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[size=1]Hello there, fine, respectable arty-type peoples of OtakuBoards. It's me again, Blayze. Although this time I am not looking for a new banner and avatar set, as I am quite happy with the ones I have currently.

This is a different request for me, and something to do with a new RP which is forthcoming from the depths of my twisted mind.

What I require is a banner-esque design to use at the head of each thread about this RP, although it doesn't have to be within banner size restrictions, because I will be posting it in a thread. However, this does mean that it can't be too wide, otherwise it will mess up the formatting of the thread.

So, anyway, the request is quite simple, all I want you to do is put some words on a picture I already have, one which I have attached. The words I want on it are:

[/size][center][b][size=1]Never grow old. Never grow up...

[/size][/b][left][size=1]Preferably in a kind of brooding, gothic-style text. If someone can do this for me it would be very much appreciated, and I would love you forever.

Although, while you are at it, if you could make me a banner and avi using the same image for the banner, with the same words and everything, and the second attached image for the avi (just the kid's head, no name or anything, with a nice border) then I would be immensely grateful for it. I won't be using any of these things for a little while, but when I do, you will be able to see your work in all its splendour.

Thank you all very much in advance for this.
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[size=1]It's been a couple days, so you might want to consider giving some vague dimensions. I speak from experience in that artists do enjoy a degree of direction -- when you say "Not too big, but not too small," they really have zero idea where you're coming from.

Perhaps tossing out the maximum acceptable dimensions and allowing anything that falls within those numbers?[/size]
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[size=1]Thanks, Retri. I forgot that people need to be told exactly what needs to be done ;).

Ok, I think the maximum size for the banner would be 500x200 pixels, just to make sure it fits in a thread without messing the formatting up.

As for the avatar and banner set, normal OB size restrictions apply.

Hope that gives you something to work with.

EDIT: I no longer need the main banner for the threads...I found out that the picture I had was about the right size anyway.

However, the avatar and banner set would still be quite nice, if you could.

Thank you.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Sienna]I've also made a set for you Blayze. I didn't use the exact background for the second image and I do hope its okay. If not I can redo it, if you choose to use this set in the future.

Avatar- (I didn't forget the avi this time!)


One with the arrow:



[IMG]http://img350.imageshack.us/img350/1369/never5od.jpg[/IMG] [/COLOR] [/FONT] [/SIZE]
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