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Manga Dark Blade


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I took my manga lake of blood and revised it here's the story of dark blade:

In the year 2023 Deltokden the hero, zara the girl, graden the cocky one, and Dante the goth all have their destinys change for better or for worse. Deltokden or Del for short has a book no one but him can read. When he reads "Ja'ct" a portal opens. When he falls to a place he sees a man call his name. He finds a sword called Dark blade and sets of for an adventure in the world called Zetzon.

Charecter bio's.




WEopon. Dark blade, and the book of Zon

Apearence: wears jeans with 6 pockets. his shirt is orange with dots on the sleeves.
HIs eyes are blue his hair blond with a black spick and a small nosse.

BIO: Lives in his parents mansion. Graden lives there two. His parents were killed by a bad guy that will soon be found, and willing to resent his sins.
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Are you planning on finishing this?

It would be nice if you could, in addition to finishing your summary, add more detail onto what you think the characters are like. I find it very frustrating to see somebody describe a character as 'the girl.' There is more than one kind of girl in the world, so you need to specify what her personality is. The same thing goes for 'the hero.'

I'll wait until you finish the story before I review the rest of it, but I do have to commend you for not having samurai or ninja in this story. Good job!
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