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This is a thread for all sketches, unclean dirty roughs of will be or not be pieces. Post your ideas here, character sketches, fan art, whatever.

I'll start.


[COLOR=RoyalBlue][size=1]I made your image into a link because it was far too large. 56k users would've suffered just trying to load that page; that, and it stretched OB's layout, which is against the rules. Hope you understand.

[b]- Retribution[/b][/size][/COLOR]
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[size=1]I believe this thread has some potential, but it needs to fine-tuning first. If everyone just posts images, the thread will be completely pointless. If, however, the first person (you) were to post some sketches, and the next person would critique them and post their own, I think things would work out fine. We already have a few successful 'chain' threads, and I can't see why this one won't succeed.

So long as everyone [size=2][b]reads this post[/b][/size], I'll let this stay open.[/size]
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