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Anime Dreamer00

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At Duel acdemy Island deulists from all around the world where meeting for a Duel Royal.Even the students at the school where competing in it.Drou was one of them.All the duelists in it where speard out around the island & had to find their enemys.once someone lost,one of the teachers would come get them & bring them to the school.All the dueldisks could be montiered so they could see who won & who lost.The duelists could only carry two decks on them during the Duel Royal at all times but some duelists only needed to carry one deck with them.

This RP will begin in a few days or when I can get on.Those who join will have a P.M. from me for a date when this will happen.If one person can not makle it,I'll try to make to where every one can get in on th RP.
This is the entry form:
Dorm(If form school)
Counrty(If not from school)
What they look like
Rarest card
Deck type & Deck name
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Guest blooming
Name:jennifer sparkle violet lin
Dorm(If form school):Obelisk blue
Counrty(If not from school):Originally from france but cam to duel acedamy
Persontiny:she is sometimes nice,friendly and sweet sometimes mean,dark,rude and totally popular all the time no matter what she is like.
What they look like:she wears gothic clothing
Rarest card:Obelisk the tormentor,slifer the sky dragon and winged dragon of ra(she inherited them)
Deck type: Dark and light.
Deck name: Darkness inhale
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Here is my guys info.

Name: Drou Miazakia
Gender: Male
Dorm(If form school):Slifer Red
Counrty(If not from school)
Age: 15
Persontiny: Easygoing,Nice,Very clever
What they look like: Blonde hair,Blue grey eyes,Blue jeans,Black shoes,Black muscle shirt,Slifer shirt tied around his neck
Rarest card: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo- Daedalus
Deck type: Water
Deck name: Total Oblivion
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