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Teaching English Abroad


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Ever since I was in middle school, I've wanted to teach English abroad for the experience. At the time, specifically Japan. Well, I've never wanted to be a teacher, but after going to college and changing my major a few times, I ended up studying to become a teacher-- which I'm quite satisfied with.

Now I'm a college student, about to graduate with a teaching degree from a university in a year, and I'm still considering this option of teaching abroad for a year. I really want to go to any country in the far east: Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, etc. I'll also be certified in teaching English Second Language, this is because I really want to teach minority students who aren't native English speakers. Hopefully, this will give me an upperhand as an applicant.

I'm a little torn because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that my parents will think I'm being irresponsible and taking off right after I've graduated instead of settling down and helping them out. After all, they've supported me morally and financially in just about everything.

I'm also afraid that I'd be stuck miserably in a foreign country for one year. I don't know what to do if I'm being cheated, mistreated, or maybe even sold into slavery or something crazy! :animedepr . But that's just looking at it pessimistically.

So, I'd like to know if any of you know anything about this sort of business. Teaching abroad. I want to learn more about what I could be getting myself into. The interest has always been nagging me. And I think it'll be quite a learning experience, and something that will really help me grow.

I'm in search of [B]legitimate information and experiences[/B] from people who've been there, done that. Or some contact information from exchange teachers, and schools that treat their exchange teachers well. I want to find the right place. Have you, or are you teaching abroad right now? Do you know anybody who has or is?

Thankyou. :cool:
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