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Writing MySpace Mayhem. The comedy of chatting chattery. [PG13-LSV]


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Tommy t.: So there's a guy on here who's a preacher?
Ruth: You bet yor sweet patootie.
Tommy t.: Thanxs TTFN!

Tommy t.: Preacher whats your name?
Gregory: Gregery son of god.
Tommy t.: Um preacher I've sinned.
Gregery: Tell me the sin. I promise I wont tell.
Tommy t.: I slept with your doughter.
Gregery: I swear by god I'll kill you. And my doughters child!!!!!
Tommy t.: Dude don't get in my grill!
Gregery: God smite this man!
Tommt t.: No no ahhhhhh! LIght-
Gregery: Uh Oh. Weird I'm not a real preacher.
Next time: the dead man from channel 7. Hope you liked it. The thought just popped into my head.

The dead man from channel 7

Fran: Hi are you new?
C7 guy:uggh
Fran: you sound hot.
C7 guy: ugh ug oooghhh
Fran: I'm a wha? a street work- the nerve of you!
C7 guy: OOGGG UG UG uG oogh oogh oogh!
Fran: Timmy is stuck in the well? I"ll save him.

Kyle: Well she's gone. Finnaly
C7 guy: Ug UG.
Kyle: My momma does not wear army boots.
C7 guy: oooo ha gug uugh
Kyle: Do what with my what?
C7 guy: yughh ooh aughhhh
Kyle: You want me to slap my but with a fish and scream i'm an idiot? Already did but whatever.
C7 guy: UGGG?
Gwen: Don't people understand that he is from italy?
C7 guy: I'm actually a dead man who worked at channel 7 news.
Gwen: So timmy jake and jill are all stuck in a hollow log? I'll save them!!!
C7 guy: Okay then that was weird.
Okay I know it wasn't that funny but it was supposed to be stupid.
NEXT TIME: 8 simple rules for dating my teenage he she.
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