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Writing Why am I the last Nobody? [M- VL]


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Scene 1(in the Nothings Mansion place)

???- Where is everyone?


???- Hello? Axle? Diz? Anyone?

(Enter Maleficent)

Maleficent- They are gone... but why are you here? Who are you?

(Enter Sythe[Say-ith])

Sythe- I am Sythe. I was a new organazation member. But... Where is everyone?

Maleficent- Ah... You don't know do you?

Sythe- What?! Know What!?

Malificent- They are all dead.


Malifcent- Am I?

Sythe- You have to be. I... they... were my... WHO DID IT!!!(Two katanas jut out of the long sleeves) I WILL KILL THE BASTARD!!! YOU KNOW DID IT!!!

Malifecent- Yes...

Sythe- Who!

Malifecent- Before I tell you... You must do something for me...

Sythe- ANYTHING!!!!

Malifecent- The person who killed all of your comrades has friends all over the scattered worlds. They are his power... his heart... you must elimenate them...
for then he shall fall...

Sythe- His heart... By the sound of it it is going to be diffecult. I don't think I can do this alone.

Malifecent- Ah that you will not worry about you can call upon my minions anytime you wish...they will serve you with out question... they are the Heartless.

Sythe- Good. Because of right now. I have no heart ether. I will take my leave. No one shall stop me from my revenge. (Leaves the room)

Malifecent- How fortunate that such a person can come to darkness so easy... once he is done he shall get what all of his kind got before him.(dissapears) DEATH!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

Scene 2-(Destiny Islands)

(enter Riku)

Riku- Sora Hurry UP! You'll never beat me like that!
(enter Sora)
Sora- (panting) Yes I will! Ha ha ha.(pasts Riku/runs over a line drawn in the sand)
I win!

Riku- You were lucky...(irritated)

(flashes to Traverse Town)

(Enter Sythe)

Sythe- You will pay for what you and your friends have done!!!

(enter Cid)

Cid- What are... AHH!(He falls to the floor)

Sythe- This was for my friends... all you have killed... you are lucky i spared your life... only so to draw him here! How ever you wont need your heart until then.(sucks heart out of Cid's chest.)

???- What are you doing here!?!

Sythe- Who are you are you his friend...

???- You are an Organazation member i thought....


(Enter Aeris(or Aerith?)

Aeris- Wait why are you so angry?

Sythe- The Organazation XIII were my friends... they were all killed now I.... WANT.... REVENGE!!! AND NOW YOUR HEART IS MINE!!!!(Rushes Aeris)

(Enter Leon)

Leon-(stops the blades) Aeris! Get out!

Sythe- So... you wish to die? So be it.(jumps back)

Leon- You have no idea what your getting yourself into.

Sythe- Right now I don't care. You are just a road bump to my path of vengence.(now he rushes Leon/but with a flap of his wing easily jumps over Sythe's attack)

Cloud- Haaa!(Cuts Sythes back/it bleeds a little.) Your human!

Sythe- How did you...No matter you will not stop me.(Leon rushes Sythe/He blocks the attack but one of his katanas break/dodged in time for Leon to miss his head but his hood is slit open/how ever doesn't show his face)

Leon- Your just a kid...

Sythe- You fool never underestimate me.(stares down Leon) But there seems to be no way to beat you... you are faster and stronger... because of this I must leave.

Leon- You are not going anywhere.(runs at Sythe/ 20 Heartless Knights pop up in front of him)

Sythe- That should hold you... now I must find him... the one who has killed all my friends...(Sythe Leaves)

Leon- (easly dispatchs the heartless knights) This is bad... this kid is hell bend on destroying anyone to get at Sora but does he know where he is... I don't know but i have to warn him.

(flashes back to the Destiny Islands)

(Sora,Kairi,and Riku are sitting on the beach)

Sora- Just like old time again...

Kairi- I hope it stays like this.

Riku- Yeah...

Sora-(with a worried look on his face) hmmm....

Riku- Whats wrong?

Sora- Something is happening... it is just a bad feeling...
(Flashes to the world of Pirates of the Caribbean)

(on board the Pearl
Pirate- Run! He is Davy Jones himself!!!

(Enter Sythe)

Sythe- You cannot get away. (cuts him down)

(enter Jack Sparrow)

Jack- Hey mate. I don't take kindly to people attacking my ship.

Sythe- You are Jack Sparrow correct...

Jack- Aye, I be Capti....(Sythe sucks his Heart out)

Sythe- With every heart I steal... I grow stronger... soon it will be time...

(Destiny Islands)
(Nighttime-Sora's house...)

Sora- There it is again. that feeling...(there is a loud banging at the door) Who is that?(Walks over to the door opens it and Leon is standing there with Aeris behind him/they both have grave looks on there faces) What are you guys doing here? What is wrong.

Leon- Sora... we have a problem...

(minutes later)

Sora- Stole Cid's heart! And he controlled heartless...

Aeris- Yeah and he kept on saying this is for my friends... I think he was an organazation member...

Sora- but all them are dead...

Leon- But this guy is not a nobody he is human...

Sora- Why is he stealing hearts...

Leon- I don't know... I think he is trying to draw you out... i heard multible worlds have been attack by they same guy.

Sora- All this is happening because of me...(stands)

Aeris- What are you doing?

Sora- I have to face him. He has to be stopped.

Leon- He is tough... but his main strength is his ablity to control heartless...

Sora- How can he unless... Malificent...

Leon- She may have manipulated him into thinking you... killed the organazation...

Sora- I did kill them... most at least...

Aeris- He has to be hurting alot to go around stealing hearts.

Leon- He is growing stronger with each attack...each heart he takes. It is oviously affecting you. You fell the darkness in his world.

Sora- Then I will just have to face him. Alone.

Leon- I can't let you go alone.

Sora- I guess but when me and him face off... don't interfere.

Leon- Fine.

Scene 3-(Traverse Town-Twilight)

(Enter Sythe)(Sythe is standing on top of a Tower)

Sythe- It is almost time... you all shall be avenged...

(Enter Malifecent)

Malifecent- He is coming... now you need to avenge your fallen brethern.

Sythe-(sighs) Now that this is upon me...what I wanted...why do I have second thoughts...

Malifecent- He is here.

Sythe-(Looks Down) That...is...him... He is just a few years younger than I... lets see how powerful he is. (waves hand and summons a really big heartless you know that big Knight Heartless.

(In the ally)

(enter Sora and Leon)

Sora- Woah! That is huge!

Leon- You faced this thing before. Shouldn't be that difficult.

Sora- Right.(the huge heartless slams his arm right on top of Sora and Leon/They both dodge) That was close.(Sora bashes the arm a couple of times it retracts/then sora uses Graviga on the arm and crushes it.)

Leon- I got the other arm(He does his energy sword enlargement thing/in only a few hits the 2nd arm is down. The knight is now arm less Sora finishes it off with a Impale of the Head.

Sora- That was too easy.

Sythe-(jumps down from tower) Impressive kid... That someone as small as you can take down something so big...

Sora- Give my freinds Hearts back they have nothing to do with this.

Sythe- No... not until this is done.(looks at Sora's Keyblade(Oblivion) Oblivion... that was Roxis's keyblade... and you are also a keyblade weilder... this should be fun after I kill you I will take that weapon as a reminder of all the friends you killed...

Sora- I didn't...

Sythe- Save it, Kid...(grabs hood/takes it off/a normal face...blonde hair and green eyes. Doesn't look evil/ tears are rolling down Sythe's face) They were my only freinds the only ones who would except me for who I am. Now you Die!(Rushes Sora/the two katanas do a downward cut/Sora Blocks/sparks Fly/Sythe Jumps back)... You are very strong... but not enough...

(Sora now starts to cut,jab and swing at Sythe him dodgeing and blocking everyone. Then Sythe lets lose a pluse.)

Sora- What was that!

Sythe- I told you I was differant... only recently have I been able to control it...

Sora- How did you do that?

Sythe- Simply thought about it...(waves hand part of the crumpled metal that was part of the Heartless Giant flies at Sora. He barely dodges.) Surrender now Kid...

Sora- NO! I can't! You say you want to avenge your friends. I am trying to save mine!


Sora- huh?

Sythe- stupid(black energy goes around Sythe)

Leon- I got him!

Sora-Leon STOP!

Leon- HAAAA!(runs at Sythe/when he get to Sythe he gets blown back into a wall and is knocked out.)

Sythe- Now you will feel my pain...Sora...(the black energy is shot towards Sora and knocks him over/then Sythe slices Sora's shoulder and cuts other times as well./Sythe appears in front of Sora.He raises his Katana) Die!!!

Sora-(in Roxis's Voice) Sythe stop.

Sythe-(holds attack) R...Roxis. NO IT IS A TRICK.(tries to cut Sora)

Sora-(blocks/w Oblivion/Oathkeeper appears in other hand) It appears that you will not listen...I will have to beat some sense in to You.

(The Katana breaks into pieces/the Sora/Roxis sword sweeps Sythe/Sythe quickly jumps up and back)

Sythe- Oathkeeper... you also have that? But it may still be a trick. (Attacks Sora/Sora blocks and strikes Sythe across the chest) Ahhh! (drops his other katana) That is to much. You have to be Roxis.

Sora- About time you came around.

(Enter Malifecent)


Sora- SO your behind this! You manipilated him to darkness.

Sythe- What?


Sorry about the lack of Donald and Goofy but they really have no impact on the story what so ever. And sorry about the sudden telekinesis! :animeswea
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Guest Stafal-chan
i think it's pretty good except a description of your character might be nice ^_^ because wheni finished readin i sat here wondering what the person was suppose to look like ^_^
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[quote name='Stafal-chan']i think it's pretty good except a description of your character might be nice ^_^ because wheni finished readin i sat here wondering what the person was suppose to look like ^_^[/quote]

That will come later. For now i want it to be a mystery.
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Guest Stafal-chan
[quote name='Deathsye']That will come later. For now i want it to be a mystery.[/quote]

:animeswea great now i have to ponder what this dude looks like...^_^ meanie... but it''s very good so far hee hee ^_^
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Guest sesshisgrl01
[quote name='Stafal-chan']:animeswea great now i have to ponder what this dude looks like...^_^ meanie... but it''s very good so far hee hee ^_^[/quote]

I agree, and yes it is mean to not tell us what he looks like lol but yes this is good keep it comeing but can you like post another reply with the rest cuz it took me a while to find where i last left of reading?
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Guest Stafal-chan
^_^ naah i'll keep reading because it's good ^_^ and yeah i agree i wasn't sure that you updated it ^_^ and yaaaay i know what he looks like *jumps up and down excitedly*^_^
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Guest Stafal-chan
wow five years ^_^ that's a long time ^_^

[QUOTE]Sorry about the lack of Donald and Goofy but they really have no impact on the story what so ever. And sorry about the sudden telekinesis! [/QUOTE]

*shrugs* donald and goofy get on my nerves anyways...they don't always seem to fit into the storyline... ^_^ yaaay for telekinesis it's cool hee hee!!
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