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Discuss Let the cards fal[M-LV?]l- rp idea, opinions needed


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I've this rp idea in my head for a while

basically misfits gathered and sent by the angel of death that kill demons to gain a spot in heaven or cleanse their sins, everyone has there own motive. The thing is the demons that their killing and getting rid off disguise themselves as humans so they can gain favor in the public eye, almost seeming more than human to them, movie stars, basket ball players, and singers. People that stay in the public eyes and others look up too. The group has to kill them off with out getting caught or having people notice. This is where there's a issue, They'll have the church jumping down their throats with their own criticism, demons who curse them for killing their own, and humans who think of it as all random murders plastered across the news.

anyway I can improve it? or should i even bother posting it? any opinions or suggestions would be welcomed...
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