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Request Mister Sinister Banner & Magneto Avatar


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[color=teal][size=1]Hello again Graphically gifted Otaku,

I've recently caught X-Fever after watching the latest X-Men film so I went about making an RP so now I want to go the whole hog and get a banner and avatar set [i][My, I am going through sets aren't I, heh][/i] to celebrate my X-Fever so I turn too you.

[b][url=http://mutantvault.xmenlegends2.com/assets/magneto_517_1024.php]Magneto Image[/url][/b] - This will serve as the avatar was if I could just have Magnetos head for that with a border of your choice.

[b][url=http://mutantvault.xmenlegends2.com/assets/Sinister1024.jpg]Mister Sinister Image[/url][/b] - This being the banner I'd also like Sinisters head in the shot and including the area of black near his head and if possible have the text "Apocalypse Rising" in that black area in a style of your choice. Could the banner also have the same border style of the Magneto avatar.

I thank anyone who makes this set in advance.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Sorry it took sooooo long to create this for you, Joko. I hope you like it!



So, there ya go...not the best, but it's better than having no replies, right?

The only problem is the boarder...for some reason, when I upload it the color changes...heh.

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