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Writing For the songbirds. [G]


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[size=1]?The Deep End?

[verse 1]
There?s so much to say
but I haven?t the courage
To tell you ?I want you; I need you?
would shake the world
furiously; and all the while,
I?ll struggle to fight for footing.

Doubt and panic plague
my unstable mind, my sleep
Why can?t I speak?


Every breath passed
through my lungs, I choke
Every heartbeat pounding
against my chest, I tumble
Every time I see your name,
the words I so desperately
wish would slip out,
only bite at my lips.

Give me the chance
Give me a light to find
my way back to you

[verse 2]

Laughter and jokes can?t
be tolerated any longer; they
mask over what?s lying
beneath your surface.
Smiles and playful glances
set lines for confusion;
the cold deep end of the pool.
That?s where our memory
can be found; manifesting
every hope and wish
I could possibly muster.

Drowning and suffocating,
what can I possibly do?

[repeat chorus]


Can?t you see, can?t you see
that I can?t get you out
of my mind?
Will you please, PLEASE,
send me a sign?

I have to know,
you have to know,
that the love wallowing
in the deep end is
frantically fighting for sweet air

Before I?m lost, know that?(blend into chorus)

[color=dimgray]Obviously, this is a set of lyrics. I wrote it, of course, and I want to get opinions. I'm going to be using this thread to post more songs that I have written, and as they continue to flow. I have two others which I'll post as soon as I get some good critiques; if possible. Lately, I've lost my touch with drawing; it saddens me, but I'm glad I've broken through into a new medium. It's very relieving and relaxing...and amazingly, it's somewhat simple for me.

Anyway, I'll post the two other songs soon. Feedback?[/color][/size]
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