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Art Erm...My art... ^_^'


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[size=1]I must say that you have som talent.

Since you didn't post any one particular picture to critique, I'll just give you some advice.

There are a few things that look somewhat awkward in a few of your drawings. Generally noses, hips, and hands. The exact things I have troubles with. To remedy this, study the human form.

In anime, noses are generally small, occasionally nonexistant. If the nose is larger than any other feature on the face, it's too big. There are exceptions to every rule. Hook nosed characters, for example.

For the awkward looking hips and thighs, there is nothing you can do except practic, practice.

As for hands, most everyone has difficulties there. There are plenty of tutorials out there to aid in hand-drawing, but few actually help. Hands are like eyes, they will develop to your personal style in time.

Hope this helped, and I would like to reiterate that your work is indeed impressive, but it's difficult to grow if you don't know what needs improvement.[/size]
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Thank you so much for your advise. ^_^

I 'm hoping to get into a class to study the human for probably sometime next year so that should help.Right now all I can do is practice though.I hope do develp my own style some day even if it isn't anime.

Thank you again for your help! ^____^
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yay for the sexy cows...

You look like you have potential! The pics are cool. Like sakurasuka said, practice will help a lot. Practice is the best teacher. I don't know if taking classes help or not (don't have that sort of experience) but i do know that believing you can draw anything your mind cooks up helps a bunch! And doing it over and over and over lets you develop your style and give you new ideas. However, drawing the same thing over and over can sometimes hold you back.

Looking at other pictures helps a bunch too. References are very useful, especially when you're working on fanart of some kind. The best references are the official pictures from the manga/anime/video game you're using, because everyone puts their own flare on things and using official pics lowers the problems.

OOH! I know a way to get over artist's block! Random, it is, but...Take a piece of paper, scribble all over it without looking at your hand, and then examine the scribbles. Find shapes that look odd but also could form some kind of picture. When you figure out what that picture is, or could be, draw it on another piece of paper, or darken the lines on the first. It works for me a lot, but I haven't done it in a while. (I let the block run its course...which bites, but i get over it)

Continue the awesomeness! I loved the cowsie, too! :D
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