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Sign Up The Continuing Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh [G]


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In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, and You Find Out Your Role in the Story.

Winnie-the-Pooh sat on a log outside his house in the Hundred Acre Wood. It was a particular house because it was actually a very large oak tree. Pooh Bear as he was sometimes called by Christopher Robin, was told that oak trees grow to very big trees indeed and that Pooh should indeed be proud of how big his was.

Pooh would only scratch his head and wonder why trees grew. Was it to make themselves appear bigger? Pooh would then stop thinking about such things and wonder off to find some honey, for he always had a rumbly in his tumbly by that time.

Today, especially, for Pooh hadn?t a drop of breakfast and he was feeling that rumbly. As he turned towards his house, he noticed something fall from the branches and onto the ground in front of him.

?Hmm,? Pooh thought to himself, ?Today may well be a day of adventure. I?d best go and fetch Piglet so we can go ask Owl to read these squiggles.?

And so, Pooh started off from his house towards Piglet, who was most certainly going to be ready for adventure, seeing as how they hadn?t done anything like this together in a while. Pooh smiled to himself and began to hum a little tune. The tune quickly turned into a song, which Pooh quietly sang to himself.

[Center]?Adventures are grand, dum dum dadum dum,
Adventures can?t be bad, dum dum dadum dum,
Adventures always end , dum dum dadum dum,
Adventures are always around the bend, dum dum dadum dum.?[/center]

As he sang the dums, Pooh skipped, enjoying himself greatly. Before he could invent the second verse, Pooh was stopped by a quickly bouncing orange blur who whizzed by him. The blur came back for Pooh and bounced on him, with Pooh falling over onto his back.

?Hello Pooh-Bear,? the blur greeted, ?Did you get some of this white stuff too??

?If you mean with the scribbles, yes, yes I did.? Pooh replied, trying to hold it up.

?That?s it my boy! Now I was just on my way to Rabbit?s to see if he could do that thing Christopher Robin told us about?? The blur started.

?Tigger, my dear friend, I was just about to go see Piglet and go to Owl with him, for Owl knows how to read.? Pooh answered happily.

?Well, why don?t we go together then? I?d be most happy to meet ?ole long ears after having a chat with Pig-e-let.? Tigger responded.

By this time, Pooh had gotten back on his two feet and the pair happily went their merry way along the path, until they came upon the end of the page.

?Well, it seems the path ends here.? Pooh stated, looking around.

?No, we just need to ask the nice people out there to help us out.? Tigger replied, bouncing out of the book.

Pooh watched him, then followed suit, using the white as a set of stairs.

?I don?t think we?re in the Hundred Acre Wood anymore Pooh.? Tigger commented.

?No, I don?t either. This doesn?t look like that other place Christopher Robin?s taken us too either.? Pooh said, looking around.

?No, I heard about this. This is the place where tons and tons of humphelumps and woozles live. We?ve entered into the ?Imperpet?,? Tigger explained.

?I think I?ll climb back into the book now.? Pooh shakily said, starting towards the familiar white.

?Wait, we have to ask the people to help us!? Tigger exclaimed, pulling Pooh back.

?But what about the Woozles?? Pooh responded, shivering.

?Oh don?t worry about them, Pooh Bear old buddy old pal. Now, could you guys give us a hand here? Could you make the next page, tell us what?s gonna happen next?? Tigger asked, pointing at you.

This is my first attempt at a ?fluffy? RPG here on OB. The basic concept?ll be sort of like the books themselves. Each chapter would be a new adventure for the group.

The nice thing about this is, we can take as long as we want for each chapter (within a reasonable amount of time between posts) and I won?t be the only one directing things. One or more chapters?ll also be created by you guys as well, leaving this pretty much in everyone?s hands.

Hopefully, this will pan out and I?ll get a good turnout.

Now, for signsup, it?ll pretty simple.

I would like a sample piece of whichever character you want to play as finding the ?white thing? (piece of paper). You can also sign up as a new character, but I?m allowing two and you?ll need to PM me for info on that. Other than that, quality over quantity here folks, so please keep that in mind. Also, I will be playing Pooh.

Other than that, I look forward to your signups and remember, Honey can also be spelled hunny.[/font]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Tigger bounced his way through the Hundred Acre Woods on his way to Kanga's house. Suddenly, something caught his eye. Looking up, something fell over his face. "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Tigger said loudly as he lifted the white thing off of his nose. There were scribbles on it. Tigger couldn't make any sense of it. But he had an idea who could.

"Pooh bear?" No, Tigger, Christopher Robin. "Oh!" With that Tigger bounced away to find Christopher Robin.

"Christopher Robin!" Tigger called. Looking down the path, he saw his good friend Winnie the Pooh, Pooh for short. "Pooh bear!" he said as he pounced on his friend.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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