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Writing Enishi Camping Trip [PG-13 -- VLS]

Guest RockHinata-san

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Guest RockHinata-san
Part 1 Tsu + Kuro

I found this in my binder and decided to post.
It was the thing that Uzumaki Kawaitori had been waiting for since reaching Genin. A perfect week without parents, chaperones, or annoying little sisters. The Annual Konoha Genin-Chunin Camping Excursion. Just Kawaitori and her closest friends. "UZUMAKI!! QUIT STARING OFF INTO SPACE!!! Help me with all this crap Ikehina HAS to bring with her! God, does Nara [i]need[/i] this shit?!! :mad: " Uchiha Kowaiitazurokko screamed. Iruka, Kawaitori's twin brother, laughed. "Good luck, Uchiha! :catgirl: ". Kowaiitazurokko picked up a suitcase and threw it at Iruka's head as hard as he could. "HEY!! WATCH IT!! I WAS JOKING!!...Uhhhh...". The three Genin stared. The suitcase was open. Inside was a bunch of frilly and silky lingerie. "...OMG... :animeblus " the boys said. Kawaitori just stared. "You are soooo screwed, Uchiha. SO screwed! I'd hate to see who that belongs to!" Kawaitori looked at the... underwear closely. "H.T.". Kowaiitazurokko and Iruka looked up, beet red. "Huh?!" "H.T.. ...... For Hyuga Tsunade!! :laugh: YOU GUYS ARE DEAD!!! WHEN TSUNADE FINDS OUT SHE'LL KILL YOU TWO THEN THROW YOU TO KUROTORI AND HE'LL REALLY KILL YOU!!!" "OH SHIT!OH SHIT! WE DON'T WANNA DIE!! SAVE US!! MOOOOOMMYYYYY! :bawl: " the boys screamed.
"WHAT THE HELL!!?WHO DID THIS!!? I AM GOING TO RIP THEM LIMB FROM FRIGGIN LIMB!!! :cussing: KUUUUROOOOOTOOOOORIIIII!!!" Tsunade screamed. Tsunade's teammate Rock Kurotri came rushing over. "What is it Tsunade-sama!!? Are you hurt!? Did you fall off your crutch again!?? What do you need!? Did someone hurt you!!!? IF SOMEONE HURT YOU I WILL SHATTER THEIR SKULLS WITH MY LOTUS TECHNIQUES. I WILL MAKE THEM REGRET EVER BEING BORN! :demon:" Kurotori said in a really creepy way. "Uh...It...was...an accident? Hehe...... :animenose SPARE ME FOR I AM YOUR COUSIN!! Please don't hit me!!" Kowaiitazurokko pleaded with Kurotori. "Kowai...itazurokko... Come here... :flaming: " Kurotori demanded. The next psrt goes something like this, except Kowaiitazurokko is begging for his life from his cousin:



Part 2 to Part 4

Here's some more. I hope I can finish it before my mom makes me get off... :animedepr
"AAAAAH!! KUROTORI!! NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE!!! DON"T HURT ME!! I BRUISE LIKE A BANNANA!!! NOOOO!" Uchiha Kowaiitazurokko screamed as his cousin Rock Kurotori pummeled him. "AND! DON'T! EVER! TOUCH! TSUNADE-SAMA'S! UNDERTHINGS! AGAIN!" Kurotori screamed. "Under...things? :animeswea " Uzumaki Kawaitori muttered. "We aren't meant to know, Kawaitori. We aren't meant to know... :animeswea", "HEY! Kowa-kun! Take my stuff onto the bus! Please? ;) " Nara Ikehina said. "No you stalker! You're obbsessed with me like all the other kunoichi! I HATE BEING A PRETTY BOY! :animeangr " Kowaiitazurokko said. Kurotori picked up his teammates things and set them in the luggage compartment. "Happy now, Ikehina-chan?" he said with a smile. Hatake Megumi, Kawaitori, Iruka, and Kowaiitazurokko's sensei, came up with two suitcases and a duffel bag. "Uhh... Megumi-sensei, What're you doing?" they asked as Megumi-sensei put her things in the luggage thing. "Going with you." the young Jonin said as she moved a strand of her long black hair out of her face. The 3 Genin (Ikehina, Kawaitori and Kowaiitazurokko) and 3 Chunin (Kurotori, Tsunade, and Iruka) stared. "Well, after last year, we realized we needed someone to watch you all. Right, My Dearest Arch-Rivals students?!" Megumi said. "YES!" Tsunade, Kurotori and Ikehina said. "They ate my lunch!" "They pantsed me!" "They put ants in my pants and gave me a wedgie!". Ikehina and Tsunade stared at Kurotori. "Ewwwwwwwwww! SICK! :confuse2: :huh: ".
"That won't happen this year. Jiraiya-san and I will be there." The girls and Kurotori stared in disbelief. "J...JIRAIYA!!!? THE PERVERT?!!!". When she finished saying that, Tsunade felt someone spank her butt. "Oh, what a hot ass you have, Hyuga-san!" Jiraiya proclaimed. "EVERYONE ON THE BUS!!!" Megumi screamed as she pulled Make-Out Paradise from her red-and-black kimono. Kurotori edged his way to the bus, dragging Tsunade so she didn't kill Jiraiya. "This'll be a long trip." he sighed as he sat down in the back row with Tsunade and Aburame Huiryu. "Wanna see some bugs I caught today?" he asked. "Eeeew..." Tsunade said. One long, [i]long[/i] trip. He thought. He put his bento into his lap and looked around. It could be worse. That Sand Freak Chiyurei could be here. But he wasn't. Kurotori closed his round black eyes and enjoyed the silence while he could. "Meeeeegumi-sensei stole the cookies from the cookie jar!" Ninhina started. Kurotori sighed and prepared to sing to that stupid cookie song. But he didn't sing at all, He just started to hum the lullaby his mother used to sing to him. He had almost finished the whole song.
[i]Now the moon is creeping/Through the boughs of the tree's/ The wind sings a song/ Much more lovely than what I sing/ Lay down your weary head, my dearest son/ And dream a lovely dream for me[/i] "KUROTORI STOLE THE COOKIES FROM THE COOKIE JAR!" Jiraiya said. Kurotori snapped back. He realized he was crying. Damn it. he thought. "Who, me?" he asked. How long until we reached the campsite? he thought as he wiped away his tears. "what's with you?" Tsunade whispered. "nothing. Just...memories.". Tsunade laid her head on his shoulders. "Don't cry about what's passed. It didn't stop you. Because you're here with me now." she said. Kurotori longed for time to stop. "Sukiko stole the cookies from the cookie jar." he said quietly. "SURE! PICK ON THE FAT GUY!!!" Sukiko screamed. Everyone laughed. Even Tsunade. She hadn't laughed since she lost... certain abilities such as walking and use of her right arm. I wish things would stay like this forever. he thought. "We're almost there!" Megumi chirped excitedly.
3: Sunagakure Lends a Hand!
"A-K-A-M-A-R-U! A-K-A-M-A-R-U! A-K-A-M-A-R-U! AND AKAMARU WAS HIS NAME-OOOO!" eveyone finished. Hatake Megumi laughed sweetly as Inuzuka Seto's dog looked at everyone quizzically as if to say 'Huh? Why do you people keep spelling my name!!? What the Hell do you want???!!'. "O.K., my turn to pick something?" she asked. "Hmmmm... THERE WAS A BOY WHO HAD MEGABROWS AND KUROTORI WAS HIS NAME-O!". Kurotori looked up and glared at Megumi in a 'I will kill you with my Sharingan before you can use yours' way. "K-U-R-O-T-O-R-I! K-U-R-O-T-O-R-I! K-U". No one could finish, because Jiraiya ended up driving of the road and into a ditch. Everyone started screaming. When the dust cleared, Akimichi Sukiko ended up with his head caught in his window, Inuzuka Hinakura landed 5 rows from where she had been sitting, bawling and blushing like crazy, Hyuga Tsunade's crutch landed in Megumi's lap, and tiny Ninhina was in Huiryu's lap. Thankfully, no one was hurt because of Jinx and her sand manipulation. "Everyone allright? Is anyone hurt? You O.K., Hinakura Ne-chan? You're fine, just shooken up." Jinx said to her fellow Ge-Chunin.
"HEY!! ANYONE IN THERE?" someone asked. "Yeah. We're fine. Sand cushioned the blow." Megumi said. "Megumi-kun?" the voice said. Megumi looked at Tsunade and Hinakura. "Byakugan." she mouthed. Tsunade glared at Hinakura in what was clearly a threat to kill her if she dared to let one vein pop around her lilac-white eyes. Tsunade looked up with her Byakugan. She was quiet for a few minutes, then looked at Jinx, Kurotori and Kowaiitazurokko. "You aren't going to believe this. It's"
Chiyurei waited quietly in Tenchi-sensei's Blue and black Hummer. Funoaku was sound asleep in the back, and Kankuroko had Lean Wid It blaring on his I-pod. Akumaru, the creepy team leader of the Otonin, was playing with the windows, Taki was stuffing things into his Sonic Hands, and Soramegami was reading some book she borrowed from Tenchi-sensei. Chiyurei ran his fingers through his spiky red hair and looked in the mirror. He eyed the book Soramegami was reading. 'esidaraP ahctI ahctI'. 'Itcha Itcha Paradise'. Chiyurei's baby blue eyes widened. "That's a dirty book, Soraegami." he said monotonely. "Shaddup, Chi-chan." she said. Chiyurei hated nicknames and titles, but he hated Chi-chan most of all. He hated it almost as much as he hated...[i]HIM...[/i] Rock Kurotori. 14 years old. Born December 31 at 11:56 PM in Konohagakure to Rock Lee and Uchiha Kagekura. 5' 8", 112 lbs, black hair, black eyes. The bane of Chiyurei's existence. The reason Chiyurei wasn't a Chunin.
"This thing is totaled. I can take some of yours in my H2. You too, Me-kun." Uchiha Tenchi said. That's how Inuzuka Seto, Rock Kurotori, Hyuga Tsunade, Akimichi Sukiko, and Hatake Megumi ended up riding with Uchiha Tenchi, her students, and her Otonin servants.
Chiyurei hated camping, too. His sensei-cousin was stupid. She said it would 'strengthen their relationships.'. Her original plan was for Kabuto and Kinimaro to take them so she could lay around with Orochimaru-tono in the Village Hidden in the Carribean. Both Kabuto and Kinimaro ended up sick the day they were supposed to leave. Orochimaru-tono wouldn't take them. Tenchi canceled her trip with Orochimaru-tono. Akumaru looked out the window. "Hehehe... Play nice, Chiyurei-san.".
Kurotori stared. Chiyurei stared. "Oh, God." they said. They both let out an ear shattering scream. Akumaru laughed. And Kankuroko danced to My Humps.
4: What Happened on the Hummer...
"Chiyurei, move to the next row. NOW." Tenchi said as her Sharingan flashed blood red in the usual threat of 'Do it now or I show you the Ura Renge incedent for the next five days of your pitiful existence". "*scoff* Why the Hell should I?" the red haired goth questioned. "Because otherwise, I'll put you in the baby seat. Now, MOVE." Tenchi demanded as she pulled her black and yellow hair into a tight bun. "No."
15 minutes later...
Chiyurei ended up in the baby's car seat. Right inbetween Megabrows and some fat guy. Chiyurei quietly eased the top off the sand gourd. "now, you die, freak." he whispered. Chiyurei made the handsign for rooster. He moved to strike, and then...
"STALL'S ARE CLEAN, THE HORSES FED, THEY SAY SHE'S GROUNDED 'TILL SHE'S DEAD. WELL HERE HE COMES AROUND THE BEND, SLOWING DOWN, JUMPIN' IN, HEY MOM THER YOUR" the radio blared. "..." TA-WICK! "I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC!!" Chiyurei screamed. "Too bad, so sad. WTF ever..." Tenchi said. Chiyurei made the sand change stations. "BECAUSE OF YOU, I NEVER STRAY TOO FAR FROM THE SIDEWALK. BECAUSE OF YOU" "OH GOD!! THIS IS WORSE!!" Chiyurei squealed. Sadly, all the girls started singing along. "I watched you die/ I heard you cry every night in your sleep/ I was so young you should have known better than to lean on me/ You never thought of any" "LEAN WID IT! ROCK WID IT! LEAN WID IT! ROCK WID IT!" the radio screamed. Now the boys were singing. Akumaru, Taki, Sukiko, Seto, and even Kankuroko were moving with the song. Chiyurei sobbed. "N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!" he screamed. "I WALK A LONELY ROAD/ THE ONLY ONE I'VE EVER KNOWN" "YAY! HOORAY FOR BILLIE JOE!!!" Chiyurei said hapilly.
With the station chosen, the Ninja continued their mission to reach the camp..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
"POKE!" Kurotori said as he touched Chiyurei's tattoo. Chiyurei flipped him off. Tsunade smacked them both with her crutch. "Knock it off!" .................................................................................................................................................... Things weren't going well....
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