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Sign Up Kingdumb Farts [PG13-LSV]


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[FONT=Fixedsys] [SIZE=4][INDENT] A leter from the king.[/INDENT][/SIZE][/FONT]

Organization XIII is defeated. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are finnally united.

[INDENT] [FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=4]But For how long?[/SIZE][/FONT][/INDENT]

SOra awoke to find himself sleeping with...Riku? Sora has it for Kairi not Riku. RIku came to. "Hey Sora you look hot!" He said. Sora sweated. HE eats cake mix, eggs, water, and ex-lax. Out comes Cake-n-shakin. " Who are you." Asked Sora. "Well i'm Cake-n-shakin" "oohhhh cake. tasty." Well i'm off to see Kairi.
And so sora left. But somewhere an evil is coming. "Hey Riku! I'ts me michael jackson. I command you to kill sora" Under a trance Riku left to find Sora. Riju found him and attacked. SOra jumped and dodged. Over and over again he flew. Riku was to slow. Sora cast blizzard. A direct hit. When Riku came back to earth he told Sora what happened. "Let's get him!!!" yelled Sora.

THey found MJ nder a dock next to Wakka. Poor Wakka. "Hey Sora right?" "IS that... CAKE-N-SHAKIn your back. Yelled Sora. "YOU bet your bare booty I'm back." CNS as he came to be transformed into ansem. "hey guardian attack!" He yelled. But M J moonwalked out of the way. "Damn him yelled CNS. HE transformed into behemeth and squashe M J. M J was defeated.

So Sora, Riku and whats yer face read me the kings letter. Ok. Dear Sora. Donald, Goofy and I have been kidnapped. IN aproxametlly 1 year a gummi ship will arive. Find us and save us. P.S. Wath for Riku he might grab your butt.

Well guys the gummi ships here. Lets go find the king! And so thus begins...

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=4]KingDumb Farts. [/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/INDENT]

Here's the sign up sheet.

To join in the battle to find Goofy, Donald and the King you gotta sign up. Here's the requirments. USe your brain wisely young one. Sorry wrong movie.







Extra stuff:

I need 7 people to start the RPG. after that i'll wait a week or more then wrap the signing up. I will chech the undergroun thread to chech on things like questions or anythhing you need every time I log on.

THE battle system is a fighting term.
Sometimes I will hold random battles that all charecters must fight, to continue on with their journey. Or you may include turn based battles. Dates will be showed at the underground thread.


1: JUst have fun.

2:you must post at least 1nce or twice every 2 weeks.

FInally: All players must have whats called "END BATTLE" which is the final fight that charecter has. ALl charecters must have at least 5 chapters done before they can use END BATTLE.

Here are the nuetral charecters. Nuetral means that anyone can us them for their stories.



First one to fill this guy out can have him as their charecter. And you can also make your own charecter as well.
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Posts mereged. Please do not double post again. - OzymandiusJones[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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