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Writing The Only Cherry Blossom for Kakashi [PG] L


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[u][b]Part 1[/b][/u]

?Why me, what dose everything happen to me?

a woman with light blonde hair and bright green eyes thought, while running though a forest.

?I was just starting to settle down in a new village for the eighteenth time. I shouldn't be surprised, I never been lucky.?

After running for who knows how far she decides to slow down. The throbbing pain in her legs and chest made it hard to stand. She fell on all fours grabbing her chest, her heart beating faster and faster.

?What?s going on my heart in feels heavy and won?t stop beating so fast??

?What?s the matter little Aino can?t take the pain.? A young girl?s voice said from some where in the forest.

?Leave me alone!?

Aino?s vision began to blur.

?Sorry Aino I can?t do that my orders are to make you life a nightmare and that?s just what I plan to do. I will let you suffer one more time before I kill you, so if I were you I won?t get too etched to any one or thing. I just might destroy them too.?

The voice faded as Aino began to lose conciseness.

A few hours later in a forest near the village hidden in the leaves Kakashi was busy training his team?well trying.

?Naruto stop bugging Sasuke!!? Sakura yelled.

?Why he?s the one acting like a jerk. Believe it!?

?Heh look who?s talking? smirked Sasuke.

Kakashi was stand between the boys watching them fight as usual.

?This could be a while.?He thought as he looked to the sky.

?Looks like rain soon?

stirring out of his thoughts he started to walk back to the village.

?Come on. we better leave before it rains.? He called to his team.

?Wait up Kakashi-sensei? yell Naruto rushing to catch up to Kakashi before Sasuke.

Rain started to fall before they could get half way out. The wind started to blew so hard that it even slowed Kakashi down a bit.

?Kakashi-sensei, how much farther?? Sakura yell over the roaring wind.

Before Kakashi could answer he trip over a lump or something in the path.

?Kakashi-sensei are you all right?? asked Naruto and Sakura.

?Yeah just great, What did I trip over??

Kakashi look to see a young maiden under his legs, he got to his feet and picked the girl up.

Sakura yelled ?Kakashi-sensei what are you doing.?

He looked down at the girl

?I don?t know but let?s get back to the village before this storm gets worse.

?How can you be sure she?s not already dead? Sasuke said in his usual voice.

?Because her heart is beating? ?but just barley? he said finishing the rest of the sentence in his mind.

Team 7 soon got the village and went their separate ways. Kakashi went straight to the hospital, even though he hated the fact that he, himself had to go.

As soon as he walked in a nurse ask ?Hey Kakashi is another on of you students in the here again??

Naturally she was trying to be funny but when she saw the girl in his arms she ran right over telling Kakashi to lay the girl on a near by bench.

?What happen to her??

the nurse looked at him

?I don?t know? I just found her in the forest.?

He looked down at the girl. She looks like she was in so much pain, her blonde hair covered in blood and all the cuts on her body sent chills up his spine. He had seen death and pain before but nothing ever made him feel this way. Doctors rushed to the girl?s side pushing Kakashi farther and farther away from her. The doctors load her on to a carrier and carried her off somewhere.

?What?s going to happen to her?? Kakashi asked the nurse try to make it sound like a normal question.

?If all goes well, we?ll put her in a room for the night and try to find out whom she is but...?

Kakashi grabbed the nurse shoulders

?but what??

She looked at him for a minute

?oh never mind I?m sure she?ll do just fine. Now I need you to go see the Hokage give theses files and tell her how you found the girl.?

Kakashi stared at the files for a minute.

?When did you do these files?? he ask seen that they were about the girl.

?When the doctors where trying to help her. It didn't take me long because there wasn't much to say. Soon as I get more information I?ll send it over myself but in the mean time you get to have fun.?

The nurse walks off. Kakashi sighs then walks off to the see the Hokage.

?What!?? the fifth Hokage yelled banging her hands on the table.

Kakashi had told her everything that happened.

?Do you by any chance know what village she is from??

Kakashi thought for a few minutes. He?s never seen any sign indicating what village she was from.


The Hokage sat back down in her seat, resting her head on her hands.

?In the past few years villages have been destroyed with out warning, and when we go to total all the bodies. We find that all the people of the village were destroyed all but one. Just a few days ago another village was destroyed not to far from here.?

Kakashi strokes his chin

?So you saying that this girl is involved in the death of all those villages.?

?I?m not saying that Kakashi. All I?m saying is that she might be and that you should be on your guard. You will be watching her until further notice.?

?Why me?? Kakashi said sounding like a child that didn't want to go to bed just yet.

?Because you?re the one who found her and brought her in to the village. So there for she is your responsibility.?

Aino slowly woke up; first she saw a bright glow as her eye focused more she sees lights and a ceiling. She looked to her right to see a man, with silver hair, a mask cover half his face and a bandanna covering his left eye, reading a book.

?W-Where am I?? she said barley above a whisper.

Kakashi arose from his book to see the girl looking at him.

?You?re in a hospital.? He said in his normal voice. Aino looked away from him.

?Do you know what time it is??

Kakashi looked up to find a clock but could not find one anywhere in the room.

?I believe its a little past midnight.?

Aino throw the cover off of her and tried to get up.

?What are you doing? You?re not completely healed.? Kakashi yelled getting up from his chair.

?I got to leave now, besides I felt worse than this?

she gave him a faint smile then tried to get up but as soon as she took her first step she started to fall. Kakashi caught her before she could hit the ground.

?You?re not going anywhere right now.?

Kakashi puts Aino back on the bed and tries to cover her back up but she just keeps throwing the covers away from her body.

?I got to go I got to get away from here? Aino yelled with tears in her eyes.

?Why do you need to leave so soon you just got here??

Aino looked down ?I can?t tell you, sorry.?

?Well can you at least tell me your name??

Aino just continued to look down.

?My name is Hatake Kakashi.? He sticks his right hand out to shake but she doesn't?t move.

Kakashi rubs his head ?How about your age.?

Aino signals Kakashi to come closer with her hand.

?Yes? he asks bending down to hear what she says.

?You should never ask a woman her age!? she punches Kakashi half way across the room.

?If you want my name so bad it?s Misaki Aino.?

The dizzy Kakashi gave Aino a thumb?s up with a weak ?Thanks? Aino laid down facing the wall.

?Whatever? was the last thing she said as she fell back asleep.

[u][b]Part 2[/b][/u]

After a good night sleep on the floor thanks to Aino, Kakashi decide it be nice for the whole team to meet her.

?YOUR LATE, AGAIN!!? screamed Sakura and Naruto.

?Sorry about that.? Kakashi rubbed his head.

?Why are you late this time.? Sakura asks but Naruto interrupts with

?Woo how did you get that huge mark on you face.?

He point to Kakashi?s left cheek.

?Oh...umm this nothing really.?

?Heh sound like something. I bet it was that girl we found yesterday.? Sasuke said with a little grin.

?Wow, what did you do to her?? ask Naruto,

while the three of them got closer to see the bump on Kakashi?s cheek.

?All I did was asked was her age was.?

?YOU DID WHAT!?? yelled Sakura. ?You never ask a woman her age that?s just so rude!?

Kakashi puts his hands in front to clam her down saying ?I know, I Know.?

Several minute went by just try to explain the whole cheek thing. After that they all decide to go to the hospital to see Aino.

Aino was sitting up in her bed looking out the window when Kakashi came in and introduce his students.

?Aino this is ?Sasuke?, a boy with median length black hair, ?Sakura?, a girl with pink hair and green eyes, ?and Naruto?, a boy with some-what spiky blond hair, and blue eyes.?

?Please to meet you ?Aino said with a faint smile.

? I?ll be right back.? Kakashi said while turning in to leave the room, before anyone could say a thing.

?What?s his problem; you think he was scared of Aino or something.? Naruto and Sakura thought.

Aino reached under her pillow and pulled out a deck of cards.

?Want to play a game of cards with me?? she said with a smile.

Everyone just stared at her while she shuffled the cards.

"What?s wrong did I say something immoral??

Naruto starts rubbing his head saying ?oh nothing it?s just-?

Sakura butts in ?What Naruto is saying is that since you gave Kakashi-sensei and bump on his cheek-?

Sasuke blurs out ?we thought you would be more vulgar than this.?

Aino only laughs.

?What so funny ?Naruto shouted slamming his hands on the side of the bed.

?Oh nothing. Now let?s start. Do you now how to play Poker??

?I don?t? Naruto replied? ?

How about Bridge??






?Old Maid?


?Geez Naruto don?t you know any thing!? Sakura cried.

?Well I know Go Fish.? Naruto said sheepishly.

?Cool that?s my favorite game any way.? Aino smiles.

?Pss I not playing.? Sasuke said ?it a childish game.?

Aino just shook her head

?you?re wrong it can help you be skilled ninja?

?How is that?? Sakura wondered.

?Well it helps you learn to read you opponents face and body language.?

?Wow then what are we waiting for lets get started.? Naruto says with eagerness in his voice.

?You want to play to Sasuke? ? Aino asks. Sasuke sighs ?All right?

Aino smiles then deals the cards.

After three hours of Go Fish the group was on the finial game winner take all. Aino only need an Ace to win. Sasuke need a Jack and a Two. Sakura needed a Three, Four and a Queen. Naruto needed an Ace. Aino looked at the teen?s faces it was hard to read their faces so she just had to guess.

?Naruto do you have any?? Aino was cut off from victory when Kakashi and a doctor walked in.

?All right Miss Misaki that?s enough for today. The doctor said.

?Come on Doc I was just about to win.? Aino protested.

He just laughed. The doctor looked inside Aino?s mouth check her breathing and made sure the rest of her was OK.

?Well if seem that?s you ready to leave here Miss Misaki, you?re in prefect health. Which is odd consider the way you came in.? he finally said. ?But it was probably just something you ate or some kind of allergic reaction.?

He finishes with a smile. "None the least you are free to go home with Kakashi."

?WHAT!? Aino roared.

?There is no way I?m going with him. I got to leave the village now. I have no time to stay and vacation.?

?It?s not my choice. The Hokage order me to keep an eye on you.? Kakashi said.

?Uh?fine I?ll go, just let me get change first.?

It didn't take long for Aino to change out of the Hospital clothes in to a little out fit the looked like Sasuke?s shirt on top but like Sakura?s dress on bottom.

?I?m glad the hospital kept my clothes I came in. The Nurses did nice job of hemming them up.? Aino said walking out of the bath room.

Everyone just stared at her.

?If you guys want to look at me all day take a picture I swear its hell of a lot better that me giving a black eye.? Aino howled.

Everyone stopped staring. The group left the hospital on there way home. Half way through the city the teenagers when their own way home while Aino and Kakashi continued to walk together in silence.

?Why did you save me? Aino finally asked.

Kakashi looked toward the setting sun.

?I don?t know really why I did it I just did.?

Aino looked toward the ground

?You should have just let me die.?

Kakashi looked at Aino then smiles

?What?s the point in living if you just want to die? he said try to cheer her up.

Aino stopped walking and muttered ?for me?to cause people suffering.?

Kakashi heard what she said and was surprised. Someone who acts so happy around Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke could act this tortured inside. Kakashi just looked at Aino then grasped her right hand and started walking again. They walked the rest of the way in stillness.

They reached the house and went in

?Lady?s first ?Kakashi said opening the door for Aino.

Glancing around the house she could tell that Kakashi lived by himself.

?Come on I?ll show you to your room.? Kakashi said to Aino pulling her toward his room.

?This is where you can sleep.? Aino looked around the bedroom.

?What is this you guest room or something??

?No this wear I usually sleep but for the time being you can sleep hear?

?why is he giving me his bed?? Aino contemplated.

?Where will you sleep Kakashi??

Kakashi went over to his closet and pulled out a sleeping bag.

?On the floor next to the bed. Is that OK??

?Well um-uh yeah sure? Aino said trying not to be tongue tied.

?But before we even think about hitting the hey let?s get something to eat.? Kakashi said.

Just then Aino stomach growled, they both just laugh.

?I fix us something to eat? said Kakashi as he walked out into the kitchen.

?No wait I?ll do it? Aino argued.

?You?re the guest you shouldn't do the work.?

?Yes but as the guest I should be pulling my own weight.? Aino said with a simple smile.

Kakashi was speech less. Aino gave him a nice friendly tap on the cheek and walk into the kitchen to start cooking.

Fifteen minutes past and Aino had a banquet ready. Kakashi was surprised at what she cooked it was unbelievable. She cooked: Turkey and Pasta with peanut Sauce, Yosenabe, Osso Buco, Fruit crisp, and Snow white Jelly for dessert.

?Wow you really made all this? Kakashi said with a little drool seeping threw his mask.

?Yeah. Go ahead eat.?

?No thanks I?m not hungry? Kakashi said.

Aino walked close to Kakashi

?Why not it?s not like you don?t have a mouth under there.?

Kakashi eyes came closer to hers. At this point it look like there was going to be a fight but Aino just walked away. Aino started to put up the food.

?We might as well go to bed now if there?s nothing else to do? Kakashi said watching.

Aino gave him an evil glare but continued cleaning up.

?Why didn't you eat anything, you were hungry??

Aino just stood there and start turning different colors of red.

?Well I um-hum I?

Aino try to spit out the words. Kakashi was face to face with her again.

?You what?? Kakashi said.

Aino looked away

?Well I... ate some food while I was cooking OK!? Aino looked up too him with tears in her eyes.

?That?s ....It??

Aino smiles ?Yeah that?s it.?

Aino walk?s past Kakashi and slaps him on the ass. The slap sends shivers up Kakashi?s spine. When Kakashi was able to move again he found Aino asleep in his room. He pushes hair away from her face and sat down and watches her sleep.

?It?s hard to believe that she might be apart in the deaths of so many villages. Other than her grabbing my ass, she?s pretty normal. But why dose she want to leave so soon and what is she running from. I got tomorrow maybe then she?ll tell me?.

Kakashi went to his dresser and change in to some black boxer with a silver dragon spines a round them. He turns out the lights, laid down on the sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Later that Night Aino started having a nightmare.

[color=blue]{Nightmare}-[/color]Aino was running toward the village, it was swimming in flames. People ran from the village but Aino ran toward it looking for her friends.

?Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi!? she yelled through the fire.

She could feel the fire and smell death all around her. She yelled again but no reply. She had a pain in her chest and it was getting harder to breath. Aino kept calling but only hear the roar of the flames and people in the distant screaming. She soon came upon a bunch of bodies in a pool of blood. She saw three bodies to the side. Aino rushed to only find that it was Naruto Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto had a kunai in each arm and one running though his gut. Sakura had thin line mark on her neck, most likely from being strangled. Sasuke only had two kunai in his eyes. Aino check to see who was a live but sadly only Sasuke was still breathing.

?Sasuke, Sasuke! Can you hear me??

Sasuke didn't answer right away he slowly guided his left hand feeling Aino?s face.

?W-why did?.you do t-this to ?us?? Sasuke said in a harsh-hush tone.

?What do you mean??

Aino asked tears streaming down her cheeks. Before Sasuke could answer his heart was struck with a kunai. Aino whirled a round to see a small girl with long purple hair in pigtails.

?Why?! Murali, they knew nothing about me, why?!?

Murali pulled out her flute from her kimono and started blowing a tune. The ground start to shake and the next thing Aino knew she was standing in front of a large tree. The tree had bodies hanging from it and the ground under it was covered in blood. Behind her Aino could hear foot steps, she turn to see a badly wounded Kakashi.

?KAKASHI!? she screamed running towards him,

before she could even take one step she was pulled back and tied to the tree with wire. She saw Kakashi fall to his knees and wire wrap around his body. A guy with short white hair and piecing blood red eyes appears from nowhere.

?Well look what we got here, is this your new boyfriend Aino?? the guy said.

?Leave him alone Phoenix he doesn't know anything.?

Aino screamed. Phoenix pulled the wires tighter on Kakashi and Aino.

?Poor Poor Aino, haven?t you figured it out. Doesn't matter if anyone knows the truth about you all they have to know is you.?

Aino just stared at him with a profound hatred.

?You know you lose either way.? A girl with black hair and dark purple eyes said from beside the tree.

?Leave him ALONE!? Aino cried.

Aino try to pry herself from the tree but the wires only cut deep into her skin. She could feel blood running over and down her body; she didn't care, all she want to do was at least save one friend. Phoenix pulled the wires even tighter around Aino.

?I guess we?ll just have to teach you the lesson again. Salil you want to have this one?? Phoenix said to the girl with the black hair.

?Sure.? Salil said with pleasure stirring in her voice.

Salil slowly moved from the side of the tree to wear Kakashi was. She bit by bit drew her sword from its sheath.

?Stop! Stop Please!?

Aino bawled tears flying from her eyes. Kakashi gradually looked up his eye directly looking at hers.

?Why?? he said ?Why didn't you tell me??

Kakashi suddenly changed into a young man with short blonde hair and broken glasses around light red eyes.


Aino thought shock to see her belated best friend. Nobu turned back into Kakashi the minute Aino blinked. Salil hang her sword over Kakashi?s neck, swinging high into the air then swinging down with great speed. Seconds seemed like minute, minutes seemed like hours, Aino struggled to break free from the wires but the only got tighter the more she struggled.

?Kakashi!? she yelled then the sword was inches away from cutting Kakashi?s neck in two.

?KAKASHI!!? [color=blue]-{End Nightmare}[/color]

Aino awoke screaming a blood curdling scream.

[u][b]Part 3[/b][/u]

Kakashi woke up with a jolt

?Aino what?s wrong??

Even though it was pitch black in the room when Aino heard his voice she leaps in to his arms causing him to fall back.

?Kakashi?s I?m so glad your alright.? She said not realizing it was all a dream.

?Of course I?m alright.? He said with a hint of a chuckle in his voice.

Aino didn't hear him she was to busy crying

?Why did you scream and?why are you so sweaty??

Aino froze then pushes herself from Kakashi

?Oh man what do I do? I can tell him. Can I?? she wondered.

?I was ?um well I was. I just had a bad dream that?s all.? She said trying to cover up the truth.

Kakashi tries to sit next to her but Aino moves farther away each time.

?You know it helps if you tell someone.? He said.

'I can?t tell him but even if I don?t tell him know that he knows me, this whole village is doomed. I can just start out small and work my way up, but what if he hates me after I tell him. What will I do next?'

Aino was pulling her hair, grinding her teeth and sighing while deciding what to do. While Aino was thinking of away to tell him, Kakashi when to his closet and dragged out a black t-shirt.

?Here.? He said throwing the shirt Aino?s way ?you might want to change in to something a little less damp.?

the shirt landing on her head knocked her out of her thoughts. That?s when she realized she was covered in sweat from head to toe. Her hair and clothes felt like it was super glued to her skin.

?Thanks Kakashi? was all she could say.

Aino went in the bathroom to change then came out to see Kakashi lying down asleep again. She sat down by him and looked at the floor

?it?s becoming a habit for me.? Aino said.

Kakashi didn't open his eyes or turn around to face her, he just simply said ?what is? The nightmares??

Aino just nodded her head but knowing Kakashi wouldn't?t see is she said "yes"

?It happens to the best of us. Do you want to tell me about it??

?I do but I don?t? her voice cracked.

Kakashi rose up and met his eyes with hers. The way he looked at her was a cross between never had a good-nights rest and pissed off. Aino?s hands squeeze around the edge of her-kakashi's-shirt

?when I was little my father was always away but when I see him I would tell him everything that happened. Once when I told him about a night mare I had he just said ?My little blossom nightmares are just another way of becoming stronger. As long as you tell your self it?s not real you will have nothing to fear but just fear itself.? For some odd reason that helped me, five years later my father died. The funny thing about it was that was what my dream was about.?

Kakashi was shocked. Aino looked at him for a min then continued.

?This time I had a dream that you, Naruto, Sakura and, Sasuke were killed.?

?And you?re afraid that it may come true.? Kakashi finished.

?Yeah? Aino affirmed.

?Don?t worry, my team and I are strong, we can hold our own no problem. Now let?s go back to bed.?

Aino just looked at him to the bed she was sleeping in then back.

?Well, I, um, I was wondering if it be OK if we could share the sleeping bag I?m still a little unsure.?

Kakashi glance at her with a little blush.

?I guess, come on. ?

Aino crawls in the sleeping bag and snuggles up to Kakashi.

?Thanks you?re the best.? She said sleepily.

As they lay back to back, Aino felt feelings she hadn't felt since her father died, safe and loved. Aino fell asleep fast but Kakashi remain up for along time thinking about what Aino said.

?What happen after her father died? What about her mother, what happen to her? Aino is just one big mystery.?

With that he turned over facing Aino?s back, put his arm around her and fell asleep.

Approximately four thirty in the morning Kakashi woke up with something heave on his chest and a butt cheek in his left hand. It took him a while to figure out that it was Aino, she was still asleep. At first Kakashi tried to move her but was to fearful about what will happen if she woke up. He may not have known her awfully long but he knew that any women would slap him stupid if they woke up to this. Kakashi decided he just lay there. He moved his hand down and listen to Aino as she run her hand throw his hair.

?I?m sorry Nobu, forgive me.? Aino said as a tear slid down her cheek onto Kakashi?s chest

?Who?s this Nobu guy?? Kakashi pondered.

More tears slid, Kakashi wiped them away, and help Aino firmly in his arms

?Kakashi? she whispered ?please don?t hate me?

?why would I hate you? the only answer he got was the sound of birds chirping. Kakashi sighed then got up; he didn't care anymore what might happen he just wanted something to eat. He dressed quickly the made his way to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in a ghost town Salil, Phoenix, and Murali were discussing on how to kill Aino.

?We should make this fun after all we?re the ones that gave her the nickname ?the Angel Assassin? Phoenix said resting his head on a pole.

Salil smacked on the head with her sheath.

?We don?t even know where she is.?

Phoenix was huddled over rubbing his head. ?Oww that hurt.? He said in a winy voice.

?I know were Aino is.? Murali said with no emotion.

?Where Murali? Phoenix and Salil yelled.

Murali drew out her flute and started making music. An image of a village appeared out of nowhere.

?She's in the village hidden in the leave, and is currently being guarded by Kakashi Hatake or better known as the copy ninja.?

?Heh well then Phoenix would you like to fight this guy.?

?Yeah no sweat. I?ll make Aino suffer and this time I?ll get the Heracrystal jutsu.? An evil grin came over phoenix?s face.

Back at Kakashi?s Aino came screaming out of the bedroom looking for Kakashi.

?What?s wrong?? he roared.

Aino turned to see him and everything that happened last night came back to her.

?Oh nothing, sorry about that?

Aino just stared at twitched her left eyebrow because Kakashi was wearing an apron. Not just any apron but one with lace on the sleeves.

?What?s wrong now?? he said looking up from the stove. Aino sat down at the table.

?Nothing it?s just that I have never seen a guy wear such a famine apron.?

Kakashi looked down at the apron the back to Aino

?So what?s wrong with that.?

?Heh nothing, you pull it off very nicely you might say you look sexy even.? Aino winked at him then giggled.

Kakashi just winked back.

?How do like your eggs? Kakashi said cracking an egg.

?Over easy please.?

Kakashi put two eggs, bacon, and biscuits on their plate. Then brought them to the table, and sat down. Aino devoured breakfast in one gulp.

?You must be hungry? Want seconds??

?No that?s OK I?m full?
Kakashi went on eating while Aino just gazed out a near by window

?He?s cute... well sort. Why dose he remind of Nobu??

?Aino are you OK??

Aino snapped out her thoughts ?yeah why??

?Well you look depressed plus you didn't?t answer my question.?

?Oh what was it??

?Well since you only have one pair of clothes to wear I thought we could go shopping for more.?

Aino bashed her head on the table.

?Did I say something wrong??

?N-no its just I don?t like shopping that much, beside don?t you have to meet your team somewhere or something??

Kakashi leaned back in his chair. ?Yeah but I like making them wait. So how about it??

?I guess but I must advise you I?m dreadfully picky.?

They finished breakfast, got dress (yes Aino wore the clothes from yesterday) and went shopping. * Fast-forward *. After a five hour shopping spree Kakashi was exhausted. All they bought was seven blue tank tops and black hip hugging pants.

?You where right, you are picky? Kakashi said with a deep sigh.

?I told you but nooo, you didn't listen.? Aino smiles at Kakashi

?but thanks anyway I did need new clothes.?

?Um-uh, no problem.?

?Woo what happen?? Kakashi thought ?Her personality changes faster than I can think. She?s weird I?ll give her that. ?

they came to a bridge where the team was.

?Kakashi you?re late. You were supposed to meet us here six hour ago!? Sakura and Naruto bawled.

?Don?t blame Needle-Noggin he was out helping me.? Aino said knocking on Kakashi?s head.

?Needle-Noggin?? Team 7 yelled

?Yeah, that?s what I decide to call Kakashi?

?You sound like you?re a couple? said Naruto.

Aino wrapped her arms around Kakashi?s

?well maybe we are!?

?WHAT?!? The three teenagers scream.

?Just kidding.? Aino smiles

?Geez Aino is almost as weird as Naruto? Sakura thought.

?Alright, enough fun and games. Today you will be sparing with Aino.? Kakashi instructed.

?What, I can?t fight I don?t even know any Jutsu? Aino said.

?Don?t worry these guys will take it easy on you. Right guys? ? Kakashi winked at the team

?Yeah, believe it? Naruto shouted.

They walk into the middle of a forest and begin sparing. Kakashi sat in the tree reading his book and watching the match at the same time.

Sasuke threw a fist at Aino while Naruto try to drop kicked her. Aino manged to jump away from the kick, grab Sasuke?s fist and swing him around. Sakura sneaked up behind Aino and threw a shuriken. Aino dogged it by a hair.

?Their good!? Aino thought.

Naruto came at her and threw kunai knives, Aino grabbed them all and threw them back, pining Naruto to a tree.

?One down two to go?.

?What?s the matter can keep up with me? Aino try to intimidate them.

?Will see you can keep up with whom!? Sasuke yelled then vanished, Aino looked around.

He reappeared right beside her and kicking her in the side. The kick sent her fling into a tree. As the tree fell Aino slowly got up.

?He?s tougher than I thought? she said waiting for the next move.

Sakura was in the bushes behind Aino planning her next move.

?Aino is strong, she beat Naruto no sweat and it doesn't even look like ?she?s trying with Sasuke. She acts like Kakashi-sensei. Where is her weak spot??

Sakura calculated every possibility.

?That?s it! All three of us have to charge her at the same time. I?ll grab her from behind while Sasuke and Naruto do everything they can.?

she ran over to the tree Naruto was pined to and stated pulling the kunai knives out. At the same time Aino was still waiting for the next attack. She heard the bushes rustle; she turned to her right to see Sakura helping Naruto down. Sasuke jumped from behind her and hurled a Fuuma Shuriken toward her. Aino kicked Sasuke in the gut knocking him to the ground, grabbed the Fuuma Shuriken and flung it toward Sakura pining her to a tree. Sasuke stood up and charged Aino but Aino just pushed him to the ground and sat on him. By this time Aino was breathing heavily. They fought like this for four more hours then Kakashi told them that it was time to go home. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke thanked Aino for the spar but they'll beat her next time, and then left with Sakura asking Sasuke if he wants to help her improve on her fights skills.

?That was a good fight.? Aino said stretching her arms

?Their stronger then they look?

Aino and Kakashi stayed in the woods watching Sakura yell at Naruto from a distends.

?That just because they have a great teacher? Kakashi bragged.

?Some teacher you are then, always reading those weirdo books.?

Aino grabbed Kakashi book from his hand and looked inside. Her eyes grow ten times there normal sizes and her face turned a mixture of red and blue from blushing and lack of breath. Aino closed the book and slapped it into Kakashi?s chest.

?Let?s never speak of what I just saw. OK??

Kakashi just looked at her.

?O.K? he said finally.

Aino stares at Kakashi the throws a punch, he catches it with no problem.

?Now, how about we fight!? Aino said with a twisted smile on her face.

Kakashi looks at her in shock but then he tries to punch her, only to get cut off with her free hand.

?Sounds great, I?ll go easy on you.?

Aino jumps up and kicks Kakashi with both feet sending him to a nearby tree. Kakashi disappeared into a tree pulling out his Kunai out ready for an opening in Aino?s defense. Aino slide her right leg back and fist up waiting for Kakashi. Kakashi jumped from the tree aiming his Kunai at her left hand. Aino grabbed kakashi?s hand with her right and kick him with her right leg. Kakashi clutch her leg, Aino snack Kakashi?s Kunai and swung her left leg. Kakashi clutched that leg too. Aino slam the Kunai in Kakashi?s left shin. Kakashi let go off her legs, letting her flip and land a yard away from him.

?You?re not bad.? Kakashi said.

?Thanks, you?re not half bad yourself.? Aino replied

?Well I think you both are pathetic.? A man leaning against a tree called out.

?Noooo!? Aino?s mind screamed.

[u][b]Part 4[/b][/u]

?Why now? It?s only been two days I shouldn't have to worry about him for a least twelve more days. Why is he here so soon??

Aino stared at Phoenix with fire in her eyes.

?Heh, long time no see, Aino? phoenix said.

Kakashi looked from Aino to Phoenix.

?Aino do you know this guys??

Aino kept her eyes on phoenix, her fists tighten and her eyes glared at the man who interrupted the fight with deep abhorrence. On the outside Aino looked like she was ready to charge at any time but inside she was shaking fearing what Phoenix might do to Kakashi.

?Aino! Aino? Kakashi yelled now standing right in front her.

?Yeah I know this guy. His name is Phoenix Thanatos. He?s trying to take something ? very close to me.?

Kakashi looked at her, he could see a mixed of pain and regret in her eyes.

?Don?t Worry Aino I?ll protect you? he said.

Kakashi turned around facing Phoenix. He pulled his Kunai out of his shin and got into a stance.

?You think you can handle me with that wound in your shin?? Phoenix said pulling out wire out of his pocket.

?He?s pulling out his wire? Why? His usual likes to torment his enemies first then kill them. What is he up to?? Aino contemplated ?Could it be that maybe the Wadehesiod Jutsu is starting to affect him. Could that be it? Then that means??

?Kakashi let me fight him.? Aino said snatching Kakashi?s Kunai and getting in front of him.

?Well, well, little Aino is protecting her new boyfriend, as usual. To bad, it?s only going to make things worse.?

?What dose he mean by that and what exactly dose he want from Aino? Kakashi pondered.

Phoenix ran toward Aino, punching her with his right fist. Aino ducked and punched him the gut, sending him soaring into the atmosphere. She jumped up above him and kicked him back down to the ground. As the dust clear Phoenix rose with out a scratch on him. Since Aino was now on her millionth fight for the day, she was way beyond exhausted. Her knees ached and her arms quivered but she refused to give in.

?Aino is pretty tired she can?t take much more. I?ll have to fight him before to long.?

Kakashi kept his eye on them waiting until his turn.

?What?s the matter Aino tired so soon, weakling!" Phoenix said with his evil smirk.

?How dare you call me weak!? Aino yell rushing toward him and kicking him in his face. ?I?ll wipe the stupid smirk off you face if it take me all freaking day.?

She shoved her other leg into the side of his neck. Phoenix grabbed the leg that was in his face

?Wadehesiod Jutsu!?

?No it?s was a trap!? Aino thought as she felt throbbing pain shoot up her leg then her whole leg went numb.

Phoenix punched her in the stomach causing her to slide across the ground. Kakashi caught her before she hit anything.

?Aino what happen? What was that??

Aino could barely sit up her breathing was rapid and worst of all her right leg was broke.

?Kakashi run, get out of here. I?ll hold him off.? Her words seem to shock Kakashi.

He was the one ordered to protect her and yet she was telling him to run. Kakashi step in front of Aino

?Sorry, I can?t do that.? Kakashi said pulling his bandanna up to revile his sharingan. ?The hokage ordered me to protect you.?

?Kakashi Don?t be an idiot.? She shouted ?Your no match for him, please just go!"

Kakashi turns and looks at Aino

?besides I have my own reasons too.?

Aino was shocked to see Sharingan and what he said.

?Before you do anything you must know that if his hand touches you, you?re dead.?

Kakashi smiles then darts off toward for phoenix. Before Kakashi could get close enough, Phoenix was griping Aino in the air by her throat. Aino grabbed his arm trying to break free.

?Give me the Heracrystal Jutsu!? he roared strangling her.

?N-never? Aino choked out.

A Kunai hit Phoenix in the middle of his back; he turned to see Kakashi right behind him.

?Let her go, your fights with me now!?

Phoenix?s evil smirk came across his face

?Heh let her go? Alright I?ll let her go.?

Phoenix?s grip relaxes then he throws her across the forest. Aino?s back hit a tree

?Damn it, he?s gotten strong. I hope Kakashi can beat him, for both our sakes?

?How were you able to get past my sharigan? Kakashi snapped.

?Easy, you don?t have Uchiha blood flowing throw your vines, because of this you have limit of what speed you can see. Another reason is because I possess a rare speed ability that even back when the Uchiha clan was alive very few could see.?

Aino was slowly getting to her feet her arms and legs hurt worse than ever.

?Damn it what happen I had more feeling in my arms than this. I got to do something, but what??

She started walking slowly toward Phoenix and Kakashi. She managed only make a few feet before the throbbing pain in her leg caused her to fall.

?Kakashi please, beat him or a least don?t die.?

Aino looked up to see the guys standing off.

?I know you can do it!? she yelled picking her self up from the ground. ?I know you can Kakashi?.

The wind blow across the forest caring her words and stirred up dust around Kakashi and Phoenix?s feet.

?Now die! Wadehesiod Jutsu? Phoenix shouts tuning to Kakashi.

His arm hit but Kakashi disappeared

?Damn Shadow Clone Jutsu? Phoenix said under his breath.

?Come out here you spineless coward!?

Kakashi appeared behind him

?What?s the matter I thought you had a rare speed? Kakashi mocked.

Phoenix growled ?Why do you bother helping that Twit!?

?Like I said before I have my reasons? with that Kakashi grabs another Kunai and drives it into Phoenix?s back.

At the last second Phoenix flips over Kakashi

?Wadehesiod Jutsu? he roar push his hand into Kakashi?s back. Kakashi screams then falls slowly before Aino?s eyes to the ground.

Aino runs screaming toward the fallen Kakashi but Phoenix throws his wire tying her to a tree.

?Poor, poor, Aino, I don?t know why you must resist me so. If you would have just given me the Heracrystal Jutsu your boyfriend wouldn't have had to die.? Phoenix was now standing in front of Aino.

?So how about it, before I have to kill anyone else.?

He brought his right hand to cup Aino?s cheek

?Kakashi, I?m sorry I ??

Aino shook her head

?what am I saying? I might have not known Kakashi very long but I do know one thing he can?t be beat that easily.?

?Well Aino what will it be?? Phoenix?s face drew closer to hers.

Kakashi?s finger griped the ground as he slowly regains conscious his eyes see Phoenix standing by Aino and?and KISSING HER.

Aino was shocked just as much as Kakashi. She could his ruthless lips on her stunned taut ones.

?What?What the Hell. Why is he kissing me? I think I going to be sick.?

Aino could see out of the corner of her eye Kakashi slowly raising to his feet, pure rage in his eyes. Phoenix?s tongue trailed across Aino?s lips. She gasped when he doses this and he takes this opportunity to slowly slide his tongue in her mouth. That was the last straw Aino couldn't take it anyone, she bit down hard on his tongue. Phoenix pulled away scream but before he could squeal a word, Kakashi had him pin to the ground with a Kunai at his neck.

?Aino did he hurt you!?? Kakashi said.

?Besides my leg, all the bruises and th-that kiss?.I?m fine?

?Now for you Phoenix, you nothing but a bully, well its time for you to finally find out how it feels.?

Once again Phoenix?s famous smirk emerged.

?Kakashi?you?ll never be able to beat me.?

Kakashi felt a hand clenching the back of his head

?what the...?

Kakashi looked down to only see the ground.

?Did I for get to mention that the Wadehesiod Jutsu can read mind.?

?What, you can have mastered that already! Besides?? Aino cries

?besides what? The fact that it hurt the person who?s mind is being read. So what, I don?t care as long as it makes you suffer.?

?You can?t? Aino pleads

?Heh, watch me. Wadehesiod Jutsu!?

Phoenix picked Kakashi off the ground with one hand. Kakashi screamed feeling a 1000 volts go throw his body.

?Let?s see what you?re thinking.?

?Phoenix stop it now!? Aino shout with anger rising in her voice.

She tries to pry herself from the tree but the wires only cut deep into her skin.

?STOP IT!" She screamed again.

Aino?s eyes and chakra started to glow a dark blue.

?I said STOP IT!? With that the wires snapped.

Aino body slammed Phoenix.

?You want the Heracrystal Jutsu so bad here you go! Heracrystal Jutsu!?

Her right hand formed ice blue chakra around it.


she rammed her arm into his chest, ice started to from over it.

?I didn't mean like this ahhhhhh!?

Aino?s chakra grew. Phoenix?s body was half way covered when Aino felt her heart start to increase in speed. Aino?s eye returned to normal as she let go of Phoenix to clutch her heart.

?Malady was right she is a monster.? Phoenix rambled though his head while crawling away.

?G-get b-back here. Coward!? Aino yelled falling to her knees.

The wind started to pick up speed near phoenix as both phoenix and Aino heard a tune. Suddenly Murali emerged beside Phoenix.

?Get us out of here Murali!? Phoenix said grabbing the hem of Murali?s kimono.

Aino stared to crawl toward them

?Get back here!?

Murali pulled out here flute and played a tune. Aino?s heart sped up even more causing her to fall to the ground crying in pain.

'Why now why dose my heart have to be a problem now.? Through her blurred vision Aino saw Phoenix and Murali disappeared in a tunnel of wind.

Few minutes after they vanished, Aino?s heart went back to normal. Slowly Aino crawled over to where Kakashi laid. His silver hair drenched with blood, scars showed throw his torn clothes. His eyes were open but the look he gave seemed like he was distend.

?Kakashi can you hear me?! Kakashi say something?!?

Kakashi could see Aino hear and feel her arms clutching his. Her hair was facing ever direction as blood and tears ran down her face. She was yelling he?s name begging him to answer but his mouth would not, could not move. She grip got tighter as his eyes closed.


[u][b]Part 5[/b][/u]

Murali?s tunnel leaded back to the ghost town. Murali was carrying an unconscious phoenix on her back. Salil rushed out from the abounded house

?Here let me take him to the Lady.? She said putting Phoenix on her right shoulder.

Salil ran to a mansion and looked like it didn?t fit with the rest of the town. She ran into a dark room up to a throne. Sitting in it was a woman with long light blonde hair and purple eyes.

?Lady Valda, Lady Valda please help Phoenix?

Salil fell to her knees begging. Valda just stares in silence finally she gets up from her throne and puts her right hand on the dieing phoenix?s body and says ?revitalize jutsu.?

Phoenix?s body glowed and dark navy blue as the ice that Aino had put on him began to disappear. Valda returned to her seat placing her hands together.

?From what I?ve seen phoenix failed, horribly I might add. Salil you will kill Aino next but let?s wait.?

?Why, lady Valda??

?Because I watch phoenix?s fight thanks to Murali and I think Aino might be falling for particular ninja.?

?Yes ma?am I understand?

Salil bowed then left the mansion with Phoenix in her arms and to start training.

?Aino I will own the Heracystal jutsu at all cost.? Valda thought as her evil laugh echoed in the empty room.

?KAKASHI!!! Kakashi please wake up say something please!?

Aino placed her ear on Kakashi?s chest to hear his heart was still beating and he was still breathing. Aino sighed in relief.

?Now how am I going to get us back to the village? The sun is nearly set, my right leg is broken, and Kakashi?s out cold.?

Aino looked at her leg, to Kakashi, then to her hands.

?I have no choice.?

She puts her hands on her broken leg

?Heracrystal Jutsu?

a thick layer of ice formed over her leg from her ankle to the knee. She bit back her gut jerking scream as she froze her leg in solid ice. She put Kakashi on her back and gradually stood up. Pain shivered up her leg but she paid no mind to it. Aino started walking back to the village grabbing trees ever chance she got. The sun finally set and now Aino was in full darkness, in a forest she never known. Every six feet in seemed that she bump into a tree or trip over a root. Picking Kakashi and herself up again seemed to only make thing more complicated. Only ¾ of the way the ice on her leg began melting making it harder to walk. As the last piece of ice slowly fell from her leg then the pain, that Aino so long ignored, became unbearable. Aino plunged to the ground with Kakashi right on top of her. She laid there unable to move any part of her body; every part was numb beyond numb. Her eyes couldn?t make out the shape of a blade of grass right in front of her.

?Kakashi I?m sorry I can?t go on. I tried, I swear I did?? Aino eyes closed as she passed out.

[color=blue]{Dream}-[/color] Aino lying on grass surrounded by cherry blossom trees blooming. A man with light purple hair and green eyes stood in front of her

?Please you can do better than this!? a familiar voice said.


?This is no time for you to give up!?

?But Father I can?t move-?

Aino?s father sat down beside her

?so that?s never stopped you before! My little blossom you have grown up so much and I?m proud of you but its time.?

?Time? Time for what??

?You must now learn to fight to keep what is precious to you alive?

?NO I can?t do it, I?ve tried before but-?

?But you ended up losing your best friend, yeah I know. But the people you have met now are more dear to you, for the first time in your life you actually used the Hereacystal jutsu knowing that you could die and then using it on yourself to help save some ones life.?

?I just met them how can they be so dear to me??

?Because they remind you of yourself, Naruto for his cockiness, Sakura for helping people feel better, Kakashi on saying what you feel, and soon you?ll find that you and Sasuke have something uncommon?

?Father?I miss you.?

?I miss you too but your a young lady and a fighter, besides if you don?t wake up soon Kakashi is going to die."

?WHAT!?? [color=blue]-{End Dream}[/color]

Aino?s eyes flew open

?I won?t let you die!?

With that Aino sat up and used the Hereacystal jutsu on her leg again. She stood up and started running toward the village once again

?I won?t let you die Kakashi I promise?

the trees began to thin out as they got closer to the village and so did the extra energy Aino had. Her vision began to blur again as the ice on her leg was finally thaw out. The gates where so close, yet so far. Aino saw a man with black hair in a blow shape style and super thick eyebrows walking near by. He stopped in front of her looking shocked

?How did you beat my rival of the spring time??

Aino walked closer to the man but he just jumped back and pulled out a kunai.

?Just so you know I?m much stronger than Kakashi so I won?t be brought down so easily?

Aino just continued to walk toward him

?It wasn?t me? she managed to mutter. The guy put his kunai away

?OK than lets just get you two to the hospital.?

Aino looked at him ?you would help me??

?As sure as my name is Gai.? Gai gave her a thumbs up

?Thank you?? was the last thing she could say be for she passed out.

Gai was able to catch Aino.

?Kakashi?s in trouble he looks like he took one hell of a beating, and this woman she is?she is so gorgeous. Kakashi how do you manage to get all the cute ones?

with a deep sigh Gai throw Aino and Kakashi over his shoulder and ran toward the hospital.

Aino gradually woke up; first she saw an intense glow as her eye focused more she sees lights and a ceiling. She looked to her right to see Sakura and Naruto.

?Where?s Kakashi??

Sakura and Naruto looked away. Aino jumped out of bed and began shaking the two teenagers.

?What happen to Kakashi?! Is he are right?!?

?Hai, Hai Kakashi?s fine? a woman with blonde hair said. Sakura disappeared in a poof of smoke, Naruto fell over laughing saying

?ha-ha, I can?t believe you fell for it!? Aino temper started to rise

?Naruto your dead!?

Aino punched Naruto in the face sending him flying out of the room.

?That should teach you to use shadow replication?

Aino looked at the lady then bowed

?Sorry about that. So what were you going to say about Kakashi and who are you??

?Heh my name is Tsunade but you better know me as the fifth Hokage.?

?The?fifth Hokage??

?Yes, please sit down.?

?No thanks. Please tell me about Kakashi how is he? Is he OK? What??

?Kakashi is fine but he?s in critical condition.?

Aino fell on the bed fighting back tears.

?Can I go see him??

Tsunade looked at Aino then looked at the floor

?Yes but not for long.?

Tsunade handed Aino a crutch then they walked down the hall to Kakashi?s room. Aino saw how helpless Kakashi looked laying in the bed. Aino sat down in the chair next to the bed. Kakashi?s head protector was on the nightstand beside Aino. Kakashi looked pale compared to the pillows, his hair laid across his left eye. Aino placed her hand on his cheek smoothing out the wrinkles on his mask.

?Kakashi I?m sorry this is all my fault.?

Aino looked to the fifth.

?I want to teach team 7 while Kakashi is recovering.?

Tsunade looked at Aino surprised

?you just got here you need time to heel besides do you know any Jutsu??

?I don?t know any Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu, but I need to do something I owe Kakashi so much.?

Tsunade smiled ?well then I have no choice. I?ll let you teach team 7. I?ll have Gai and you team up and-?

?I?m glad to see your all right my angle? Gai said leaning against the door frame.

?Speak of the devil.? Tsunade said turning toward Gai.

?Gai I?m glad you?re here, you will be helping Aino? Tsunade point to Aino behind her ?train Kakashi?s team while he?s recuperating.?

Gai peeked over Tsunade?s shoulder seeing Aino smile at him. He rushed over To Aino?s side.

?I?m so glad your all right darling. It would be a Honor to help you train Kakashi?s team after all I am stronger than him.?

Aino looked down at the floor then back up to Gai

?Thank you so much for helping me?

Aino held Gai?s hands in hers

?I owe you one?

?Are right you two I?m leaving. Aino, Gai you start train together tomorrow. In the mean time I?ll have Iruka fill you in on everything, Aino.?

?Thank you Tsunade? Aino said as Tsunade left.

Team 7 show their faces for a while. Aino told Sakura what Naruto did. Sakura started yelling and punching Naruto in the face. Soon leaving just Aino and Gai in the room. Aino sat there looking at Kakashi for a while until it was time for Gai to leave. Aino walked him down the hall to the exit.

?Thanks again for you help.?

?Don?t worry about it?

?I don?t know what I would do if I lost Kakashi.? Aino smiled at Gai.

?Uh yeah no problem? Gai turned to walk out the door.

?Oh Gai wait a min.?

?Yes? Gai said turning around.

Aino kissed Gai on the cheek.

?Thats my way for saying thanks for everything, and can?t wait to start training tomorrow.?

Aino turned and stared back to Kakashi?s room. Gai just stood there daydreaming.

?Maybe there?s hope yet. First we train the teams together, and then we?ll go on a couple of dates. She?ll fall in love with me. I?ll propose to her, she?ll say, ?Oh Gai your so wonderful of course I will? Then Kakashi will say ?Gai you are truly the strongest? Hahaha?

People around the room were staring at him. Gai turned around and walked out the door with a big grin on his face.

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[u][b]Part 6[/b][/u]

The next morning Aino woke up leaning next to Kakashi?s bed. She had spent the whole night by Kakashi?s side watching the nurses coming in and out asking her if she wanted anything. She just looked at them then back at Kakashi. Aino stretched her arms and got up. She saw the sun gleaming on Kakashi?s face.

?He?s so handsome.?

she placed her hand on his cheek.

?Sorry I have to leave you now, I?ll be back I promise. I hope training your team is as easy as you make it look.? She said with the last sentence being sarcastic.

Aino bent down and placed a long kiss on Kakashi?s cheek. Then left and went to find the team.

She walked through the village Aino saw both teams at the bridge waiting for her. Sakura was yelling at Naruto and a smaller version of Gai. Gai was leaning giving a speech that no one really cared for except for the smaller version of him.

"Hey Gai" Aino yelled waving to him.

Everyone stop taking and waved back. When Aino got to the bridge Gai introduced his team.

"Aino I like you to meet Neji" a boy with long black and brown hair, and silver eyes. "Tenten" a girl with brown meatball style hair, and brown eyes. "And Lee" referring to the smaller version of himself.

"Hello Miss Aino Gai-sensei as told us so much about you." Lee said

"He talks about you nonstop. He talks a bout your-"


Gai interrupted punching lee.

"Go run 500 laps around the village."

"Yes sir, Gai-sensei" Lee says saluting then starts running around.

Aino blinked for a few minutes not knowing what to say.

"The rest of you run only 250 laps"

Naruto gave a "why me" look but started running with the others.

"Wait" Aino finally said. "I got a better idea"

every one just stared at her.

"How about we work on upper body strength?"

"That?s boarding how about we just spar with you again." Naruto said hands behind his head.

"Don't act stupid Naruto; Aino can't fight in her condition."

Everyone seemed to yell.

"What kind of upper body exercise are you talking about" Sasuke said.

"Well I was thinking Pushups with someone standing on your back." Aino said nervously.

"How will that help us Aino-sansei?" Lee pondered.

"Aino?Sensei?" Aino wondered

"well you are teaching them so I guess for a while you are Aino-sensei" Gai said putting his around Aino shoulders.

Aino just smiled then pushed his arm off.

"Everyone get with your partner I assign you." Aino yells "Neji with Naruto, Lee with Tenten, and Sasuke with Sakura."

Sakura cheered at being grouped up with Sasuke.

"All right every one the first names I called out in the group will do push-ups first, Neji, Lee, and Sasuke that will be you."

'Aino is strict when it comes to training.' Gai thought.

"Gai, will you help me demonstrate?" Aino said with a smile knocking Gai out of his thoughts.

"Well...Um...Sure Miss Aino."

Gai got down into a push-up pose, Aino step on to his back.

"Everyone stand on top of you partners."

The first to do push-ups got down, while their partners stood on top of them.

"This will help you gain upper body strength as well in trust in your partner. As soon as you do 15 perfect push ups with out you partner falling off or anything you switch."

Everyone started doing push ups. When Gai started, something in his lower back snapped.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW" He screamed.

Aino jumped off and helped him up. The teams wanted to stop and help but Aino persuaded them to keep going. Aino laid Gai down on him stomach on a near by bench.

"How bad dose if hurt." Aino asked lifting up Gai shirt to see what's wrong.

"Bad, it feels like I broke something." Gai grunted.

Aino saw a huge bump right in the middle where the spine lays.

"How dose it look Miss Aino."

Aino gulped at what she was seeing.

'What is this? It looks bad, how could he get this? Could it be Mali Pox?'

"Well Miss Aino how is it?" Gai repeated. Aino shocked her head to escape the thought.

"Oh it's nothing really. If you don't mind can I give you a massage?"

'She wants to give me a massage she must really like me. Oh I'm going to win this one Kakashi'


"OK this might hurt a bit"

Aino began to massage Gai's back, starting at the shoulders and working her way down. Gai felt like he was in heaven, with angles wings massaging his back, it was firm yet gentle at the same time.

'I can't believe he has Mali Pox. I know it's not deadly but it comes in a close second. Gai must be really strong.'

"Heracystal Jutsu" she said under her breath.

The icy grow ran over Gai's back sending a cold chill up his spine

"Wow Aino your good."

"Um Thanks"

The Ice covered the Pox and slowly melting.

'If I'm right Mahli Pox despises the cold. Luckily I saw it at the first stage so Gai won't even know what happened',

when the ice was fully liquefied, the Pox were complete gone.

"There you go Gai." Aino said with a smile.

"Thanks that really helped a lot. You should be come a Med-ninja."

Aino blushed at the idea then sighed

"Naaa I'm not into becoming a ninja"

Gai sat up fixing his shirt. Aino sat down next to him pulling out Kakashi's book she had managed to swipe before leaving.

"Why are you reading Kakashi's book?" Gai yelled in surprise.

"I want to know why he reads it. Is that a problem?"

"No it's just you don't seem like the kind of person who would try to figure Kakashi out."

Aino gaze narrowed

"You make it sound like I have feelings for him."

Sweat started to from, his knees shook with terror, and the look she was giving him was sending waves so cold up his spine that it felt like it was frozen numb.

"I didn't mean anything like that I just uh well mean?."

Aino's evil glare turned into a smile in a flash.

"Don't worry about it, I know what you mean."

'O.K. memo to self never get on Aino's bad side.'

As they continued to take about Kakashi's book and the training schedule Aino started to undo the bandages around her leg

"It's unfortunate I heal fast."

Gai stares in wonder

"what so bad about healing fast"

The sun vanished behind a cloud as Aino looked down toward the ground.

"Because Kakashi is still in pain, it's not fair that I can heal completely in one day and it's going to take Kakashi weeks maybe even mouths."

Aino griped the edge of the bench. Gai grabs Aino's hands in his hand

"Don't worry Aino, if I know anything it's that Kakashi will be back to his old self in no time. He always bounces back in the end."

A rare smile crept up Aino face as the sun came out from the cloud. Aino threw her arms around Gai giving him a deep hug.

"Thank you Gai you're the best"

'She likes me I knew it. Kakashi ain't the only guy that can get a woman to fall for him.'

As Gai began to wrap his arms around her Aino said

"You?re the best friend a girl can ask for."

Gai sighed in defeat 'Great I'm just a friend, you win this one Kakashi.'

'Good thing I remembered to say that' thought Aino

As the two teams were working on push-ups Sakura, Naruto and Lee were fighting over who Aino should date/marry.

"I think Kakashi-sensei and Aino would be prefect together. They're both mysteries, speak their minds, and complete each other in every way. Said Sakura stomping on Sasuke's back

"Ow Sakura watch it" He roared

"Sorry Sasuke"

"Well I think Gai-sensei would be the right man for Miss Aino. She's always smiling every time she's around him." Lee says.

Naruto sighs and says "I agree with Sakura bushy brows"

Neji, Tenten and Sasuke just sigh thinking 'this is pointless'

"How about we make a bet losers have to walk around the village 500 times on their hands."

"Deal!" Sakura and Naruto said. Later on after the training was over they shook on it.

Gai and Aino were walking back to the hospital when an idea inner Gai's brain.

"Miss Aino would you ?um would you, would you like to get something to eat before we go back to the hospital? After all the hospital food tastes awful and-"

"Sure I wouldn't mind"

Aino smiles

'Any thing that going back and seeing how much pain I put Kakashi in'

'Yes my first date with Aino! Take that Kakashi?'

They walk in and sat down at a Raman stand. Gai ordered beef flavor Raman while Aino ordered Shrimp flavor Raman. As they were enjoying their food Naruto showed up with a man with brown hair in a ponytail, black eyes and a scar across his nose.

"Hey Aino-sensei" he said sitting down next to her.

"Hey Naruto what you doing here whose this guy?"

"This is Iruka-sensei and he promised to buy Raman for me."

"Please to meet you Miss Aino" Iruka said holding his right hand out, Aino shook his hand.

"Like wise".

'Why now I could have gotten to know Aino better if they hadn't showed up. Sigh but I have a while so I won't push it."

Gai finished his blow of Raman, paid the cook then left.

"See you tomorrow same time same place Aino." "OK see ya tomorrow Gai"

Naruto and Iruka sat down on both sides of Aino and orders their Raman. Aino had long since finished her meal and was now look at the empty bowl wondering about Kakashi.

'What wrong with Aino-sensei could it be that she's really worried about Kakashi-sensei?'

Naruto slaps Aino on the back causing her to fall face first in to her empty bowl.

"Stop being such a worry wart Kakashi-sensei will be fine Aino-sense, Uh Aino-sensei?"

"Miss Aino are you alright?"

Aino put both hands in the air to signal she was fine then pulled her head out of the bowl.

"I can't help if I'm worried about Kakashi. After all it's my entire fault."

"Uh Aino-sensei what actually happen to Kakashi-sensei?"

"Well um it's something children shouldn't know"

Naruto clinched his fists and shouted "I'M NOT A CHILD! After all I'm a Ninja."

"Naruto calm down." Iruka said.

"If you're not a child how come you still eat like one?"

Aino picked up a near by Napkin and whipped the ring of Raman around Naruto's mouth.

'Is?Is this what its like to have a mother? I always saw Iruka-sensei as a father figure and Aino-sensei acts like a mother figure to me maybe I should help Aino-sensei fall head over heels for Iruka-sensei.'

"Oh Miss Aino I brought you some books to help you study."

Iruka put a stack of books in between Aino and himself. Aino turned around to see the stack and freaked.

"That?s a lot for me to Study" she said with sweat drops sliding down her forehead.

"If you have time I can help you study some."

"As much as I would love to I got to get back to Kakashi."

Aino paid for her Raman, Picked up the ten books stacked up and left.

"Do you want me to walk you back to the hospital?" Iruka said leaving the Raman stand right behind Aino.

Aino looked up to the full moon.

"I would like that very much." She said fighting the urge to leave the village right then and there.

Naruto had long since left to go home.

Iruka and Aino were walking down a path in complete silence. All they could hear was the wind blowing throw the trees; finally Aino spoke

"The Moon is so beautiful."

Iruka looked up at the Moon and smiled

"Yeah it sure is,"

"It's surprising that something so beautiful can have a dark side to it."

"Miss Aino are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah it's just?"

"It's Just What?"

"It's just I've been sort of lying to Kakashi. When he wakes up I'll have to tell him and I'm sort of scared of how he'll react."

"Don't worry Miss Aino, Kakashi is an understand guy, He lived throw a lot of tough times so I'm sure he'll react in a clam manner."

'Kakashi lived throw some horrible times? What was it? How could he keep on living?'

"Thank you Iruka."

"For what?"

"For reassuring me because the last thing I want to do is hurt Kakashi."

Tear started to form in her eyes, Iruka's eyes slowly widened

"Miss Aino?you l-"

"well we're here thanks for walking me here. I'll make sure to study some tonight."

With that Aino placed a kiss on Iruka's cheek and walked Inside the Hospital.

'Miss Aino you maybe try to fool everyone but the only one you're fooling is yourself.'

Iruka turned and stared walking home.

'I just wonder if this story is going to have a fairytale or tragic ending to it.'

It was a little pass midnight and Aino was still awake in Kakashi's room studying.

"There are 361 openings in the chakra circulatory System in your body. Wow maybe I should teach the team how to block and protect these areas, but how?"

Aino heard a small grumble coming from Kakashi. She looked over her book to see Kakashi slowly moving then getting up. Aino's mouth drop and her eyes widened as her book gradually left her hand and fell to the floor.


"Yo" he said.

Aino stood up took a step toward Kakashi but slipped on the book she just drop and fell onto Kakashi. She wrapped her arms around him and just repeat over and over

"I'm sorry"

Kakashi just simple hugged her back and asks "What did that Phoenix guy want, and I need to here the truth."

Aino sat on the side of the bed and just looked at the floor.

"I was afraid you would ask that. The truth is that when you found me, I was unconscious from running away from Phoenix and his group. The group is consisted of Valda the leader, Salil the swords master, Murali who can control anything with her flute, and as you know Phoenix a professional wire assassin."

"So why do they want to kill you for?"

"The years I was born the soothsayer of my village said that I would destroy some one that I hold dear's dream and their body along with them. My- I mean Valda over heard this and feared that it would come true. "

"So she and her team decide to hunt you down."

"Yes but they didn't start until I was ten years old the day my father died that they hunted me down. They destroyed my village and everyone in my village."

'Just like Sasuke. But is she at fault for the countless other villages or is this group?'

"How many villages did you run to?"

Aino looked at Kakashi surprised

"well many if you must know but I don't know the exact number."

"Every village that you stayed at, they ended up destroying, so you responsible for numerous deaths."He said in a soft harsh tone.

Aino broke in to tears

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I try to avoid all villages at all cost but Fate always tricked me. I never intended to hurt anyone."

"OK but what about the Jutsu you did. Earlier you said you didn't know any Jutsu but yet you were able to perform one. How is that?"

"The Herecrystal Jutsu is a Kekkei Genka It runs the Misaki Family. It's a Jutsu that can force Chakra to form into ice and with that ice into anything the controls heart desire. The only problem is that if you learn this Jutsu it?s the only one you can possible use for the rest of you life."

"I see. So what didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't tell you because the Heracrystal Jutsu is a weird Kekkei Genka if the person who ones it wishes to give some one out side of the Misaki family they can but if they don they will die shortly after giving it up. If I told you I feared that Valda might find me soon, and the truth is I really like this village. I'm sorry I didn't tell you its just I didn't plan on staying and-"

"Don't worry about it Aino now that I know everything its OK. You did tell me everything you know, didn't you?"

"Y-yes. Are there anything more questions you like to ask me?"

"Just one."

"What is it?"

"What Happen to the Aino, whose personality changes faster than I can think."

Hearing that Aino couldn't help but laugh out loud.

'I'm glad she's laughing I can't stand to see her looked the way she did.'

"Aino I got a surprise for you."

"For me, but how you just woke up?" Kakashi grabbed his forehead protector from the nightstand and tired it around Aino's eyes.

"What's the matter Kakashi don't trust me to keep my eyes closed"

"With this surprise, sort of."

"Hey is that any way to treat a lady for being worr-"

Aino's words were cut off by the feel of warm strong lips on her lips.

'Kakashi is kissing me? It's a hell of a lot better than Phoenix. It's just live Heaven maybe even more.

Part 7

The early morning sun shined through the window. Kakashi awoke inhaling the sweet scent of Aino's hair. The Smell of an Ocean breeze mixed with a hint of cocoa butter seemed almost soothing. He could feel Aino grip his shirt while snuggling closer. Having Aino around made the hospital feel like a tropical paradise. Kakashi looked down to see hair blocking the natural beauty of Aino's face, with a chuckled he moved it and held her tighter. Aino was a wake but didn't open her eyes fearing it was all just a dream. Nurses would walk by time to time, looking in and smile seeing two love birds together. When Aino finally had, enough courage to open her eyes she saw Kakashi's missed matched eyes. Aino dreaded going and training the teams with Gai. She much rather stay wrapped up in Kakashi's warmth unfortunately she knew she wouldn't be able to live it down if she didn't go so unwillingly she pushed herself away from Kakashi and got up.

"Sorry Kakashi but I got to go help Gai."

"Go help with what" Kakashi asked sitting up.

"I got to help him with training."

"Help with Training?"

At this time, Aino was bending down to touch the floor stretching out her legs. "Yeah I'm training Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke while you're recovering. Gai is helping along with his team."

"Why are you training them?"

Aino looked him in the eyes ""because I feel like I owe you so much"

Aino smiled a bright cheerful smile "besides Iruka is helping me understand Jutsu."

"Well I'm recovered so I can start training again. Kakashi put his feet on the floor and started to stand up.

"Oh no, you don't. You need to rest some more." Aino said trying to push him down but since he was taller than she was, it was like pushing a wall.

Upon taking his first step, Kakashi started falling toward Aino

"KAKASHIIIIIII!!!!!" Aino Screamed falling, gripping Kakashi on reflex. She fell hard on her back hitting her head on the tile floor. As soon as the dust cleared Aino saw Kakashi face first in her breast, causing her to turn over 100 different types of Red. At that moment, a doctor walked and saw them

"Am I interrupting something?"

turning around to take her gaze off the embarrassing sight. In a flash Aino Smacked Kakashi into a near by wall yelling "YOU PERVERT YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!"

Falling out of the wall Kakashi landed on the bed with a colossal bump on his cheek, bigger then the first one that Aino ever gave him.

"Hahem" the doctor cough. "As I was about to say is that I'm surprised that you?re a wake so soon Kakashi but as I can see you and your Girlfriends just couldn't wait to go home."

"I'M NOT THIS SUPER PEVERTS GIRLFRIEND!" Aino yelled ,vein vessels popping out of her skull, pointing at the doctor. 'although we did kiss last night'

"Oh my mistake by the way Kakashi was laying on top of you I guess that you were his girlfriend but I was wrong."

"you right about that."

"yeah. You're not his girlfriend you're just a slut."


"Are right Kakashi even though you woke up earlier than I thought you are free to go home just no training for a week and get plenty of rest."

"DID YOU HEAR ME LOUD-. Wait did you say Kakashi can go home?"

" I sure did."

Aino runs over to Kakashi and puts him in a death grip hug. With a smile, the doctor left in silence.

"You ready to go Kakashi?"

"let. Me. Breath. First." He said gasping for air in between words.

"Oh sorry?" Aino let go and sat down beside him.

"I'm ready to go but I want to stop some where first."

"where's that?"

"some where I go to every day but I haven't been there in a while."

"why haven't you been there?" Kakashi looked at her with a sad smile in his eye

"oh I see" 'it because of me' Kakashi grabs Aino's hand and starts to walk out of the Hospital.

"Come on let's go"

In a clearing surrounded by trees and bushes stood a black triagle-ish shape stone. When Aino and Kakashi got near it, Aino could see names written one it.

" A memoral Stone. Did some one you know die?"

"Yes my best friend Obito."

Aino could see a deep sadness in kakashi's eye like she never seen before.

"So I guess this why your always late."

"yeah but how did you figure it out."

"I guess by the fact when I frist trained with you team naruto and Sakura yell "you late again" by the word "again" and today I was able to piece it together."

Kakashi just contiued to stare at the stone.

"If you don't mined, how did Obito die?"

Minutes ticked by with no answer from Kakashi. The wind rustled their hair as leave glided over and across their feet.

"Obito shares very similar qualities with Naruto and is in a way Naruto to Obito as Sasuke was to me back then. He was always late and made up dumb excuses. I was the one who followed every rule. Obito considered team mate very important and any anyone who left a team mate behind as worse than trash in his mind, none the less I was like that. Obito met his end while trying to help his friends and his body was crushed by a earth cave in Jutsu. While he is near death, his newly acquired sharingan was given to me as a gift for being promoted to Jounin level . I guess in a weird way he helped forged the Kakashi you know today."


Aino held Kakashi's hand in her's 'So this is what Iruka meant when he said Kakashi had a rough life. heh and this episode was suppose to be a funny one '

"I come here every day and think about what I could have done differently. I know I could have done something that maybe he would be here and alive now."

Aino grip tighten

" Kakashi things?things happen for a reason wheatear we know or not. Besides if he did survive you still would not be the you, you are now."

"I KNOW!I know but I can't help but feel responsible."

" I understand how that feels."

"how? What happen to you understand?"

"well you see um?well uh?"

"don't worry about it. I believe you have to help Gai train the teams to day."

"holy crap I forgot lets get you home first."

"No I want to stay here you go on I'll meet you at home."

"You?re sure?"

"Yeah" Aino slowly let go of Kakashi hand and sped off in search off Gai.
Gai was sitting on the bench looking at his watch. 'why is she so late. Geez she hung out with Kakashi so long that his late-ness is rubbing off on her.'


He turn toward the sound off his name to see a line off dust coming his way. Aino saw Gai sitting on the bench looking at her but unfourtionly when she came to slow down her breaks won't stop and she left a long, deep, line in the path and about 10 feet on her main stopping point. When back to the bench Aino was holding her chest and gasping for air. She sat down and leaned her head back resting her head.

"I see hanging with Kakashi as made you-"

Aino evil glare stopped him dead in sentence.

"um never mind."

"where's the teams?"


"where's Naruto, Ninji, Sasuke Tenten, Lee, and Sakura?"

"oh I sent them home."


"You were so late I saw not point in waiting after I all ready trained them."

"oh sorry I was late its just Kakashi woke up last night and-"

{flash back}- "What's the matter Kakashi don't trust me to keep my eyes closed"

"With this surprise, sort of."

"Hey is that any way to treat a lady for being worr-" Aino's words were cut off by the feel of warm strong lips on her lips. 'Kakashi is kissing me? It's a hell of a lot better than Phoenix. It's just live Heaven maybe even more.' Kakashi's tongue creeps in to her mouth and so dose she dose the same to him the spend hours just kissing but when aino try to put her hand to his face he pull out of the kiss and said. "Not yet" with that kakashi pulled up his mask and untied the hand band from Aino's head. {end Flashback}

"Aino hello are you in there? Aino" Gai said waving his hand in front of her face.

" Oh yeah what was I saying?"

"you were taking about how kakashi woke p last night then you stop. Did something happen between you, and Kakashi?"

Aino's face turned a bright red "well uh. OF CORSE NOT WHAT WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU THAT IDEA!"

"well when you were in your own world you started blushing bad so I thought that you and kakashi did the horizontal tango or something like that"

Aino gave Gai a right hook in the face and a left hook in the gut.


Aino sat back down un able to think of a name to call kakashi that would prove to Gai that she didn't have feeling for him. The truth of the matter was she did have feeling and the more time she spent with Kakashi the harder it was to hid them.

"Hey Aino you want to go for a walk with me"

"Yeah sure"

Aino got up from the bench and began to walk. They talked about how much time they would be training together, and joked about what she had missed.

"You should have seen it Aino, Lee, Naruto, and Sakura were in a huge argument."

"What was it about?"

"They wouldn't tell me which was odd on Lee's part, but what I heard it was something about you."


?they better not know, if they do and tell any one I swear I?ll kill them personally.?

?Would you know what they'er taking about??

?Uh no not at all?

In the bushes Lee laid in wait, he was holding a wire in his hand, that he laid just a few minutes ago. He peeked out of the bushes to see Aino and Gai coming around the corner.

?Finally I can help Gai-sensei win the woman of his dreams. He will be so proud of me.?

Lee saw Gai walk past the wire then he pulled with all his might. Aino step next, tripping over it screaming ?GAIIIIII!!!!?

In a smooth swoop, Gai caught Aino, and turn the fall face first in to a soft dip.

?Are you all right Aino??

?Yeah thanks Gai.?

?Come on Gai-sensei make your move? Lee screamed in his head peering through the bushes.

Gai face drew close to Aino?s.

?Aino there something I want to tell you?

?w-what is it?? Aino asked feeling her face go red.

?Aino I-I love?you?

Those three words brought back flash of memories.

{Flash Back}- Aino and Nobu where sitting on the side of a lake, letting their feet hang off the side.

?Aino there is something I want to tell you.?

?What is it Nobu??

?You know how you said you where going to leave in the beginning??

?Yeah what about it??

Nobu pulled Aino into an embrace.

?I love you and will always protect you no matter what so please stay.?

?n-nobu I-I will?

Nobu looks Aino in the eyes, his eyes shinning with love, care and a look that seem like he was about to do something hoe should not. Next thing Aino knew Nobu had pushes her into the lake. A week Aino awoke in the mid of the night on the out skirts of the town to see it burning. Aino ran toward it but when she got there all the villagers had a look of hate on their face?s

?what happen? Who did this?? Aino asked.

?Please don?t act innocent with us.? A woman in the background yelled,

?We'll show you. You are the one who destroyed our home it all your fault."

?I would do this you should know all off you. You know I?m not like that, you can ask Nobu if you want.?

The children started throwing sticks, rock and every thing else, they could find. An old man came out from the crowd with a sad expression.

?We can ask nobu because his near death.?

?What? Let me see him.?

?NO? the man roared

?It all your fault that nobu is going to die you?re the one who planted the wounds on him. It is all your fault."

Aino left the village runs through a forest that seemed end less ?Why me, what dose everything happen to me? Aino thought-{end flask back)

{flash back 2)- "If I was you I won?t get too etched to any one or thing. I just might destroy them too.? The voice said-{end flash back}

those word echoed in her head. Aino came from her thoughts to see Gai?s Face inches from her. On instinct Aino punched Gai sending him flying and landing on his head.

?How could I forget about what Murali said and what happen to Nobu? How??

?What was that for Aino?? Gai cried still on his head

?Sorry Gai its jus I don?t feel the same that?s all.?

With that, Aino dashed off toward home.

With out warning something hard causing her to hit the ground hard

?Geez I?m just falling all over the place to day. What did I hit now??

?Miss Aino are you alright??

Aino looked up to See Iruka and Naruto. Iruka helped Aino up and helped her dust off.

?Where you heading to in such a hurry, Aino-sensei?? Naruto asked with hands behind his head.

?Well I wanted to get back to Kakashi as soon as possible and-

?but the Hospital is in the other direction Miss Aino?

?No you do not understand Kakashi was able to go home to day?

?so Kakashi-sensei is out!? Naruto yelled with glee.


?Cool, you want to come watch a movie with us Aino-sensei??

?Please Naruto call me Aino, just Aino. You to Iruka?

?ok" both the guys said.

?So Aino will you??

?Well I have to get home-"

?please Aino. Pretty please with Raman on top?

?sigh ok I?ll go?

?yippy? howled Naruto jumping up in the air.

The three got their tickets, popcorn, soda and their seats. The Movie stared Naruto favorite actress: Yukie Fujikaze. Aino sat in the middle of the guy munching down popcorn like no tomorrow, in the middle of the movie Naruto left saying he had to go bad. He ran out with his hands between his legs screaming,


'?That?s what he get for drinking 25 gallons in an hour and fifteen minutes.? Iruka and Aino thought watching Naruto run as fast as lighting.

?Now for operation Iruka-sensei and Aino.? Naruto thought sitting on the toilet. ?Using this.? He said holding up a thin red thread.

Naruto snuck back in the movie and sat behind Iruka and Aino?s seats. Naruto slowly lower the thread toward the unsuspecting victim?s hands resting next to each other. The thread was almost under Aino?s pinky went she moved it to scratch her noise. Naruto help his breath try to keep from screaming. Aino put her hand back down and Naruto tried again. This time he mange to get in under her pinky and was working on getting it under Iruka?s when Iruka moved he?s hand to drink his soda. Naruto?s cheeks got bigger holding even more fury. The third time he had the thread under and around both pinks when both Aino and Iruka move their hands for popcorn. As the last two times Naruto cheeks grew triple the normal size. Naruto tried four more time with little to no results, by this time his cheeks were taking up practically the whole row. Good time there was no one sitting there. One the eighth time Naruto was so close all he had to do was tie a knot. Sweat started to from on his forehead, his hands started to shake, and he could feel lumps from in his throat. One more pull of the thread when all of a sodden Aino sneezed pulling her hand up to her mouth along with the thread. That was the last straw Naruto couldn?t take it anyone and shout so loud that is shock the roof off the theater.

Out side the theater Iruka was yelling a Naruto while Aino just leaned against a near by wall

?Geez Naruto I thought your pranking days were over. This is so not like you Naruto. What were you thinking??

?Well I was thinking that um?well...um??

?Just drop it Iruka, Naruto was just being Naruto.? Aino said pushing off the wall.

As she walked past Naruto, she whispered,

?Next Naruto if you want to mess with my love life let me now fist, oh and tell Lee what I said too.?

With that, Aino walked kakashi?s house.

?How?how did she know? Aino?s scary??

The sun was setting, Aino looked up at it remember in the first time she saw a set with Kakashi.

'That really wasn?t to long ago but I must admit that I?ve changed but I can?t stay here any more.?

?Hey Aino? she heard a female voice cry.

Aino turned around to see Sakura running to her.

?Hey Sakura what are you doing out here so late??

?I was training with Tsunade and the training end up going longer than planed.?

?I see?

Sakura and Aino resumed walking and taking about Sakura?s training when Sakura said "I know what happened last night between you and Kakashi.?

Aino head turned red, sweat came down her forehead like a raging flood.

?w-what are you talking about? Nothing happened I swear.?

?I was training late with Tsunade yesterday when I walked passed Kakashi?s room. I saw the back of your head and Kakashi?s very close to your?s. So did you kiss? Did you see his face? Well how was it?"

?Well I?um?well NO I DIDN?T SEE HIS FACE!? Then Aino scurried off faster than ever on the road to home.

Slamming the door behind her Aino slid down the wall looking and the nice bamboo floor. Kicking her shoes off, she walked to Kakashi?s room. On the bed, she saw Kakashi fast asleep with the covers covering up to his eyes.

'Why didn?t he want me to see his face? What am I just now wondering what he looks like under the mask? I?m officially labeling myself weird.'

Aino got down on her knees and gradually began to move the covers back. The cover slid passed the nose and was almost off his upper lip, when she was slammed into a wall with strong lips pressing against hers.


She whispered when Kakashi stated kissing her neck.

?What is in Aino?? he said moving his lips up to her ear lope

?Why didn?t you want to show me your face last night??

Kakashi stopped kissing and whispered in her ear

?because I want us to be alone with no doctor or nurses to bug us. You want to see my face now??

?I um?I?

Kakashi arose to show Aino his face but before she saw any thing she pulled kakashi?s mask up and buried her head in his chest.

?Aino what?s wrong? Why are you acting so weird??

?Kakashi I got to leave the village now.?


?Because, I?ve over stayed my welcome.?

?You can?t!?


Kakashi pulled Aino in to a deep embarrass.

?Because I?I l-?

?DON?T SAY IT! Please Kakashi don?t say the ?Three Word Phrase?, please?


Aino hauled herself way from Kakashi and began to walk out. Kakashi appeared in the doorway blocking any escape.

?I?ll make you a deal you stay here and help me train for the next time we have to face Phoenix and his group and if you still don?t feel like I can?t protect you then you may leave I wont stop you.?

?And if I leave now.?

?Then I?ll hunt you down and bring you back here if I have to. So what will it be??

Aino sat down on the bed with her hand over her eyes

?I?ll stay but on one condition.?


?We forget what happened last night or any thing leading up to it, catch what I mean??


They both shook on it and made arrangements Aino was going to sleep on the couch so Kakashi could sleep in his bed to help him heel. While lying on the couch thought ran through Aino head faster than a super sonic jet.

?I know I did the right thing to keep Kakashi from telling me how he feels and all but why do I feel so bad. I guess I am just going to erase this feeling and just repeat over to myself that Kakashi and I are just friends and nothing more. Yeah that?s what I?ll do.'

With that, Aino fell into a deep sleep of loneliness that she had fell into so many times.
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