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Manga assistance on a Naruto doushinji plot!


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[COLOR=tan][SIZE=1][FONT=Trebuchet MS]me and my friend are nuts for Naruto, and i promised him i'd make him a comic of Naruto, but i don't know what to draw about!

i'm trying to think up of a really funny and random plot. one plot i made included the apperance of Cloud deflecting and enemy attack with his buster sword and giving a long speech about his chosen path of life...which was really random but stupid -___-" .

my friend won't shut up about the comic but i've been so busy with school. that stupid freshman, i have resposibilities, too!!! >___<

so yeah, if you could voice in some funny plots, even a script, that would be great and shut this dude up! all of this is only for personal use and won't be published, and if it were to be i'd credit you anyway for the plot.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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