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Sign Up Blood and Surrender [PG-VL]


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[size=1][b]Distant and cruel, like the pounding waves on the rocks in the shallows, the pale moon?s rays beat at her blood. She reached out, stretching her fingertips to the indigo sky, hoping to brush the full, white orb. Her breath came shallow, heart beating like the wings of a moth. Her pupils widened until the hazel iris disappeared, and a whimper caught in her throat.

She was lupine. She knew that. But she didn?t know why. With a scream that rent the night sky she fell to all fours. Her blood beat in her ears as her bones twisted and cracked, rearranging them selves in her body. Skin stretched taunt over her shoulders and across her spine as she became wholly wolf. Crimson fur sprouted along her flanks, up her neck, between her eyes. She snapped her jaws as her teeth became long and deadly, flexing the muscles that rippled beneath her skin.

Flinging her head back, she let loose a howl that left nightmares simmering in the back corner of her mind, and everything became a blur of scent and movement?.[/b]

Nikki woke quietly and slowly, as she always did. She rolled over and stared out the window into the street below and wondered. Why did that dream only come once a month? Never often enough to scare her, but often enough so she could not forget it. The sunlight barely made it through the clouds, giving the day a gray and gloomy feeling. With a sigh, she rolled out of bed and began her day.

[I]?But through my tears breaks a blinding light
Birthing a dawn to this endless night
Arms outstretched, awaiting me
An open embrace upon a bleeding tree

Rest in me and I'll comfort you
I have lived and I died for you
Abide in me and I vow to you
I will never forsake you?[/I]

Stepping out of the shower, the young woman sighed. This song always seemed to play on the mornings after the dream. Nikki shot a glare at the stereo from across the room. She shook her shaggy head, water droplets flying away from her. Slipping into the first pair of jeans and a T-shirt she could find, she headed for the kitchen.

Sitting at her counter with a cup of coffee in her hands, she pondered. What did it mean? Was it important, if it meant anything at all? Or was she messing with herself?

A scratch at her door caused her head to snap up. There was a wuffling sound, and then a small whine. Once again came the scratching, and Nikki?s blood ran cold. Setting down the cup, she slipped off the stool and went to the door. As she laid her hand on the doorknob, whatever was on the other side of the door fell silent. Her fingers tingled as she twisted the handle slowly and pulled the door open.


Here?s the deal. Four citizens of the beautiful city of Larson have been having dreams depicting themselves changing into wolves. All lead relatively normal lives, although different from one another. Up until the point, that is, where they are visited by a woman. They feel as if they have known her their whole lives. And when she isn?t around, a large wolf-like dog is seen following them ? although not by they themselves. Then changes begin to happen. Slowly, at first, but as the full moon approaches they become more and more apparent. They begin to become particularly wolfish. They begin to wonder why, and wonder how they can stop this woman from changing their entire city ? mayhap their entire race ? into bloodthirsty werewolves.

I hope this doesn?t seem too standard or too adventure-istic. And don?t worry, there are more than five parts. I could use some normal people ? maybe the victims? friends or family, although they can be complete strangers ? who will help with this investigation. After all, depending on how things go, they might become contaminated, too. They just don?t have the dreams(yet). I?m hoping not to allow this to turn too magical and stay rather science fiction-ish, but if it does don?t worry about it. I won?t set a limit on sign ups. Sign up if you want and I will sort through them. Oh, and I?m playing Nikki. The werewolf woman is free, but PM me, I have only a few details for you. Thanks!

[b]Age[/b]: [This can be anywhere from seven to? let?s set the limit at 80]
[b]Appearance[/b]: [Can be a picture or description]
[b]Sample[/b]: [A writing sample. I would like them to have your character?s particular dream.]

I do hope everyone enjoys this. I'll put Nikki up after I see if anyone is interested. Have fun![/size]
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