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Sign Up 10 Days Till Death [PG13-VLS]


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The date is 30XX A.D.

All wars ended and world peace was achieved. But how long will it last. A teenager named Jhonny Travis thinks that won't last.

Jhonny was walking home. All was normal in his 11th grade life. HIs friends Tara Rose, and Zach Hilllsborogh, Was going home with him to have a good time. Jhonny and Zach were racing while Tara was chasing after them. " You two never give up. Your both rivals. Said Tara angrily. "Well thats what we do, our hormoans tell us to." Replied Jhonny. " Did you ever pay attention in health class. You guys are jusst stubborn." "Stop complaining girl!" Yelled Zach. "You jek!" Yelled Tara.

When they arrived Jhonny turned on the TV. He turned to channel 7 news.
"A message in the sky?" Said a reporter. "Even skeptics are believing. A sure sign that the apocylypse is her. Historians say the message tells us we only have 10 days left to live.". "hell no. Did they just say end of the world.?' Said Zach
hyperventilating. "Yup." Said Tara calmly. " lets get supplies at the store for my fathers "Apocylypse Shelter". said Jhonny. "Well then get of your *** and go to wal*Mart." Yelled Zach. "Okay, Oay!" said Jhonny. "Tara I need a women's touch here." "SEXIST!!!!!" Yelled Tara.

" Oreo's, franken berry, 25 gallons of milk and soda. Soup, beef, noodles, Playstation maga- Wait end of the world no playstation." "That will be 2000 dollors sir, would you like a UPS truck to bring it to you?" Said the cashier. "Ha ha ha!" Yelled Jhonny in her face." "Your taking this well." Said Tara sarcasticly. " Uh-hu, you'll thank me. You always will."

Hey Zach we're back. "OMG OMG OMG! thats a lot a stuff." Said Zack. " Here's the receipt." Said Jhonny. "You're taking this well Jhonny." " That's what I said. Replied Tara like it was a deja vu episode. The last days left were great. Then the day arrived. Jhonny awoke and stepped outside. His fears were realized. THe land around him was baron with only the arms and legs of people that once stood. " Why did this happen?'' Jhonny asked himself. "Because of you." A voice said that was in an enigma. " Who the hell sid that?" Jhonny asked the voice. " Why it is but you." "me?" Jhonny reapeated. "Yep. And soon the people from Klaushia VIII, Vexrell, Hellisar 2 and Gakinji are coming for you. And the fedaration is gone as well. Its all because of you or is it me? Plus that girl Tara and that cocky fool Zack" " I'm dead wrong. Or is it you. Damn now i'm confused." Well me goodbye and remember. This was because of you 3." The voic edissapeared. " Darn it what was with me. That was all me." Jhonny said in a worried tone. "That's not true." "OH! TAra it's only you." "This is [B]our[/B] fault not yours. Now lets go back to the cabin."

As they went inside an explosion woke another fear in Jhonny's mind. " The Klaushias from Klaushia VIII." Yelled Jhonny. He ran of.

"Zach wake up the Klashias are attaking and Jhonny went after them." "Damn1 get a gun and lets hightail it out a here." Yelled Zack.

Meanwhile Jhonny was chasing after the aliens. Suddenly he blacked out. "What are you thinkisg John? GOing out like that. That guy was right it is your fault. Wake up from reality. You guys will die." Then suddenly like hope he awoke purified. A sword in hand. "Hey a sword. This coul be lucky." "There he is get him." "HUh? Oh you guys. Well then prepare to die." Like lightning he hacked and slashed. His sword trailing behind him with the army men behind him drafting. He shot at one dodged bullets and repeated. His body flaid like a chainmace. He must of coverd 10 yard with dead men from the Klaushias' army.

"whoa I did that." Said Jhonny astonished. "You whped their butts Jhonny!" Said Zach. "Yoy bet!" Cheered Tara.

Jhonny, Tara, and Zach knew their destinies were change... fo life.

[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Sign up Sheet[/SIZE][/FONT]

Name of charecter:




Appearence or Image:


Side: (Good or evil)

Race: (human, demon, alien, god, and deity)

LEvel of charecter at start:(only up to 5)

Abilities: (Every 5-10 levels)

Over ability: (think of it as a limit technique.

Battle System. JUst go on with the story and add battle plus experience(only up to 200 exp per battle.) All charecter level up after 1000 exp.

Tahts all there is. Sign ups will be over when I say so. Limit is 25 charecters.

Nekosama101: You need your abilities and you over abilities. Unless you want us to find out ourselves.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=733170#post733170]10 Days Til Death: Underground[/URL]
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Name of charecter: Neko

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weopon: Samurai sword

Appearence or Image: [URL=http://evilinside.by.ru/pics/gothic_anime_girl_2.jpg]Neko[/URL]

Story: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years.

Side: Good

Race: Human

LEvel of charecter at start: 3

(Lemme know if there's anything I need to add or change)
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