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Ok this kind of sounds strange but im looking for something that isnt art based but is, so I didnt know if I should but this here or not.

Anyways I just want a site or a book recomendation that has different japanese symbols for growth or change or both. They dont even have to be Japanese if you know of something that means what I am looking for and looks good. I have searched for hours on the web and havnt found anything yet.

I am going to be getting another tattoo soon and I would love to incorporate those things into it because my next tattoo is going to mean alot to me about a time in my life that was so low and then brought back up, changed, and when it has grown. All because of two little girls. So maybe not just symbols but like creatures and such. I mean on Miami Ink they said today that the KOI represents LUCK... and such. Im kind of looking for stuff like that.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
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