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RPG The Bounty [PG-13]

Dragon Warrior

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[b]Rules are set. We each get six posts. Obviously since I start, you get to finish the match in the final post, The Boss. We'll come to an agreement who wins by post quality like any other battle. Let's get it on.[/b]

[size=1]Mr. Dark seated himself at the Luuve Cafe to enjoy himself a glass of what was most likely going to be some form of liquor. Of course, on the planet Yoraav, alcohol was a lot stronger. Mr. Dark could take it anyways. In fact, he ordered one of the strongest drinks, one only creatures like Hefyargos could handle. He mixed in some extra condiments and took a sip. That's when his eyes locked with another.

Mr. Dark didn't recognize him, but it was obvious he was a bounty hunter. This man just had that way about him. Mr. Dark glared a little. Across the room, the man studied Mr. Dark. He took out a small device and scanned the cloaked stranger. It read "Mr. Dark" and he was sure it was him. The man stood up and approached.

"The name's Bones." He held out a hand, which Mr. Dark didn't bother shaking. Instead, he sipped his beverage. Bones sat himself down and ordered a similar drink. Once accompanied by his liquor, Bones studied Mr. Dark up and down again.

"What, do you want to ask me out on a date or somethin'?" Mr. Dark mocked.

"You should know better why I'm here," Bones smirked.

"You're a bounty hunter."

"Very good." Bones straightened himself up a bit to make himself more commanding. "Razdul Bones is my full name. I'm kind of a big thing around here."

"Really," Mr. Dark seemed unimpressed. "I've never heard of you."

"Guess you never come around here that often."

"Guess not." Mr. Dark was beginning to sound bored. "What's your job?"

"To kill the hunter after my client's business partner."

"Yeah? Let me guess the hunter." There was a silence and they both understood.

"I hate to do it right after we met." Razdul smirked again.

"It happens," Mr. Dark nodded. "I won't go easily."

"I'm sure," Bones smiled.

"In fact, I don't intend to go at all." Mr. Dark took out a gun from within his cloak. The black metal of it gleamed in the dim lighting of the cafe. Razdul eyed the weapon.

"A Levlon 4-60. Not a bad choice. I have a few of them myself." Bones looked back up at Mr. Dark. "You any good wit' it?"

"Why don't you find out?"

Razdul laughed softly and suddenly had a pistol of his own in his hand. Gunfire was heard, but Mr. Dark disappeared. Razdul looked around the cafe, but could not see his opponent. He was too quick. "This one will be fun," Razdul chuckled.[/size]
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Dark looked down upon his unknowing prey from the rafters of the shoddy bar, his finger on the trigger of his trusty semi-automatic Levlon 4-60. With his free hand, he reached into his cloak to reveal a circular grenade, which he dropped from the rafter and onto the bar in front of Bones. It landed with a heavy [b]*clunk*[/b] which alerted Bones and the other attendants of the bar. All of them including Bones hit the ground with urgency as the small explosive detonated, sending splinters of wood and metal every which way.

Dark smiled to himself as he watched the bar customers scramble in confusion. He noticed Bones trying to rise from the ground to which he had fallen and took his chance to attack, dropping from the rafter onto bones with his Levlon firing off a three shot burst. Bones quickly rolled to the side and hopped to his feet, shooting his own firearm at Dark, whom leaped over the long bar stand for cover.

The harsh smell of exposed and leaking alcohol caused Dark?s eyes to water. He also noticed the slippery floor due to the broken glass and spilt liquor. He took noticed and stuck his Levlon up and over the bar stand and began firing blindly into the bar, hoping to keep Bones at a distance. He was answered by a deafening barrage of bullets, which sent more broken glass flying at Dark.

Dark growled in anger and tossed his Levlon to the right for a distraction as he quickly drew a Red-140 Shotgun from his cloak and started sprinting along side the bar. Catching Bones taking cover behind an upturned circular table, he began firing madly at him, causing pieces of the table flying and breaking the glass windows of the facility. The bar patrons began edging towards the door and exiting in a panic. That meant less collateral damage for Dark, who continued strafing down the bar and pumping out heavy lead in Bones? direction. The end of the bar came soon, and with that, he ended his firing. Bones took a peak over the broken edge of the table only to be met by Dark?s shotgun thrown forcefully across the length of the Bar at him.

[b] ?Shit!?[/b] Bones hollered as he quickly ducked back down as the weapon slammed into the wall. Cocking his gun, Bones turned back up to Dark. With that, Dark began charging at Bones with two automatic pistols blasting....


[b]OOC:[/b] Fun fun fun![/size]
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[size=1]Things seemed to be growing out of hand at that point. Dark was firing madly while Bones made several quick attempts to dodge and fire at the same time. Razdul was the more accurate of the two, but with Dark consistently sending fire his way, he had no time to make a clear shot that'd take his opponent down.

That's when it happen. The first hit was made. A bullet slit through Razdul's sleeve and he grimaced in pain as it barely grazed his skin. He flew to the floor behind yet another table as Dark made his way toward him. The pistols were still blazing and continued to tear up the wood of the tabletop. That's when something caught Dark's eye. A small metal circle flipped into the air like a coin an landed softly at his feet. A hunter would have to be a moron not to figure out it was a Slize Chip. Dark was no moron. He dropped the plan of close-range combat and took cover behind another table across the room from Bones.

Suddenly, the small chip exploded in mass chaos. The fire shot to the roof and left a sizzling burn mark in the ceiling wood. The explosion was twice that of Dark's previous bomb. Bones had plenty of tricks up his sleeves and bombs were one of his specialities. Dark was soon to learn that just as Bones was soon to learn Mr. Dark was quick on his feet. He darted about the room as Razdul reloaded a pistol of his. Then, looking over the table, he peered to find his foe. Mr. Dark was a blur through the dim lights, then he was suddenly standing right before Bones.

"You quick bastard," Bones grunted before being punched across the face. He was sent backwards into the side of the bar counter where a few liquor bottles smashed on his head, ones that somehow survived the previous explosions. The fumes of the alien liquor wafted through the air and both Bones and Dark had to agree they were getting a bit buzzed. If they kept the fight up long enough, it'd turn to drunken combat.

Dark wasn't about to let this happen. He took his opportunity to shoot the dazed Bones right in the heart, which he did shortly after the last bottle smashed over Razdul's head. Bones flinched as the bullet made a direct hit. He slid to the floor and coughed a bit. That seemed all too quick for Bones, but Dark was pleased he didn't have to face off with anyone of greater skill. Razdul Bones was more of a pushover than he thought. Dark approached his foe and smirked.

"What have we learned?" Dark asked the dying Bones.

Razdul looked up at Dark dazed. Then his vision cleared and he smiled. "Don't let your guard down." Suddenly a larger pistol was unsheathed from within Bones' vest and was fired into Dark's calf, who jumped back in pain, but continued to keep an eye on Bones. Bones stood up and returned the smirk Dark had given him only moments before. "Bullet-proof vests. You should really in-[b]vest[/b] in one. Hah!"

Dark snarled and took out the next trick up his sleeve.[/size]
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[b] ?That?s a pretty big gun for such a runt...?[/b] Dark sniggered as he reached into his cloak to withdraw a special surprise for Bones. [b] ?Check this out....?[/b] with a dastardly grin, Dark revealed an enormous Exean .50 Caliber Handgun. It was never known for natural humans to use that gun, particularly because of the guns sheer ability to overpower it?s user. The amazement and fear was apparent on Bones? face as he quickly scrambled to his feet and ran across the bar and towards a set of stairs that led to a closed down club on the second floor. Dark fired the enormous firearm, receiving a monstrous recoil in return for the large round sent into the steps in front of Bones, causing him to fall through the stair case upon stepping on the weak plank.

[b] ?You aren?t going anywhere....?[/b] Dark said, limping over to the downed and bloody Bones, who had begun bleeding out his mouth and nose from the violent fall. Dark made his way through the dust and debris left by the fallen stair case when shots began coming from the cloud of rubbage. Dark to evasive action, leaping to his the right and over a wall seated table. Holding the Exean with both hands, Dark began firing into Bones? general direction, causing wood and glass to spread every which way, some pieces hitting Bones in the face and lodging into his body. Not much more than scratches, the alcohol in the air and on the glass was painful none the less.

[b] ?You dead yet?!?[/b] Dark asked across the room. He was answered with several rounds into the wall by hi face.

[b] ?What do you think??[/b] Bones laughed back at him. Dark gritted his teeth with a smile and withdrew another grenade. Closing his eyes for a moment, he cocked his Exean, then tossed the grenade. Time slowed down temporarily for Dark as the grenade volleyed through the air slowly. Holding his breath and opening his eyes, he aimed and fired the Exean at the grenade just as it passed over Bones? position. An enormous explosion went off, dust, smoke, and fire sprouted everywhere.

Dark looked deep into the debris. [b] ?How about now??[/b][/size]
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[size=1]Little did Dark know, but during that very short period of him loading his gun and tossing the grenade, Bones had made his way through the bar and up what was left of the steps. The explosion took out the rest of the wooden staircase, nevertheless. Dark smirked when no reply was given and he waited for the dust to clear. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown from what looked like the rafters and a stray bullet set it off in midair like Dark's old trick. Wood once again took flight as fire engulfed a large portion of the bar.

Dark managed to moved before the explosion took him too. He was a bit on fire and burnt slightly, but survived easily. "Trying my own moves on me won't get you anywhere, Bones," Mr. Dark warned. He was still not sure where Bones had got to. He carefully stepped out into the rubble in the middle of the room. He had plenty of upturned tables and chairs for cover, but he was still a bit cautious of where Razdul may pop out of. He heard footsteps, but they echoed uncannily through the room. The destinction of where they were coming from was hard to make out. Suddenly he heard the clink of metal hitting glass.

He looked above and spotted a chandelier. In no more than a second later, another explosion occurred as a bomb set off, sending the chandelier crashing down toward Dark. He jumped to the side, his famous speed saving him, but the chandelier was too large. His leg was trapped underneath at one part and he couldn't pull it out. He struggled and looked upward to see where Bones was.

The ceiling was too dark to make much out, but he saw a shadow moving along the rafters. Dark started firing shots with his normal pistol, hoping to at least make a damaging hit. Bones appeared to be moving in a circle around the room, stopping at certain points. Dark wasn't sure what plan he had, but he kept on firing anyways. Then Bones stopped at the doorway to the second floor. It was too far away to make out the real form of him, so Dark could not aim. He made a few shots into the dark before realizing what Bones had just did.

Then he hear a beep. The beep that was made when Bones activated the bombs all along the rafters and the whole ceiling came crashing down on Dark.[/size]
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The entire battle was escalating entirely too fast for Dark?s comfort. The ceiling had been destroyed by the several explosive charges laid down by Bones. The flaming structure fell slowly, piece by piece in large burning chunks and clumps of amber. Dark sped through the ruins quickly, leaping out of the bar?s window, ignoring the immense pain coming from his calf. Pieces of glass scattered over the messy streets of the Yoorav city.

Dark rose up from the wet ground slowly, noticing the heavy rain which was native to the jungle planet. It was dark outside, which meant that the streets were free of all civil life forms and filled with the thugs and dregs of society. Strange and irritable faces eyeballed Dark as he stood up in front of the burning building that once was the Luuve Café. Placing a smug look on his face, he withdrew a small assault rifle from his cloak. This immediately alerted the bystanders of the battle, who quickly fled into separate shops and dark ally ways.

[b] ?That was pretty good, Bones!?[/b] Dark yelled angrily towards the burning café, firing a burst of high-caliber bullets into the building, fishing out his opponent. He continued his assault until a shadowy figure leapt into the streets. [b] ?Very nice of you to show your face...?[/b] Dark laughed as he loaded a ?special? clip into his weapon. [b] ?I understand this may be overkill, but you?ve annoyed me past logic!?[/b] with that, Dark began firing armor-piercing rounds at the single human bounty hunters.

Small amounts of liquid nitrogen where held at the tips of the bullets, which provided small explosions on contact with the ground around Bones, who took flight, running around the spray of fire Dark provided. Small pieces of concrete acted as shrapnel, launching at Bones with high force. Bones quickly ducked into an alley, at the same time, Dark quickly reloaded and waited.

[b] ?I?m glad you came prepared, Dark.?[/b] Bones yelled out from the ally way. Both warriors were drenched in the rain. Dark couldn?t tell what exactly Bones was planning, but he was growing tired of waiting to know. Clicking on his last clip into the assault rifle, he began firing more of the explosive bullets at Bones? direction, tearing away at his cover. Dark feared he was running out of tricks, and feverishly awaited Bones to grow foolish enough to try and face him at close range...[/size]
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[size=1]Bones began to sweat profusely despite the cool rain of Yoraav that trickled down his cut and bleeding face. Every time he looked out at Dark, he saw a hideous black phantom, awaiting to take him away to death's gates. It was true--Mr. Dark was Razdul's hardest quarry. Nevertheless, Bones was known for getting out of tight spots and he still had another trick to try.

"C'mon, Bones," Dark muttered under his breath. He shifted himself through the puddles of rain to get a better shot with his rifle. "Come on out and face me." It wasn't long before something came rushing out of the alley. Dark opened fire and tore a trash can lid to pieces. It was only after he fired several rounds did he notice what he just assaulted. Bones was testing him.

The water began to grow deeper around their feet and Dark himself grew more impatient. The pavement (which was only used in towns on Yoraav) unfortunately kept the water rushing around the town with no soil to sink into. Both Bones and Dark feared something may flood. Thoughts like these clouded their minds when it shouldn't. That and impatience were tantalizing to Dark. He held his gun steady when he saw something emerge from the alley again. Not so quick to shoot this time, Dark waited to see what it was.

It was some kind of rod. Obviously Bones was holding it, but he was still hidng around the wall. Dark studied it from afar and decided not to take chances at shooting at it. That may be what Bones wanted. Not too long after Dark made this decision did the rod touch down into the water. Then, moments later, sparks flew and eletricity burst from the end. Dark felt sudden excrutiating pain as he was being electricuted from a distance. He dropped his gun, but couldn't move to pick it up. Dark's clothes began to smell burnt and his flesh began to began to peel away. Dark saw what Razul did. He was using his electric rod with the water. Since water conducts electricity, Dark was easily targeted. If he didn't act fast, he'd be dead and extra crispy quick.[/size]
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Excruciating pain writhed through Dark?s body as the electricity pulsed into his nerves. He looked up to see Bones unaffected by the electricity. Dark cared little about the reason, all he cared about was freeing himself from the agony of his current situation. Looking left to right slowly, he noticed there was no advantage for him to take. It would have to be all will power. Luckily, Dark had lightened himself up since the beginning of the battle. Gritting his teeth, Dark forced his body to leap to the side of a wall, his feet making contact with the gritty building material, he began running along side the wall. Thanks to his genetically altered body, Dark was able to perform feats normally impossible for humans, such as this.

Looking to the ally way where Bones was oblivious to Dark?s current activity, he leapt from his side of the street and towards Bone?s position, shoulder tackling him and inactivating his little stun baton. Dark?s rage put him beyond words as he rolled with Bones in the shallow water, he looked down to him and began pummeling him in the face, forgetting the small arms he held within his cloak and going back to his martial arts basics. Sheer anger provided him with the strength to continue his assault on the near defenseless Bones as blood started to spurt from his nose and mouth.

In a sudden show of power, Bones flipped Dark off of him and rolled him into a wall, drawing a gun, he began firing. However his eye site had been damaged from the heavy blows Dark landed on his nose and eye socket, each shot missed save for one which landed in the dazed Dark?s left arm. Dark replied by quickly withdrawing a grenade from his cloak and tossed it against the wall beside Bones. The explosion was enormous, causing a pile of bricks to fall on top of the already dazed fighter.

Dark stood up slowly, grabbing his wounded arm to approach the pile of rubble. His walk was slow. Suddenly, he stopped in the rising levels of water and withdrew a small pistol and cocked it. Better safe than sorry he felt. With that, he began firing into the pile of bricks...[/size]
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[size=1]The bullets easily penetrated the rubble and yelps were heard as they made their target. Anger and hate was present in Dark's eyes as he let the lead fill the limp form of Razdul under his brick grave. Suddenly, a large bullet shot through the bricks and hit Dark directly in the chest. It was so powerful it sent him back into the wall and he fell to the ground, coughing blood.

The bricks fell off his body as Bones stood up. He was bleeding heavily now, but saw Dark in an uncomfortable state as well. Most of the bullets hit his vest or arms, so Bones wasn't badly hurt. But enough bullets penetrated that he could eventually bleed to death if actions weren't taken. He quickly used the time he had to rip some of his sleeves and type up the bloody holes left in him. He eventually had to use his pants cloth to tie the rest of his arms.

Things were blurring for the both of them. Loss of blood cause Bones to stumble around and the electricity was still bolting through Dark. The night was becoming dawn so the streets began to light once more. As the sun peeked through the alley, Bones saw his electric rod off in the distance. He wobbled towards it, but without thinking, grabbed the wrong end, which was still in water and electricuted himself. The gun in his hand fired off and shot Dark in the ear, barely scraping the skin of the tip.

Dark put a bloodied hand to his left ear and picked up his remaining gun. Aggressively, he moved toward the collapsed Bones who was flinching from the bolts. Unlike Dark, he could not handle so much electricity and was almost temporarily paralyzed. He stared up at Dark, his eyes all he could move currently.

Dark breathed heavily. The bullet was still in his chest. It missed his heart, but still burned like a blazing fire. He had been lucky with the bullets. One in the calf, one past the heart, and one barely clipping his left ear. Now it was time to end the fight. He aimed his gun toward Bones' head when he saw what was in Razdul's left hand.

"A bomb," he said simply, then stumbled backward. Razdul threw it up in the air, in which it exploded. It harmed no one, but Dark ducked for cover anyways. When the smoke cleared, Bones was gone. He must've snuck away with the last of his strength. The bomb was merely a distraction.[/size]
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[b] ?Damn it! Bones! If there is one thing your good at, it?s running!?[/b] Dark exclaimed into the rainy streets, trying to ignore the pain in his chest. He felt like he was having a heart attack due to the bullet lodged in his chest. One thing was for sure, he wouldn?t be forgetting this fight anytime soon. However, it was drawing on for far too long. Dark was losing blood quickly and in several places. Dark decided that he needed to end this quickly. His bag of tricks were out, so he had to go back to his roots. His basics. Closing his eyes, Dark tensed his body and tried to listen hard for any movement. He couldn?t risk any unnecessary movement, so he had to make this next one count.

He listened. All he could hear was the slow drops of rain for sometime. The drip-drop pattern recording into his mind, he waited a bit longer. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a stepping foot in the window seel of a second building. Looking up, he saw the silhouette of Bones. Concentrating all his will power, he leaped with an inhuman power towards the window, cocking back his hand, he gripped the window seel and leapt into the building, drop kicking Bones on his entrance. Broken glass spread into Bones? face and they both hit the ground hard, however Dark was rushing to finish before he died of blood lost. Quickly, he leapt to his feet and ran over to the still downed Bones, kicking him square in his stomach with enough force to send him into the wall.

[b] ?Get your ass up, Bones!?[/b] Dark yelled angrily, his body aching and his spirit flaring with fury. [b] ?Let?s finish this like men! Come on!?[/b]

With that, Bones coughed up some blood and picked a few pieces of glass from his face, he began rising to his feet. His face was to hell, cut and bruised, he raised his gun. [b] ?Or maybe I could just shoot you here....?[/b]

Dark looked directly into Bones? eyes with an intense rage. His mind was dead set on victory, awaiting Bones to pull the trigger...

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[size=1]An eternity passed or at least it seemed like it did. Dark had enough time to study the barrel of the gun and all that was attached to it. He even recorded a mental image of the room while the seconds passed. Sweat trickled down the both of them, especially Bones, who, despite had the upper hand, was scared worse than Dark. The rising sun cast moving shadows through the room. Things gradually changed. Dark waited.

Then it happened. Bones shot. Bones missed.

Dark had yet to unleash his full speed on Razdul. He hesitated for too long. It was long enough for Dark to concentrate enough energy to dart when the bullet came. He easily side-stepped and evaded the fatal shot. Bones looked around, but lost track of Dark after he fired. Then a kick to the back of the head sent him flying back out the window down a two-story drop. He hit the ground and hard. Dark landed neatly, but heavily on Razdul's back, cracking his spine slightly.

Razdul whimpered a little. "Sorry to break your bones, Bones," Dark smirked. "I'll make this a quick death and end it now." Dark took a large piece of glass from the street and made a quick move to chop Bones' head clear off. But he didn't expect Bones to have enough energy to dodge. Well, he didn't really. He moved, but the glass got his leg, chopping it off at the knee. Razdul screamed upward into the sky as he lost half of his limb.

Dark dropped the glass and winced. It had naturally cut his hands good in the process of swinging it down on Bones. But it was worth it. Bones was now completely incapable of escaping. Razdul looked up at his opponent, tears running down his eyes. "Be a man, Bones," Dark frowned. "I don't want to kill a whiny baby. No use crying. It'll be over quick."

"Yes it will," Bones muttered. The final trick up Razdul's sleeve was deadlier than ever. Within his vest, he pulled out a small bomb, which he latched to Dark's leg and activated right away. Dark barely had time to think before it exploded and all went up in blazes.[/size]
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The great explosion had sent Dark?s body flying for several yards into the broad side of a small shop, causing one of the windows to shatter. For a moment, Dark wasn?t sure if he were dead or alive. If he wasn?t, then the pain he felt would definitely meant that he was in hell at the moment. He was afraid, but he slowly opened his eyes to see that his body was still mostly intact, the street still flowed with water, which seemed like a shallow river at this point. The most pain was coming from his right shin, where Bones had attached his last ditch bomb. It was still there, much to Dark?s pleasure, but his shin was most definitely shattered. His heavy specialized combat boot had absorbed the grunt of the punishment from the explosion. He had received a few burns on his upper leg and stomach, but luckily the surrounding water had kept his skin from peeling away.

Dark then looked on towards Bones, where he saw nothing more than a cloud of smoke and a small fire. Dark rose to his feet slowly, feeling every movement with agonizing pain. He began limping over towards the area, noticing the smell of burning flesh as he reached the body. It was certain, Bones had died in the explosion, his upper torso and face nearly blackened from the explosion. He may have been better if he had not attached the bomb while Dark was standing on top of him, but Dark figured he had no intention of surviving the fight after leg had been removed.

[b] ?Hateful bastard tried to take me with ?em.... heh. You were alright kid.... Haha.?[/b] Dark laughed to himself, glad to still be alive and have his job done. Stepping back, he began looking around for a pay phone. Locating one undamaged just a few yards down the street, he started his way down the street, treading through the water, limping with his shattered shin. Standing up, he dialed the number of his client.

The dial tone came on once, twice, [b] ?Who?s speaking??[/b] came the voice of a young man. His client?s secretary.

[b] ?It?s Mr. Dark....?[/b] Dark found it hard to speak at this point. The large bullet wound in his chest was restricting his breathing severely.

[b] ?One moment, please...?[/b] the young man placed the phone down. The sound of a click alerted it was picked up once more.

[b] ?Yes? What is the news, Dark??[/b] came a deeper voice of an aged man.

[b] ?The job?s gonna have to wait a moment. It was a set up. They must?ve known I was coming, because a counter-hunter was waiting for me... The guy put up a real fight. ?[/b] Dark gave another glance to Bones? body, [b] ? I?m gonna need to stay in the city a bit longer and get myself fixed up.... *Cough*. I trust this is alright...??[/b]

[b] ?Damn it. Their probably already off the planet by now. Hm... no worries. I have another job for you to take before taking care of them. There?s this guy operating just outside the city who?s messing up a lot of my cropping areas...?[/b]

[b] ?So you want me to take care of ?em? How much am I gonna get for it??[/b]

[b] ?I?ll double your pay. Don?t worry. Just get it done, and then go and get the original targets....?[/b]

[b] ?Fine fine....?[/b]

[b] ?Very good. Get yourself fixed up, Dark. I?ll pay the bills for you. Just get this next job done, as soon as possible.?[/b]

[b] ?Yeah. It?ll get done. Now... I must be off before authority gets here.?[/b]

[b] ?Good night to you, Mr. Dark.?[/b]

[b] ?Same to you, Boss Ajax. *click*?[/b] Dark hung up the phone and gave a final look to the rising sun and the destroyed city block that had been used as a battle field moments before. Dark gave a final sigh, [b] ?Shit....?[/b]

With that, Dark made his way into the sunrise.


[b]OOC:[/b] Alright then, DW. That was great man. Let's get on with our plans. Haha.[/size]
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