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Sign Up Digimon: Reality is normal with both humans and Digimon

Guest DigiTamer

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Guest DigiTamer

The digitestines fought several battles against the forces of darkness. The Battles all were long and perilis. Most of the digitestines are old and fimble. Now evil is destoyed.

Humans and digimon are working together in harmony. Humans and digimon also live in both worlds now. Everything is like normal except for the humans and digimon living together. There are still thieves stealing money and policemen trying to catch them both with digimon. So every one has a digimon partner.

Sometimes humans and the digimon have a child together(cross breeding). When the humans and digimon don't cross breed the human child is pair with a digimon hatchling. Some humans are able to become digimon themselfs(like digimon frontier). The crossed-breeded humans/digimon have charistics of both human and digimon.


Race-(human or cross-breed)
Digivice type-(if any)
Digivice color-(only if theres a digivice)
Digimon-(any parnter or you)

Sorry for any incorrect spelling.
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Guest DigiTamer
Name- Ryan
Digivice type-none
Digivice color-N/A
Apperance-Has spikey hair which is blond and has blue eyes. Wears a yellow shirt with a flame pattern and blue jeans. He also has yellow gloves and of course shoes and socks. Has white skin and his hands are like a veemons and has a flamedramon like tail. Ryan wears a jacket to cover his tail so no one sees it.
History-When Ryan first went to school all the kids laughed at him so now he hides his digimon parts.
Bio-Ryans mother is a human of 35 and his father is a flamedramon at age 35 as well.
Attacks-Burning Punch.
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