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What was your most embrassing moment ever?


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One of my most or should say worst moment was when I was in third grade.
I wanted to play football, and forgot I was in a skirt. So while I was trying to intercept I got rammed by a eight grader and we both fell. And My skirt had ridden over above my knees. While I sat stupidly on the guy below me.
He could easily guess.
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[font=Trebuchet MS]Actually, I think there's enough of a distinction between "your most embarrassing moment" and "the stupidest thing you've ever done" that the two threads don't require merging.[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS][/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS]Ver2.0, if you don't have something to contribute to the thread, don't post at all; if you think there's something wrong with the thread, use the "report bad post" button in the top right. It's a little ! in a box.[/font]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue] a few for me, and they happen frequently:

1. Leon pushes on a door that clearly reads[COLOR=Green] PULL[/COLOR]
2. Leon walks into a room and forgets what he is doing.

*walks into room*

Leon: why am i in here again?

3. Leon runs into the wall, while attempting to catch something
4. Leon stares at hot girls across the road and walks into telephone poles.
5. Leon interupts traffic flow by walking across the street, when the crossing signal is [COLOR=Red]red[/COLOR]
6. Leon attempts to run through recently cleaned glass sliding doors, only to be rewarded with[COLOR=DarkRed]cortusions[/COLOR] and the :blulaugh: of his peers
7. Leon babbles inconsistanly about physics

Fury: tsk tsk, if you didnt put the fork into the outlet you wouldnt be in hospital for third degree burns, remember newton's third law of motion, the law of equalibrium, which states..... for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.
Friend: is that all you do for fun? study?
Fury: not really.
Friend: you honestly have to stop letting the inner physist to the logistical work for you, seriously.

8. Leon falls asleep during church
9. Leon's mind drifts off in the middle of conversations with peers

Friend: so are you going to ask that one chick ya like, out to the dance, Leon?
Fury: yah, sure.
Friend: then after that are you guys heading to the cinema?
Fury: *thinks about :blowup: but looks it looks like he's paying attention*
Friend: Leon? Leeeeeeeeeon? hey, Fury wake up.
Friend: planet earth paging Dr. Fury
Fury: -________________-....... O_O wha? did i miss something?
Friend: did your ADD kick in again?
Fury: seems like it.
Friend: i dont understand how, we became aquanted, Mr. Fury
Fury: chances are, i wouldnt understand it either, dude.

10. Leon does not read the waring signs[ i.e. WET PAINT DO NOT TOUCH, or (my favorite) PATHWAY CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION KEEP OUT] and does whatever he has do, in order to reach his goal.

11. When Leon pushed too hard on a friendship, tried to turn it into a romantically involved relationship, she said no five times, and still he persisted. Now he's realized the error of his ways and is trying to become friends with the girl again, and to this day...Mr. Fury has had no luck.

Well. there you have it.

Thank you for your time.[/COLOR]
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