and saw them rising.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "Quickly, please." He saw one pull a pistol from his coat, and begin walking quickly in their direction. The other two hurried out the front doors.

They reached the door to the back room and Vitali felt a hand drop on his shoulder. He turned, hand already curled around the silenced pistol in his coat, and fired a single shot through the lining aiming upward. The hitman dropped like a rock, a small hole about the size of a dime forming under his left eye. Sabine barely looked back, and continued to pull him through the door. A few of the strippers eyed them speculatively, but didn't say a word. Apparently prostitution was a bit normal around Captain Creams.

The exit door burst open into the middle of another alley, and they ran into the cool night air. Vitali heard the sound of a bullet rushing past his head, and dropped to the ground pulling Sabine with him. He twisted around, landed on his ass, and shredded the seat of his black pants to tatters. On of the hitmen was at the end of the alley. Sabine, not expecting it, landed on her knee shredding the skin covering it to tatters. He popped off two quick shots. The first missed, high and to the right, but the second hit its mark. The hitman stumbled and fell, clutching his stomach. Vitali quickly got up, pulling her to her feet, and began running again.

[b]Vitali-[/b] "My car... Two blocks south... Of 11th... And Jenea..." He huffed out the words as they ran. Goddamn cigarettes...[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times][i]Sabine stripped off her shoes as she ran, ignoring her bleeding kneecap, and pulling him along, following the route blindly. With only a few seconds to spare, they made it to the car, and at her directions, eluded both the assassins and curious policemen. Eventually, they made it to a relatively quite part of downtown and to her flat. They parked in a visitor's space and Sabine unlocked the front door and yanked him by the collar into the elevator.

Once in, she shoved him against the wall, wrapping one leg around his hip and twisting a hand around his neck. She reached up with her neck, biting his ear and whispering almost simultaneously.[/i]

"There's a security camera in here. For all intents and purposes...you're my guest tonight."

[i]Vitali didn't bat an eyelash, instead he leaned down and kissed a trail up her bare shoulder to her ear, and licked the delicate curve, and getting a mouth full of earring for his trouble.[/i]

"Mff...fair enough."

[i]The elevator chimed open and she took his hand, leading him to apartment number 1365. She unlocked the door and was instantly and happily greeted by a gigantic Bernese Mountain dog. It cuddled itself against her legs as she stroked his back and the space just above his tailbone. Vitali locked the door behind them and stared. An exotic dancer that kept a furry, enormous pet. She knelt down to stroke his face, and turned his head to face Vitali.[/i]

"Say hello to Vitali Koenigßeg!"

[i]Koenigßeg raised a paw, roughly the size of Vitali's fist. He took it and shook gently, only to be bathed in saliva for his troubles.[/i]

"Hello....big, fluffy...dog."

[i]Sabine chuckled and went to the bathroom to fix her knee. Vitali looked around in the meantime, closing blinds and drapes, and heading to the kitchen refrigerator, only to find it stocked with Smartwater, fruit, cranberry juice, and not a few tupperware of what looked like al dente pasta. From the bathroom, Sabine yelled at him to help himself to the Malibu in the cupboard, then yelped once more as she washed her knee off in the sink. Koenigßeg watched him, padding after his footsteps silently. Vitali was slightly stunned. The dog hadn't made a single bark, much less an ordinary pant or woof. He huffed a bit when he saw Vitali pulling out the Malibu, and drooled more when he passed what must've been a container full of his food, but didn't bark at all.

Vitali sat down at her small kitchen table and poured himself a shot of coconut rum. Her apartment was nice. Pleasant, if slightly sparsely furnished. She seemed to favor the slightly asian taste of minimalism, not that he minded after sitting in Captain Cream's for several hours. As a matter of fact, her entire place exuded a sense of calm. Relaxing...nice. On a whim, he opened her cutlery drawer to find a Smith & Wesson snub nosed 38.[/i]

"Damn. I think I like her already."

[i]Koenigßeg flicked an ear at him and turned to the doorway. Sabine was standing there in a pair of loose blue jeans, cut low at the hip, and a silver cowl neck shirt. She had one hand on her hip and another resting on her thigh.[/i]

"Do you now?"[/font][/COLOR]
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