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Sign Up Super Smash Bros. Rumbe, Division 2 [PG-V]


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[color=teal][center]Welcome, applicants, to the second division of the Super Smash Bros. Rumble tournament! I am Talon, your host, and the announcer for your matches. I will also announce the decision of the judges at the end of each match. We wish you a good fight, and good luck. May the best Smash Brother win![/center]


1) Each match will last thirty posts. Any action that was meant to continue on into the thirty-first post will be frozen and considered for judging. Please, do NOT attempt to mince your posts so that they match the limit. Fight naturally.

2) Fight to your best, and be sure to make it quite clear HOW you're fighting. Matches are judged based on grammar, originality, spelling, and creativity. Use your imagination.

3) No godmodding, no unlimited use items, and no rudeness. There are kids watching,after all.

4) Read the underground thread in matters pertaining to your Carried Item. One per match, it MAY change.

5) Though there are FOUR non-Nintendo characters and four divisions, that does not necessarily mean one non-Nintendo character per division. PM your non-Nintendo character sign-up to me for pre-approval, along with whichever division you wish to post in in the PM title.

6) Have fun, and may the best Smash Brother win.

Sign-up Sheet

[b]Name:[/b] Your name.

[b]Game:[/b] Your game of origin, or series of origin.

[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture or a very in-depth description of your appearance.

[b]Standard Carried Item:[/b] Your preference for Carried Item.

[b]Smashes:[/b] A list of all four of your Special techniques: One for the 'Up' attribute, which is usually attached to the double-jump feature as an emergency save, one for the 'down' attribute, which is usually associated with a defense of some sort, one for the 'moving' attribute, which is usually an attack with a lot of force, and one for the 'standing' attribute, which varies from character to character as a 'signature move' of sorts.[/color]

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