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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Okay, here's a brief description of the world at large:

The Empire of Barjix is massive and widespread, and is a theocratic monarchy (sort of) where the leader is chosen periodically by the Church of Jix. They look for someone who has a sou (or Jigol)l that has perfect balance between the light (Ji) and darkness (Gol). These leaders are called the Jian, and have the ability to manifest the power of Jix, or Rgol if they go down the path of darkness.

The central territory of the Empire is known as Opretta, a massive area that centralizes on the Palace of the Jian and the Grand Opretta Temple. It is where the Jian lives, and holds mostly the aristocracy. To the west is Mozar, another rich area known for its great art and vinyards. South of Opretta sits Bluzer, a place that was torn by war for many years before Barjix entered and reformed it. There are still occasional rebellions.

To the west, sitting at the border of the vast and deadly Wastelands, is the massive territory known as Kantorei, a primarily arid landscape. A lot of farming and other such produce is done in Kantorei, and there are also numerous mines.

Stretching along the south are the great Mountains that form one of the borders of the Empire, the other borders being the Wastelands and the Ocean. The great Eastern Ocean is an unbelievably vast stretch of water that no one has ever crossed. Sitting roughly fifty miles off the coast of the mainland, though, is a large island split into the territories of Shasen, a peaceful collection of artists, and the southern Aji, which has produced many great warriors.

The military capital of Barjix is Thraxayer, home to much of the relatively small standing army of Barjix. West of it sits Asid and Faboy, both technological hubs in their own right. Asid, however, is known as being far more aesthetically pleasing. Also of note is Nin, home to the dark city of Spiral that is often found blanketed in fog from its many industrial complexes.

The level of technology and general appearance of the world varies depending on where you go. Technology is much more available and high-level in Asid and Faboy, especially. Opretta, Mozar, and Bluzer all resemble Rennaisance era Europe, with many of the other territories looking more mideval in design. Aji and Shasen have more of an Oriental look to them, while Kantorei roughly resembles the Old West.

On Magic: The Four Magics are passed on by the scribing of Glyphs onto the skin of a potential User by a previous User. Glyphs can be placed anywhere on the body that the new User likes. It is extremely important to note that under no circumstances should a person ever have two Glyphs, for the power of Magic is too strong and to attempt to wield two kinds would tear the human body apart. Not even a Jian, fully embued with the power of Jix, could handle it.

If there are any other questions, please, let me know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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