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Writing Chronicles Of A Pyro's Mind (Most are PG)


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[B]These are a series of Poems by me, that have been written by me not too long ago. They deal with many issues in my life , and other lives right now. Please tell me if they are any good or not.


You can sit down and think
For a little while
Keep it your memory
Save it as a new file
Sit down and think about it
Maybe all night
For as long as you like
But keep this in mind
At least try to make it alright.


Scumbags singing
Getting big money
In today's society, the winners are losers
So bad it isn't funny
Listen up to the fact, "beggars can't be choosers"
People still on the street
Justice still isn't found
I look around to see, the people that still believe
As they search for higher ground


I don't break the rules
I bend them
I don't burn the fools
They light themselves
I'm like a black cat
When they cross my path
They look into my cold eyes,
and wonder where my heart dwells.


This attraction to you
Is bleeding me
Long distances are killing this
He's killing us
All I want right now...
Is you
It's you, I miss
I'm needing you
But you're bleeding me.


Been a while
Since I looked in the mirror
My life
It seems so inferior
But she
Gives me
happiness to get through the day
Then darkness fades,
and we begin again


Why do I keep writing?
-and keep fighting?
'Tis not my fate to be great
They don't aprreciate
What I do
What we do
What they do
I don't care, though
'cause we're still not through


These trends aren't safe
Time to waste
I see robots walking past
Only seperated by their mass
Remember all the people
You used to make fun of?
Yeah it was hurtful to some.
Now, tell me this...
Have you seen what you've become?


This died
You searched for the heart forever, never could you find
He lied
She cried
You searched for me, advancing farther away, away from my side.
What a long sentence
What a wasted thought.
What wasted time, for this love, for this war I fought.


Sitting in my room
Writing in lines and rhymes
Wondering where you are.
Wondering how you feel.
How many more tatoos
When's my neice due?
How's the new life
And how is your wife?
Havn't seen you in a while
Havn't been all the miles
to see you...
Well...I'm sleepy-eyed and tired
My bones hurt like fire
My head is racing
But my mind is pacing...
Anyway, just wondering about you.


Well, that's it, for now. Sorry, they didn't all rhyme, but that's not the point of them. So, tell me what you thought. :animesmil [/B]
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