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[b]In[/b] a small land called "Yorin" there is a boarding school for the intellectual children of the time, The year is 1170 and the country is in a war against another country "Koran" the war against them has been raging since most of the children have been born a good twenty Years the cause of the war was over a stone with a eerie symbol engraved the nation of koran suspected that yorin had been hiding a new method of war or something more. The ones who had touched the stones had felt a magical "jolt" of energy magical in a way they were instantly put to death for talking about the energy Politicons claiming it to be Witch craft.

Some of the children have felt a weird essence through the school a good portion of it cut off from the children and only the teachers could go, Some children had been dared to Travel around and search for what their superiors had been hiding but they never came back... What could be hiding in this typical boarding school?

There is more than meets the eye to this secluded boarding school, What could be hididng?

You arent supposed to know much about whats going on, it's a suprise xD i just just wondering if anyone would be interested in the roleplay.
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