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Since Star was the new student here at Duel Academy and ranked at Slyfer Red, she was pretty much invisible to others. When she arrived at her dorm, she met a new friend. Her name was Ceres. Star said," Hello, my name is Star and I guess that I am your roomate here."

"I guess so too," replied Ceres in a happy cheerful way.

They both settled in and were ready to go to bed, when someone knocked on their door.

OOC: this thread has now officially started so start posting.
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Ceres said,"Hi! I'm Ceres Hanazono and I'm pleased to meet you!You see you're a Slyfer Red just like me! Well I'll tell the main thing about Deul Academy. There are Slyfers,Raws, and Oblisics.The blue ones are so snotty and think they know everything but I proved one of them to their rightful place."
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Ryokou hurriedly runs to the Duel Academy with a worried expression on her face.
"I'm Late very very late." While running on the streets she noticed a familiar face walking the opposite direction. She stopped and stared at the guy's back and shouted :"You're Joey! Joey Wheeler!" Joey was then Shocked and looked towards the girl who shouted his name. Joey said: "who are you and if you do know my name I must be getting Famous, (Laughs)" Ryokou:" I can't believe i get to see you in person, I'm a big fan of yours." Joey: "Really?" Ryokou: " Yeah! You certainly amazed me during the Battle City tournament and became 4th place even with no God Cards. That was amazing, How did you do it?" Joey :"Well, like my friend says Never Give up and always believe in the Heart of the Cards, and even if you lose learn to stand up and fight." Ryokou: "by the way i'm Ryokou, and i'm on my way to the Duel Academy." Joey:" Duel Academy?" Ryokou :" Speaking of which, I'm already late well see ya! it was nice meeting you... Good Bye!" Joey:" Good Bye! hope you become a strong duelist and maybe we'll battle someday..."
Ryokou:" I'll look forward to it!"

She finally reached her class. She noticed the students were still not on their seats and said to herself " Not Late... :animesigh "
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OOC: Hope you don't mind me coming in Master of Death and Lord of Spirits.

[COLOR=Sienna][size=1]Myrian looked around her room. It seemed she was living with another person that hadn't arrived yet. Her suitcases sat at the end of her bed. A desk was also at the end of her bed, a small lamp on the top. Two cupboards were she could put her clothes stood tall at the end of the desk. It was a small room - a squashy room - bare. But Myrian would soon change that.

Going out into the hall to search for some tape, Myrian saw another girl enter into the room next to hers. Since the door was shut, she decided to knock on it and introduce herself to her classmate. It would be slightly comforting to know someone else in this new school. Someone opened the door.

Myrian gave a small smile.
" Hello. I'm Myrian. I live next door."[/color][/size]
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"Well, nice to meet you too. I'm Star,"said Star.

"Who's your roommate?," asked Myrian.

"She left awhile ago to look around. I'm going off too," Star was about to leave when she turned around and said," If you would like to know the name of my roommate, it is Ceres."

"Thanks, I'll remember it," said Myrian as Star was walking off.
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That day Ceres was walking around and ran into Chaz. She said,"Sorry for running into you."and smiled.
Chaz said,"Move out of the way Slyfer!I have better things to do than talk to you!"
Ceres said,"Well..."
He said,"Whatever.I have to go."And he walked away.
Ceres was somewhat troubled and started to wonder what his problem was.
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While Star was out walking, she saw someone out near the beach. She went up to the person to see who it was. It was Zane, the top duelist at the Academy. She went up and said," Hi. How are you?"

"I'm fine. And you are?" asked Zane.

"Oh, I'm Star and as you can see, I'm a Slyfer Red. I guess I heard that upperclassmen don't talk to the lowerclass. Well be seeing you later," said Star as she was about to walk off.

"Hey, wait. I don't really care if your a Slyfer. Oh and my name is Zane. It's real nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

And after a little talking about themselves, Star had to go and she left saying good-bye.
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Ceres was roaming around the campus until she saw the Obliskes dorms.She knew well enough not to go in there so she didn't. Ceres then walked around the beach and found a place to relax. As she was relaxing, someone for the Obliskes Blue came up and block her sunlight that was shining on her face.

Ceres said," Um...you're blocking my light." In the kindest way she said.

The voice said,"Uhh...I'm sorry about before and I think that maybe if I got to know someone like you..." He trailed off.

"I understand. But if it's a date you want I'm all for it for one small price Chaz."said Ceres.

"What is it that you want?"

"I want to duel you in a one-on-one duel against me."Ceres said as she was getting up.

"Fine.If it's a duel you want bring it." said Chaz.
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[COLOR=Sienna][size=1][i]Star and Ceres... I'll remember that.[/i]

Myrian watched Star walk from her room and disappear down the corridor. A small smile came to the girl's face. She flicked her long navy hair over her shoulders and walkd back to her room. Her roommate was yet to arrive.

[i]Now what?[/i]

Myrian looked around the room. It was still very bare. She thought it would probably be a very good idea to unpack her things and liven this room up a little. The bare walls were seeming to close in on her. Picking up he suitcases, she placed them on her bed and opened them. She took her clothes out and placed them in her cupboard. A few special items lay at the bottom of her last suitcase. A smile came to her lips.

[i]My precious necklace....[/i]

Within a small golden cloth lay a clear azure blue droplet-size crystal on a leather strap. Myrian picked it up gently and laid it around her neck. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. It was good to have it back around her neck again.[/color][/size]
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Star saw that Chaz and Ceres were about to duel. She decided to sit and watch the duel to see who would win. She sensed that someone was behind her and when she turned to see who it was, it was Jaden! "So, I see that Chaz and your friend there are about to duel. This will be interesting,"said Jaden.

"Who are you? I am Star. I'm new so I'm just getting used to this atmosphere," said Star.

"Oh! I'm almost forgot to introduce myself. Hahaha. I'm Jaden Yuki. It's nice to meet you."
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Ceres said to Chaz," I hope you can beat my deck or else you may see what it's like to be in the heavens."

Chaz said," Well if I win then you have to go out with me for one night and no excuses."

"Fine then I say I won't lose so now we duel." said Ceres

At the same time they said,"Duel!"

"Well since I asked for this duel I'll go first and finish you off here and now." said Ceres.
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"Now! Uhm. I summon [COLOR=Red]Daisuke the Student[/COLOR] in attack mode."

"That's all?" said Chaz.

"Not really for you see I also get to summon [COLOR=Cyan]Satoshi the Student[/COLOR] in attack mode as well. But to finish things off I sacrifice the two to summon [COLOR=Black]Dark Half of the Black Wings[/COLOR] and [COLOR=White]Krad Half of the Black Wings[/COLOR] also. Then I fuse the two together to summon [COLOR=Purple]The Black Wings[/COLOR]! I also activate the feild spell [COLOR=Magenta]Heavens Call[/COLOR] and now [COLOR=Purple]The Black Wings[/COLOR] gains 2000 more attack points to add to it's original 4000. Now go and attack Chaz directly. Black and White Hurricane!"
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Ryokou heard that there was a duel going on and she rushed to see it. While running she bumped into a Ra and she fell to the ground and also her cards fell to the ground. Ryokou :"Ouch! Sorry about that i was just in a hurry" she then hurriedly picks up her cards. The Ra student noticed Ryokou's Final Destination card, and ryokou suddenly picks that up and the Ra student smiled and said: "Here one more you forgot" Giving her a card face down. Ryokou:"Gee Thanks...Well See ya!"
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Back to the duel.

"Now since you haven't had a chance to draw or have your turn now your live points are down to zero," said Ceres.

"But why me? She even defeated me on her first turn. And now I can't even go out with her," said Chaz in a sad voice.

Ceres walked up to him and said," Don't get so glum about it even though a Slyfer just beat an Oblisk I'll still go out with you if you want to go?"

"Sure, I'd love that!"

"Fine then I'll meet you at your dorm tonight. And make sure to wear something nice 'cause we're going my father's yachte for a party."

"Okay. Here's my dorm number and everything and if someone sees you, you say 'I'm here to go meet Chaz for our date at my yachte' got it?"

"Well duh of course. I had that plan in mind since I saw that you were determined to beat me at this duel so I'll see tonight." Said Ceres as she walked away and went back to her dorm to find something nice to wear that night.
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"Well, wasn't that a nice duel. She sure is good at defeating him in one turn. Even I could do that with my cards," said Star.

"Yea, I bet you could," said Jaden.

"Well gotta jet and congradulate my roommate."

"See ya!"

And Star headed off to her dorm.
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When Star arrived at the dorm she saw that Ceres was trying on some nice dresses and skirts and shirts.

Star said,'' Those are some nice clothes that you have there. Where did you get them anyways?"

"I got them on all the trips that I've been to. But I'm trying them on to see which one is the best for tonight. Do you want to try one on?"

"Sure I'd love to but is okay that I try on the black one?"

"I don't care just choose one. This is what I'm wearing." Ceres was wearing a low cut white dress with gold trimmings around it with nice shoes to match.

It was time to leave and Ceres left to go to Chaz's dorm. On the way there she ran into some pesky guys in the Oblisks dorms saying that Ceres couldn't be there until she said," I'm here to take Chaz to my yachte for a party tonight on the ocean."

They were stunned and Ceres walked by and knocked on the door.

Chaz answered and said," Wow you look... amazing and even cuter than before."

"Thanks," said Ceres and flipped her hair and said," Let's go there are a few guys who are a little creepy here and if you don't mind I invited everyone that I knew to the party."

"I don't mind at all," said Chaz. And they were off to the docks.
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The dress that Ceres let Star borrow was a bit to plain black. Then she remembered that she had pieces of red cloth lying around and when she found it, she used her compact sewing kit and started sewing the red pieces of cloth to the dress and spiced it up in her fashion. When she was down, it had a correst like front, was flarry, and looked like a haler-top dress. She put on her black high-heels and started to walk out and she ran into Zane.
"Ouch!"said Star as she ran into him.

"Sorry about that ," he said,"Wow, you look nice. Where are you going?"

"I'm going to a party with my friend Ceres on her yachte."

" Do you think I could come?"

And the two started off.
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Ryokou still couldn't forget what happened earlier, the first turn killer move by Ceres. She got so excited knowing that there are many talented duelists. She suddenly remembered that she has to find Jaden and got up from her bed, went out from her room, and walked around to find him.

After a few walk she saw Zane and Star walking together. She asked :" Hey aren't you Zane? and Your Star right?" They both gave her a nod and introduced themselves. Ryokou asked "So.. where are you guys going ?" Zane:" We'regoing to Ceres' yacht, there's a party going there." Ryokou:"Really, Too bad i can't come, well see ya I have to find Jaden. and by the way have you guys seen him?"
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[I]Reign walks through the doors to the academy with a smile on his face. He look's around at all the people and roll's his eyes[/I] "This is pathetic.. So many new duelists, this is going to be easy." [I]He says to himself[/I]

[I]He gets to his room and spreads out his deck to find new strategies. He looks at his prized exodia and laughs insanely[/I]

sorry gotta cut it short I got work to do
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OCC- Sorry i have not been around... i was trying to setup my DSL for weeks.

Adamu is wondering the Ra dorms. "*sigh* I'm so bored... every sense i became a Ra nobody wants to talk to me... but at least i have my cards. Grining he pulls his deck out of his pocket. " Well, Disk Magican... let's see what is going on. I will find someone to duel. Then he walks out of the dorms then goes outside. See's Star and the others walking towards the docks. "he.. he.. he... Looks like i just found some canidates.
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When Chaz and Ceres were walking to the docks they ran into Ryokou.

Ceres asked," Where are you going in such a hurry? Aren't you going to the party at my yachte tonight?"

"I didn't know I was invited? And I was looking for Jaden." replied Ryokou.

"Well since you're invited youshould get something better on before the party starts." said Chaz.

" Chaz! You don't have to be so rude to her. Sorry Ryokou Chaz is still a little upset since he lost to me but we'll go back to the dorms so you can go get changed. Anyways, I invited Jaden to the party and you too and besides the boat can't leave the dock until I'm on it." said Ceres as they were headed for the dorms.
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"Zane, you can go on ahead. I forgot something and I'm going to go and get it," said Star as she sensed something wrong was going to happen.

"Sure, no problem. I' ll see you on the yachte later,"said Zane as he walked toward the docks.

[I]'Something is terrible wrong. I have got to find out what. But I feel this strange feeling like something is calling me.'[/I]thought Star as she headed toward the place of the abandon dorm.
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"Now or never..." Adamu jumps out of the bushes. Duel disk powers up." I challange you to a duel!" Pointing towards Zane. "Do you accept or decline?" Zane-" Who are you?" "I am Adamu Chast the newest Ra yellow..." Zane- " Why do you want to duel me?" Adamu-" I just want to... so do you accept?"
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