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Request Banner and Avi request...


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Hello everyone!

I was wondering if one of you lovely peoples could make me a new banner and avi set using [URL=http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/2900/rangeness99907no.png][COLOR=DimGray][B][this][/B][/COLOR][/URL] picture. I just love this picture so much XD, the book is so awesome, anywho?

I would like a grungy/dark set if possible, using blacks, grays and orangey-red like in his goggles. I?d like the text on the banner to say either ?Going to hell? Why not take someone with you.? Or the following words, in a small font, Rage, Revenge, Love and Death, you can use all of the words or only a few I don?t mind as long as Rage is one of them. Either or doesn?t really matter, whatever suits your design best.

I?d like the avi to be the same picture or part of the same picture with the number 11 on it very small in one of the corners or one of the above words. The number isn?t necessary though, my user name doesn?t need to appear anywhere. Hope that wasn?t too confusing ^^;

Many thanks in advance to anyone who gives it ago, I think this is one of my easier requests?or not ^^;;. Anyways thanks again!

Illusion. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Bwee, I couldn't resist a request with orange in it~ I know you said about using a small font for all four words, but RAGE looked pretty good in big, eroded letters.



If you could upload them to your own hosting site or use the OB attachment URL, that would be great.

Hope they're okay![/SIZE]
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