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Request Kirby Avatar Request


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-Dimensions: 100 X 80 Pixels
-Stock/Render: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/31/Kirby-No.jpg]Clicky Clicky[/URL]
-Backround: Pink and White with swirls
-Text: Food
-Font: White, black outline
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This one was made to match your current banner, in case you wish to use it here. I just used a snippet of the background >_< If you use this one, don't worry about giving me credit, I didn't really do anything but cut Kirby out.

I personally like this one better, for some reason, but if you use it...

... You might need a matching banner [:

I wasn't sure if you wanted to use it here or somewhere else, but meh. Please let me know if I can change/fix anything!

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[size=1][color=royalblue]Holy crap, that was so cute. ;_; It was, quote, "wtf cuteness". XD

I, like sakurasuka, am so used to making both banners and avatars that I also made a banner for you. However, since I usually don't put much thought into the avatar ("Crop the banner? Sure, why not?"), this one...was different. ^^;;

I hope you don't mind that I threw in an exclamation mark. It seems that kaiwaii little Kirby would be squeeing out "Fooooood!" instead of just kinda being emo and going, "...Food." XD

And the randomly put together banner. I can't make one without the other...wait, no, that's a lie. X3

So uh...um...uh...yeah. o.o;; If you would like anything changed, please just say so![/color][/size]
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