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Request Ninja Gaiden set


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I can't find the site I normally get my pictures from of this guy, but I would like some sort of ninja type (or japanese type) theme for this one. Not entirely sure about the font style for this one. But for the text, I want it to say Ultimate Warrior of Myth. I'll let you decide on the color of the background. I trust ya. ^^

[URL=http://www.consolegeneration.com/immagini/wallpapers/1024/1550854271_Ninja%20Gaiden_XBOX_7_1024.jpg]Link for banner[/URL]

[URL=http://www.consolegeneration.com/immagini/wallpapers/1024/153394788_Ninja%20Gaiden_XBOX_2_1024.jpg]Link for avatar[/URL]

If you feel you can use the link for the avatar as a banner, feel free to do so, because I thought it might be too hard outline over or whatever.

Thanks in advance
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[RIGHT][COLOR=#656446][SIZE=1]Wai~! It's a Hayabusa requeeeest!!!
It's still up for revision so if you plan to use this banner but think that something must be added/removed/altered, please don't hesitate to tell me. Avatar to follow.

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As requested: one Hayabusa avatar.
Thank you for choosing Art by Request and have a good day. ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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