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Request Doctor Who set Request


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[size=1]Simple kind of request for you, nothing too fancy, but I would really appreciate it being done by someone all the same.

There is a picture attached to this thread which has the image I would like one of you arty peoples to make me an avatar and banner set from. For the avatar, the Doctor's face will do nicely, with that exact background, so no hard graft for you there.

For the banner, the silhouette of the werewolf with the words "This is not my world," that are already printed on the image will also do nicely. So there isn't too much text work for you to do on it, and hopefully it should be fairly easy for all you talented types out there.

Thank you very much in advance.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Well, the werewuffie isn't nearly as defined as I would like (the "episode two" text threw me off a bit), but otherwise I think it turned out nicely...


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